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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Details about Christ's Working- 27th February 1994

[Some of the following remarks relate to questions arising from Robert Powell's Christian Hermetic Astrology.]

Upon the Subject of the Saturation of the Earth through to the Inner Core 

THERE is a picture of our Christ supporting a massive rock ledge, with all of his might and intent that one by one folk may issue forth from their captivity and out into freedom. That were it not for this solitary being, those souls would be still held within those dark and unloving recesses.

There are three points to be made here:

  1. The souls and the beings which are transformed and thereby freed by the Christ are not as overcome, but released. There is a slight but grave distinction in perspective here. As He makes His way throughout the lower spheres He does so overcoming only those trace elements of decadent residue, of which the beings are made free of.
  2. The process, if you will, takes time because Christ meets every soul and being who inhabits the realm naturally - He is before each and every one individually and completely. As you can begin to imagine this actually takes more than a considerable time; much more, and is in point of fact, largely accomplished outside of our time for the greater part. Our time period does not relate accordingly to what needs to take place and is 'doing' in those altered regions.
3. There is little said, and for good reasons, about those parts of a man which are intimately associated to him, which abide in the nether-regions of the lower spheres. Each layer in is as an actual sphere - picture spheres within spheres. The outer Earth is this too, whilst a greater one extends also out from that. However, every soul of Man has a part/portion/parcel of self actually held within each sphere, higher and lower, relative to him. This is not even taking into account those beings too, which are primarily connected with him in time, to his actions past and to the fulfilling of their future design. No, this is moreover relating to Man's earthly warranty, his 'toes' which extend into the very depths; and for Christ to save the whole Man, these 'toes', these lower limbs of Man's being, must be loosened from the mud and rock and brought up as each sphere amalgamates within another.

Upon the Subject of 33 1/3

As it was aforesaid, the time periods are not in actuality comparable. An example of this can be of a student who on the same day must attend four classes. To each class he has been committed to produce papers for which he has worked upon for weeks leading up to the submission date. One might think that as the papers were orderly brought in during the one day that this was indeed but the culmination of just one day's work.

The fact that Christ may work two sets of time simultaneously is not to be dismissed as the one. It is necessary because the 'deadlines' are significant to the progress and determination of a larger humanity; and in this instance it is as though He skips out of our time during that one day and achieves 'catch up' in between sessions.

The significance of 33 1/3 is, masonically, a Sun division. Working backwards, if the sixty minutes that comprise an hour were each given 33 1/3 increments the value of the increments would be 2,000 for that hour.

In this 'one hour', every year passed in the last nineteen plus centuries was as an increment. Every 33 1/3 years was as a minute.

It, (time) had to alter. So in this instance the 'minute' being one day of the Sun, becomes a degree-divisioning of 33 1/3. Therefore, the full day of Christ is 48,000 years, all up.

The Body Astrea

The Body Astrea is not to be confused with the astral composite-slag which impregnates physical matter. The Body Astrea is a finer light body which faithfully mirrors the cosmic aspects of starry configurations and their qualities.

The veritable map of the Zodiac, light and as incorporeal as the gossamer strands in fairy legend, this 'starry' body is our carrier into the cosmic realms, and is in the likeness of Christ whose Body Astrea is all that is the Zodiac.

Therefore, one cannot separate the synthesis of astreaic membrane from the Christ; even though He has not as yet, awakened the astral realms which adhere to the planet. Those astral spaces are timeless, and they are unruly. However the astral world which is attracted to the manifested physical world is by nature and in actuality, immature by comparison to the starry body around which a man's physical organs do gravitate.

Upon the Subject of the Etheric Life

'Life' is the driving propulsive force which needs go before all manifestive examples. Life makes the space, the cavity which will permit the ensuing manifestation to be. Not only is it as essence, but ensoulment - in the greater context - that the spark/spirit of Divinity has projected itself into the substances that enclothe actuality, enshrouding in soul.

The Etheric Life is the Physical Complex, and yet, having stipulated this, the physical matter is not necessarily bound in autoclave and with synchronicity. As yet, Christ is fully realised in perfected Etheric Matter. This is the evolutionary modicum for future substance, at present only realised in part.

Consciousness may drift into bodies, which although connected, are not 'lit' by the conscious mind/awareness hitherto. During sleep a man is not fully separated from his physical and etheric bodies and their counterparts, but his consciousness has shifted its emphasis; and his ego-self - to which the consciousness is bound- has extended itself into and out to greater perimeters of being.

The etheric mass of the World is as the physical body of Christ. As with a sleeping frame unlit by conscious activity or will to motivate the inanimate limbs, the etheric system ran with a sufficient metabolism regular and correct, awaiting the filling of form by Christ, the owner. In this sense He was here before He arrived.

The seeding of the physical matter is another 'matter' entirely - this being meant in both senses, of course. For as it has been alluded to previously, the physical world itself requires both transformation and at the same time, direct crossing into future worlds and their substance. Kinetically, Christ entered into a concentrated point of then perfected physicality, and the subsequent dispersement of that body itself seeded the region and the lands around, which in turn set about changing the makeover of the entire Globe.

The physical entrance as we know it, was as the sub-physical to Christ, whose life is the Etheric World, from which we are all sustained. His 'waking' into His body, is ever circulating and insisting itself here and there; however, as pointed to once again, every being which inhabits and comprises that light world is summoned to an audience with Christ.

The fairies have found a greater King - not as their former, being an imp or a devil or a man. Now it is that they too - and even without the gifts that Man has had bestowed upon him - may come to Christ in delight, with applause and in celebration. This will go well for Man also, for hitherto these kingdoms have been prone to impatience and hot-temperedness at the shortcomings and idiosyncrasies of the dullards who are insensitive to their parent realm.

The Sun & Moon Forces

As they say about old ghosts that hang around: "Have chain, will rattle!" In other words, give any being the wherewithal to make a whole lot of noise about itself and it most surely will!

The consciousness of our Christ pulsates into the World, being the Sun forces, which peak, flow and draw back. At each saturation the generalities are revitalised and everything is strengthened and at its best - or worst, as the case may be.

There has been a question along these lines to do with those influences as shouldered by the Moon in its relation to our world. Moon-dust is magnetically attracted to the planet, which draws it away into the seas, the clouds and the troughs of mist, and into the deposits of dew.

Moon-dust expands the physical world, for its particles are spatially intrusive. Water may be weight-measured according to this. Such dust from the old world holds properties which affect Men and their world. The reason why the full Moon activity in this respect is accentuated, is because of the action of the Sun loosening the particles that they, in larger dose are pulled in by the nets (the waters) of the Earth.

From a point of view of clairvoyance, the free particles of moon-dust promote the ways of atavistic seering, in correspondence with past passages of consciousness. The advice given however, to wear a cap on the head at such times of full Moon, is profitable to those who are ill-affected by the impressionistic modality and/or some related illnesses; and too, those who are progressively attempting a 'break' from former ways of thinking or being and wish to change.

This may mean a change within their makeover of almost anything, for the moon-dust promotes the theme-principle of repetition and enforces the law of cycles. Therefore for those who wish to effect some breakaway or change, it is to be at the time of the new Moon, and with a limited exposure to the full lantern.

Conversely, from this one can see how certain medicines may become very useful for irregularities which require a return to cyclic order - utilizing the harmonies of rhythm.

Christ & the Individual

Although it is difficult to appreciate, Christ knows everything you are (and can be) and is quite capable (for He does) of concentrating on a single man and his dilemmas and understanding them, that He may answer them.

There is not one single problem within a man that He personally has not met with on that level. Now, it is that the contestants to Man may be a different matter, inasmuch as those aliens who promote ill-health and ill-being may be foreign to Christ's comprehension. However, Christ understands from the aspect of man, rather than the aggressors who spin in, and their thinking, their ways.

He can and does take seriousness seriously. All of us know the elevated point of view where we might judge another's tribulations as so minor as to be inconsiderable, but Christ Himself is so sensitive to His children that He still suffers their suffering constantly.

Yes, He may present Himself in the form of a man; which does not mean to say that all that is Him, is then comprised and compacted in that form, but rather His totality is divisible and bipolar to need.

Does He have feelings as we have them? All heart, all sadness, all peace. Does He have His good days and bad days? The Greater Beings - the ones that stride the spheres in a brilliance of unspeakable beauty - they have been known to suffer their strifes and hardships, disappointments and contestants. They are given to romance too, for it is far, far longer than poets have scribbled sonnets that Heaven has contrived its pairings with happy satisfaction therein.

It is difficult for one to picture the variations within the one, that expressions large or small may be still one and the same.

There is no space that a man may venture into, that Christ also cannot go to, if need calls. Many, many souls have for one reason or another been met with by Christ and counselled directly. And this has occurred in all the various ways in and out of the physical-etheric bonds. However, the question as to He indwelling in us and the distinction in sleep or projection, when one withdraws, goes like this: His Signature is borne by us in our adhesion to physical and etheric matter. By His Signature so impressed, we have an open connection living within us, as we represent Him also. The Sun forces illuminate the truth all around us and within us, of this.

We are best concentrated and contained when in incarnation. When we spread out in sleep or after death and are given to soul impressions and focus, we are for the most part continuing on from that which we were, or gleaned during our physical incarnation. This is a bonding in a particular way, with Christ in His Plan.

That which we are in aspects lower (in those spheres within the Earth), and also in those separate to the physical/etheric world, is in one sense quite separate to Christ. The ego defines a distinction, for to return to loving Him Man must indeed be apart in that respect.

Once again, it shall be said though, that there is no field a lamb can stray where it cannot be found by Christ. He is never that far away. He hears prayers at any distance, for He knows each and every one, remarkably.

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