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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Souls in Attendance & the Elements Throughout- 28th January 1994

WHEN someone has lost something they return to that spot where it has been misplaced, don't they? That is if they know of the general locality. This is as it is for the souls who are no longer embodied but still very much connected with this world in love and interest. They return to where and whom their selves have been so given in a lifetime; and too, to that which is desired, most longed for, as well.

For some this becomes a perilous frustration unsatisfied, for there are no means of making real that very thing in same or similar manner. However, some benefits are fully realized and the connections placed prove greatly worthwhile.

This is the case for those attendances made by mutually inclined souls at those functions which promote spiritual (higher) thought and holy celebration; for it is as they have lost that part of that they need. There are wonderings unanswered and strengths to be instilled, and also there are many 'last minute' forces of attribute that would please them and prepare them before moving on.

Every time a deceased person is thought of they are immediately connected and noted by those who share a key (mutual signature key). They are sensitive to the rememberings and kindnesses, to the bitternesses as well - thus one has pleaded to not speak ill or think harm of the dead as it becomes a seething woe which upsets and unsettles the individual.

Relationships become more not less, significant after death. The true attitudes are clearer, the soul defined and naturally gravitating to that which it is sincere to. There are many reasons why an individual may be unfulfilled in a particular way and seek such a remedy within the world. There is not the ability in most to retain a linked concentration for very long, and the actual attendance is in part also, much like a dream is to us. Their meeting at the world's edge with the living is similarly dreamlike for them as well. However if the intent and driving interest is strong enough, involvement will be guaranteed.

One of the advantages enjoyed by these souls at a prayerful session or an advanced discourse, is in that the subject matter is assimilated readily without obstruction and the full body and flavor is really experienced on that pertinent level. The souls who amass at such gatherings know that they require the inspiration or the answers, the cleansing or the celebration which may only be found by them within the actual events taking place in the physical world. As aforementioned, some individuals are frustrated in this, having no avenue, via relatives, friends or associates, so given (or not given as the case may be) to such spiritual advancement.

For most individuals the love and interest for the world increases after death, particularly having enjoyed the relief of discovering yet again the continuity and 'bigger picture' so to speak. Certain trials and errors are addressed, but on the whole the individual is usually drawn in interest back to those specific places and people for a brief glimpse and reassociation; very quickly indeed, but long enough for a general soul-impression to be retained. This heightened enthusiasm shall help drive the individual back into the next incarnation come his time, and also help mark those particulars which shall be met with upon return.

He shall be afforded the connections with the world as long as his corresponding signature keys remain: with people, with belongings, with ongoing karma - as say a manuscript read or a bridge built and walked upon - his own cadaver (mummified or preserved cryogenically) or even, in the extreme, in the instance of a very holy soul, just by the uttering of his name. All of these things provide the attraction and entrance back into the world at the edge where the two realities rest upon another.

At Communion how may the souls partake in the actual water and the wafer; is any to be left aside for them? 

Some elements translate exactly throughout the subtle regions: water is water and the water here may be directly experienced by a discarnate soul as it is; and particularly when transfused, imbued and enlivened with Holy Virtue. The 'taking in' of substance is different however, as the 'drinking' is done as quick as thought and desire draws their ethereal lips to the goblet; and although weight for weight the measure remains the same, it can be possible that one hundred such souls have shared the cup - and we have seen this - all the while the living company are none the wiser.

This is the true realization and meaning of the ever-replenishing font. For within the Spiritual Worlds this phenomenon is current and expected: no well ever dries, no candle ever dies and the multiplying of fish and loaves is as a 'daily' occurrence. One might say that the principle of regeneration is known to the World because of this; only that the World knows death also, which does interrupt the Divine precipitator. 

As the elements carry over, they do so into every phase of cosmic echelon, and it is not by coincidence that characteristics within a man are often discerned in terms of the aspect of fire, of water, of air or of etherical portendance.

Musically there can be affinities with the individual elements, a melody may, according to its characteristic aspect, bring water, bring fire, and so forth, into the room; albeit invisibly, but nonetheless quite tangibly - from a spiritual point of view. In the instance of an interpretation which lends itself to a chaos of change (as with your Mahler) there becomes a conflict of elements as one is called forth and does mingle or argue upon another.

To some, the effects of this are quite exciting and one can actually translate where one begins and ends, and how the aspects are invoked, only to clash and disrupt upon themselves - it is very much alike to an audible game of paper, scissor, rock etc. However, such stimulation may be overdone and unproductive: insofar as the characteristic theme is only ever in part and unfulfilled. This may explain the fascination for such.

All music may be interpreted in this way - not to forget also that for those pieces which are characteristically of water, for example, the beings associated with the water are related too; whilst our corresponding elements within are awakened and responsive to the musical invocations.

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