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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rosary Beings- 20th February 1994

THERE are twice as many hands in the world as there are people; and there are five times that amount in digits upon each hand. Each finger represents a whorling cosmos of inner activity which streams from that central gateway within the constitution of each man. These gateways lead up and out into their respective realms of influence. And although the passage is individually different for every man, the source to which they are connected is one and the same. Therefore for all of those fingers, hands and men, there are but ten pools of Cosmic reference so drawn upon (in this manner).

A group of animals who attend the same watering hole may not necessarily be all of the one herd - or species for that matter. Similarly we do not need to confuse issue with men; for every man comes to divinity and its aspects uniquely and makes of them what he can and will. So the communal 'oneness' of makeover gives itself to a multiplicity of variables.

Each realm to which the influences may be traced contains its fill of beings who are so characterized by that quality. These beings are innocent of any evil design, however they may exert their qualities ruefully, inadvertently causing much upset within this world, if uncontained. They are prone to contest each other also, and this in itself is disruptive.

Now it may well feel confusing or convenient that there are beings alluded to that are like this and like that. However, it will help to keep in mind that this is a general law: one thing our Cosmos is not short of is entities! The very thought forms that swarm around your being are characterized by the nature of your thinking. Using this example alone, one can well consider how it comes to be that the more potent realms have characterized hosts of entities who are so impressed by their magnetisms and radiances; and too, that they may frequent the passages upon the planet, which do directly link also to said realms.

A man may be sensitive to the presence of such entities and persuaded thereby. It is good to remember however, that a man can and does summon the governing will at all times, and need not be fearful of being overrun by persistent beings who do naturally adhere to the likenesses perceived in the man.

At the scene of an accident or disaster, there one will find the beings of dissolution, of chaos, of disintegration. The same beings shall be at the bedside of the terminally afflicted. However, and having said that, the 'undoing' of the physical form by the resisting of the 'obedience' to wit, the natural law, is followed.

This disruption to life is also attended by the beings of spiritual containment who shall protect the soul and cradle the dying, that the separation from this life shall not be painful. For the actual severance from the body, even if it be haplessly debilitated, would be too torturous otherwise - the soul would be compelled to remain with the remains, so to speak.

The reasons for this are not simple. But it is as one can well imagine, an intensely powerful bond between soul and soul-bodies, right down to the physical frame - that which does bind is not so easily unstuck! The motivating and compelling powers to gravitate and bond remain, even throughout sickness and separation. Therefore the beings of dissolution contribute in the process of desisting from such compulsions to form, whilst the beings of containment form a protective vessel around the man, so that when the chord is finally severed the soul is encapsulated in a repose of contentment more seductive than the former life.

The beings of Our Father (as hidden) bring to Man the ability to sleep and unconsciousness also. Without these beings there would needs be a process of disincarnation in order that one was relieved of their driving down consciousness. We say relieved, because the pressure of a fully-run self-consciousness with no rest or remittance would starve the soul of dialogue, and in itself would be a disincarnating process; for the withdrawal of consciousness is necessary to the digestion which takes place during the period of sleep. With constant worldly activity the soul would be denied, and the being would be as two separate entities operating two separate levels of consciousness concurrently.

There shall come a time when man may resist the beings which induce slumber, and this can be worked upon when:

  1. The etheric body is pure and capable of longer periods of being sustained without the peregrination of cosmic influences to be absorbed, as are in sleep. In other words, the individual is so developed that he is as pure in his waking hours as he is in his Father God innocence in sleep, and can bring to himself the renewing forces which enable his etheric elasticity.
  2. When he may consciously achieve the withdrawal into higher spheres and practice this, giving times - though self-appointed - when rest can be achieved. For even the adept cannot indefinitely deny rest.

Once again we can examine those compelling forces - in this instance those which demand consciousness - and ask how should one resist such a strong and motivating drive otherwise. As the muscle relaxes its tension, we give over to the subtle reasoning of the beings of our Father God and follow their trails into the unknowable. They can speak softly to us - because we do know them also - of Him, that we may glimpse with a price of forgetfulness for that time we have withdrawn, forgetting completely He who we have been with.

To deny the otherwise irresistible compulsion for consciousness would cause pain and disruption to the individual. The difference may be witnessed in the unconsciousness of an epileptic during a seizure, whereby the man is given to tremors and spasms, and clearly does not experience the peacefulness that is ordinarily known in the unconsciousness of sleep. There is a drawing away on behalf of the man who soulfully chooses to take up the consciousness, and wishes prematurely to go to Father God. The beings in attendance do come as the condition calls for, after a lapse of initial agony experienced by the conflicting forces within. This is why initiates who have resulted poorly are given to these seizures.

The unconsciousness when drug-induced is once again as the desire to literally go to God; which some so effectively achieve that they of course, remain with Him, happy to withdraw into the unknowable, lifted by the beings whose greatest wonderment and satisfaction is experienced through that which is inspired and lived in the men and their expiring emanations. However this experience within this respective realm, cannot be tolerated more than briefly, and by our own inadequacy we are once again compelled to resume status somewhere within the scheme of activity.

Sexuality is the creative combining of two otherwise separate entities. By this definition one can see examples of this from the highest to the lowest, and begin to comprehend the beings associated with all creative projection pertaining to this. The principle of combining and the creative outfall therefrom, underpins all existence; which could not be if it remained as a compilation of individual units alone; but rather came to be because of the harmonious blending and the value as achieved through the then blended relationships.

However this principle and these beings are well balanced by the forces of containment, disintegration, obedience (obedience to natural law - e.g. cancer overruns because of an irregular combining), and is complemented by the forces of the Active Will/Ego, strength: sustained and active, good-naturedness, Divine Will and obedience (as in the right combining).

Good-naturedness is that harmonious aspect well qualified and well developed, that it may knowingly come to meet in such terms and do it well. This influence is one of the more sophisticated, and although a quality of fools and the faint-hearted, it is an attribute of the Gods - our Gods who care well for us. It is the beef of compassion and the soul of great pity. Gentle humor grasps the thought accurately, lovingly and with surety and is self-confident in its knowing. Mercurial these beings- by far the ones to entertain in gatherings and social endeavors. Alas, they are repelled by hot tempers and arrogance, criticisms and poisonous thought. Think well and they shall encourage you. Their gift is profound insight, concealed in a gentle wrap. The beings of congeniality are welcome everywhere.

One can begin their exercise of contemplating the forces which are respective to the fingers, by thinking of just one positive example of each influence in the ten. If this example is accurate, one will begin to actually feel a sensation in the corresponding finger (subtly) and by this may assess some measure of poignancy. Alternatively one may prefer to examine just one aspect per day and may work the Rosary with the intention going to that one finger, contemplating the value of its influence and the workings personally throughout your experience.

Clarification on how to do the Rosary meditation:

Firstly one might start with one quality per day. Then instead of going through the whole of one hand, start with a finger on the right and then follow with the mirror finger on the left. This is the balanced way to do it.

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