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Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Holy Spirit -13th January 1994

CHRIST is INCARNATION. All that is of this World does spill out from His Being. All that was manufactured, all that is and is to be and to become, is of our Lord. For Christ being the Word-manifest does issue forth the split resonances which sing as Man, and Man's beings which are incorporated within the lesser kingdoms.

The Divinity which is Father God did send His Son in place of He; for He being Perfect Life cannot compromise Himself as anything else. Without the presence of His Life - true and perfect Life: this being the Holy Spirit - no being could exist at all; not at all. This Life pushes all into the worldly existence and sustains them there. However it is moreover the 'spirit' itself which has been long before this worldly life, and perpetuates ever on in deep commitment to Father God.

Man is the World, as he is with Christ, as Christ is with he; and the World gyrates around His Being. This is the home of Man, this is his station of which he is king and need not apologize for this. The rampart need be defined and held secure. The decisions shall be decided, and one by one the judgments will fall - not with the finger of an outside adjudicator but by the heart of the inner man, he shall pick and choose his preferred destiny.

This World has many bodies; not all are incorporated and some are not ripe, nay, prepared.

Our World may look in upon herself, from the outside in, and knows each and every man who trips the land. She feels and she suffers; she rejoices and she tires and she is tended to by mighty protectors, that she is ever again excited unto Life, that she may bear.

One may meditate upon the Holy Spirit for the action of Life itself leaps into the man who welcomes it. For this is what Father God can give to us, be to us. It is the intermediary between He (the Unknowable) and Manifestation (being Worldly incarnate or not - meaning utter Manifestation) - between He, He as He comes to us in us as the Holy Spirit, as bonded and driving and sustaining of all of Creation: the Greater Christ.

And it is not the vitalities which are the Life, for the Life invigorates all current, all flow. They (the vitalities) are as but veins, but not of Pure God. This is not to suggest that Father God is 'energy' etc. etc. - His Spirit-forces determine all catalysts, empower all propulsions into eternity, and enliven the menagerie of forms. Christ draws together the ineffable mix with the Will that decides we can endure more Life.

For we have already been given spirit enough to lastingly be, but we gather unto ourselves in such development, that we are caused to incorporate a community of beings within our soul hemisphere, and also with dependence. For not alone is any man. 

Where do we begin? The substance itself hosts not a few communities comprised, also the very organs and minerals correspond livingly with entire planetary regions and their fellows. His ego is in part, scattered, and his individuality is shared with every other he has personally known, and such record and linkage does dwell within him also. So too, those gracious beings who have consoled or conjoined in inner and outer realms; and also that other soul, split from the egg of the ego, now two; particles borrowed, bringing intimate relationship when animal flesh is consumed and the animal is now part of the man's constitutional community, as well as his own animal; the beings of thought and of desire who frequent around the heart and the mind and the blood, and dance attached to the immediate aura.

  • Creation is the relationship and union of otherwise separate entities.
  • Creation becomes when there is an ecology of harmonious existence.
  • Creation, in essence of our World, is Christ.
We may pray to our Father God because of the Holy Spirit - we have proof of His Presence by the very fact that we exist. Even after death, when one discovers that they are intact, then there is His Presence in the continuance of Life. And this Life moves through everything and by its travels there is not one thing which He would not know.

You are an individuality but the Holy Spirit which causes you is ever moving, circulating, all at the one time - it is not of time, but all at once. . . and in all. Be careful not to miss it! (The point that is.)


We invite the untamable into our lives,
This one pervading element:
The Will of God Himself,
By which all being is meshed and mingled
And quickened into activity,
Driving the pulse afore creativity,
Animating with cohesion,
Enlivening with an incomprehensible power
Which moves with Wisdom,
Impels with determination,
Out from and into the Heavenly Order.

Arise! Hearken to this Spirit of Exaggeration,
From which futures unfurl with courage.
And as the grass leaps the earth,
It is so urged and made confident
By the forthrightness and action
Of the Life as brought
By this, our Holy Spirit.

By Christ we are reserved;
As Life spills life,
He sets the curbs
And maintains the freedoms also.
By Christ the fires are tempered, warm,
And we are contained in His Body
And by His Will,
Through which the Holy Spirit conforms
In Love which obliges such Goodness.


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