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Monday, May 31, 2010

Paradise & Happiness- 26th January 1994

Beloved Child,
There is not one sadness known which is not also in greater measure known to Heaven - meaning that that which grieves a man is struck in the heart of an Angel until such a time as the Angel may bandage the complaint and make pure the vile affliction. For every impairing aggravation, every insult upon the soul of a man begs attendance alarmingly - quite so, as emphatically as the infant commands those hearts who hear his wails of helplessness.

The tragedies, the true element of, were brought into being as a certain condemnation of innocence. Innocence blithely protracted her way throughout the events of men, who were only impressed with the virtuous score - whilst at the same time disbarred their purities by such means as were correspondingly devilish; and there was not the function of clear-sighted comprehension to make comparisons.

Paradise in its original condition, welcomed all beings to converse openly. This was a conjunction, one of those conjunctions that entertained the spiritual beings visibly, clothing all with like substance and actually offering stimulation and supplication also. This was not just cordoned by man and his entourage- the familiar kingdoms (familiar, as in family); the original Paradise was famous for its diversity. 

Just as Persia in her eloquent prime gathered to herself every rich beauty found upon the Globe, Paradise imported every element of cosmic finery, accompanied by the unusual, the illustrious, the dainty and preferring; the proud (and justifiably so), the grand, the wild and intemperate; the man loving male - the irregular innovators who run and conspire contrary to the compelling law; the beings of organization and their brothers-in-law, the beings of chaos; while also, the forms of beauteous thought lay all around and coupled with the then, dreaming Man.

In its latter days, those which were to be the last, there became a veritable menagerie of contrasting speculations. Mankind was not without his 'elder brothers' then, for they had advanced, leading the procession through the gates of the old Moon and into the boundaries of the greater sphere of the Earth. They were there at the heralding - young Man did not venture in unaccompanied.

The substance in which Life cavorted, was far different to flesh and bone as is now. All was fluid: the dream substance which is by nature less disciplined but more elastic, is permanently changeable and tiresome to fix consciousness in. Men were however, entertained well.

Active participation, active measures of will and willing require the dual interaction of two corresponding and reactive parties. The dream consciousness which coincided with the conditions as experienced in Paradise, did not afford an actual participation as such - the impressions came and went in rich magnitude, but nonetheless were insubstantial to the sensibilities comprising a man. Fundamental challenges did not make issue. For example, there was no threat of consequence established in the then, naive psyche, and therefore no comprehension as to true relativity. 

Man could not fix his own position in relation to the entire world, and he 'floated' in and out of soul dreaming with no real demand for self concentration. The identity of men was all too easily confused also. The remarkable and fantastic qualities as brought to bear in the associate beings, were often so calculated and experienced as to be their own. This in itself was educating in part, but irregular to the inherent inclinations set within, to later become. The separation from the spiritual perception and the mingling with its fellows was the first grief of which Man turned within himself to search for what he had lost.

A mantle of certain refraction (certain, as in particular) was put upon the regions, enwrapping, enfolding the gentle world, with a newfound stability, an order, which became the physical existence. This order drew its inspiration from the etheric breath, and is maintained by all of those elements and forces which permeated the original Paradise. However, they are concealed in Physical Life, for otherwise each would be all too persuasive and bring ruin upon the now obstinate matter.

Sorrow and sadness warrant resolution, that they be administered to, that there is a need hitherto unanswered - that is what sorrow and sadness truly are. The actual experienced knowing of sadness is from the Greater Sadness as in the Father God Himself - or at least we presume so.

One would imagine that need was relative to time only, and in this one may be content eternally without the knowing of that hollow which is sadness. Philosophically there has always been the question: out from which inspires the greatest motivation, happiness or sadness? And it might well be reasoned that sadness provokes the spirit to make a change for that which would lean into happier circumstance. In filling the need (in the attempt also) we are active; whereas with no need there is no actual expansion. Or is there? This particular thought is an unanswerable. For it has also been observed that happiness by its nature is expansive, and does carry the spirit much further in the experience. 

There is a wonderful contradiction in Law - however, provided for - that serene contentment and all of its refractives, actually multiply and strengthen, and are the cosmic principles within the furtive scheme of propagation and renewal. In other words, Creation is formed by and around Happiness, in the literal sense. The ongoing Creation could not ceaselessly replenish her enthusiasm without this divine principle reality of true Happiness. It is the fulfilling principle, thus the Angels are motivated and sensitive to such inclination.

In a roundabout way one can begin to comprehend the need for need - the very polar opposite, as borne within the tragedies which later were to become known by Man. The purpose of sorrow was to intensify the clarity with each and every being, that they may come to fully realize what it is they inflict upon the outer world; how it is they inflict upon themselves, and decide accordingly what is proved to be needed by them for perfection. For it is the incorporation of such gravity of self - self centeredness in the correct and proper sense, rather than in the negative - which implies experience and profits by its virtues.

Each man compounds within. This is indisputable.

The 'dissolving' of self can only ever be apportioned lymphatically. A merger between individual souls becomes not as a 'dissolving' but rather as an incorporation, for identity therein is enhanced rather than forfeited. So too with one's merger with Christ willingly. And so it goes.

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