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Friday, June 4, 2010

Working the Rosary- 29th January 1994

REMEMBER back to the teaching of our coming to meet with the physical world particularly via the experience of contact upon the tips of our fingers? In the lower kingdoms the animals have different points other than their fingers (or equivalent):

  • in a dog, for example, it is the surface of the tongue that reasons the experience most greatly of the outer world;
  • in the cat it is their whiskers;
  • in the bird it is the tip of the beak;
  • in the otter and seal it becomes the whiskers and underside of the belly;
  • in the horse it is the hoof;
  • monkeys use their hands;
  • cows - cows don't really have one they more or less pretend their way through consciousness in the world;
  • sheep, back of tongue and throat;
  • camels, by spittle (extending themselves);
  • the snail's underneath;
  • the shark's nose;
  • the rhinoceros's horn;
  • the giraffe's lips;
  • the bat's feet (not a healthy/good way to the enter the world);
  • the mollusk's shell;
  • the caterpillar's fiber;
  • the flower's heart within the petals (as to 'touch', this is a contradiction in terms, but the heart is as their eye and flowering plants mature to the world unfolding when in flower, fulfilling their true and desired limit);
  • trees emit and travel through the odor and exhaling of their foliage, while plants like cotton continue a worldly consciousness after being plucked, processed and brought into a direct relationship with Man by use - even long after the plant has withdrawn, the preserved fiber in sheet or shirt is actually still acting as an extended digit to the overall spirit of the plant and gathering experience thereby.

Men enjoy sensation over the complete surface area of the skin and beneath the skin, and are not restricted as to how it is that they 'sense' the world. However, the tips of the fingers are the most sophisticated (the wiser) one may say, and have too, the dual purpose of issue which acts as a protective form of repellent, defining by vitality exactly the nerve's boundaries and the forthcoming emanations without. All ten fingers have an individual ray dispersing from the tip, even though they combine harmoniously. The number of digits has been particular to the streams of 'interest and enlightenment' within the man.

The Rosary, in the decad, was worked for each finger (including the thumbs), singularly and separately, moving piece by piece along, working one and then another, feeling each influence and its relationship within and without.


  1. Our Father: Active Life - the Will & the forces of Ego. [Index finger]
  2. Peace/Containment (in relation to #1) Directly above the palm (the heart).
  3. Strength: sustained and active - to be used, summoned by the Will.
  4. Sexuality: Various aspects related.
  5. Good Naturedness: humor, goodwill - the thumb is the most obliging of the hand.
    LEFT HAND [or passive]

  6. Our Father, Passive: the Divine Will of utter existence - Quiescent. [Index finger]
  7. Disintegration: the power to desist, to dissolve.
  8. Obedience: strength curtailed - servitude.
  9. Reverence: suppression of the Ego, the power to 'give way' in surrender to God.
  10. Nobility: Generous, upstanding & virtuous.

The actual hand depends on which is preferenced for being the leading and active hand - a left-handed person may exchange 1-5 for 6-10. 

When a prayer or meditation is entertained we seek to be inward - some lose consciousness in this. However, when coupled with the process of determined and conscious touch, the actual prayer is exterialized and then recovered, substantiating and at the same time experiencing a more marked degree of conscious experience.

Every prayer and meditation may be interpreted according to the aspect of the ten. The centers within a man each respond differently and we may 'work' internally the constitution in the correct and proper exercise of such.

Quite often the weaknesses and failings a man may experience and personally seek to change are to be located primarily on that hand; in an aspect 'gone wrong' as it were.
The cooperation of meditation and Rosary encourages the aspects to virtuous activity in the affirmative, even though for the best part of the day they do meet with the world and all of its intemperance. 

The wearing of nail polish was as a conceit, saying: (depending upon color too) "I am refined and animated in all of these aspects - most perfect". The nails themselves are great protection of that area which is too subtly tuned to be exposed, but given in the process at the tips. A woman's vanity at seeking to hide the windows to those spaces was once considered an indication of her worldliness and inner insensitivities.

Clarification on how to do the Rosary meditation

Firstly one might start with one quality per day. Then instead of going through the whole of one hand, start with a finger on the right and then follow with the mirror finger on the left. This is the balanced way to do it.

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