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Monday, July 5, 2010

Joy is Life- 10th September 1994

IN all that we've done, from all that we've been, we are here today sharing this moment. Our gowns which spread back to our eternal beginnings, are tasseled like medallions, with each and every learning. Whilst our beings, pure and in perfect Grace, await the supplication that only love's Wisdom brings, in accordance with the Heavenly Order.

Our wonderings, once fired, expel the old lethargies, which make no protest in evacuation, resolving their witless obstinancies.

We give measure and account, but by no means strive to bind and contain that which we embrace. Our passage together is brief but constant, in this our reuniting; and with episodes between there comes the diversity and gifts we bring to offer here today.

Our souls are hungry for nourishment and for steady commune with like souls and with Christ and with the benevolent beings who serve Creation.

We belong to Father God and as tribute to Him we admit ourselves into His Care, knowing that all will be well, always and forever. So we may not accompany our studies with a fear which suggests a divine inadequacy ever, but rather be safe in the knowledge that calms and exposes those happy and fantastic joys. For every injection of such joyful, inspired awakening fortifies the student in all parts of his body - of which there is only one to which the essences combine and the fiery forces circulate and the organs cleave to the bones and gravitate. Only one body we avail, and it is ours and us, and coherent with Life. (For fractious thinking in this regard leads to ill-health.)

It is that this body is not merely representational or superfluous to soul, but is indefinably so connected and permeated that it is our substance. This substance is primary to Holy Cosmic influence, responsive to its virtuous impulses which characterize what we identify as fractured aspects within a man.

However, we are exceptionally instilled with such higher nourishment from without every time we come to a realization that reaches into the soul - be it gently or all at once. That comprehended, spiritual reality will invoke an accompanying joy which shall in turn, call upon the Graces from without and manifest them again within the body of the man.

Men die because they have too little such joy in their lives. This is the one and only reason - and then too, sometimes the artificial lead-ins to the ecstasy of Heaven invoke a sudden death because they are not enstrengthened by their own means to journey back.

The physical body corrupts because the governing life becomes impoverished over time. Would that the true Life was given expression and fulfillment in soul terms, then it would be obedient to the principle and ever renewing. This of course, will be very much the circumstance in further incarnations, but we advance towards this from this point on.

It is not that we seek to be eternal beings, or for that matter, eternally young, for we are all already this beneath the skin, and unhampered by death in the long run. However, it is a natural development of that part of our body - our communal selves - whereby we gather as men at our home station with our consciousness becoming exact and defined, and our interactions exceedingly significant.

Our purpose with this planet and with each other, is rarefied by our attendance. The incoming souls at this time, have been called to and sought for from all of those places the deceased operate out from; both real and creatively real, in spheres of consummate activity. They have been called to attendance because their dear planet has urged it so, as a mother craves her children to return home once again.

So it is that we obligingly turn back from whatever the wonders were which entertained our subtle beings. Her call is heard throughout: it even penetrates the hellish catacombs where souls toy with monstrous astral wraiths, who in captivity are now bled from their own desires, being overly pronounced in this 'man and demon' project of concern. For when men love men and act so, they are enstrengthened, but when men love their demons moreso, they are enstrengthening their bedfellows and committed to them after death.

But the Mother calls for return, and even the weary may remember enough of their humanity, and as quick as the inspired desire, it becomes in motion. Once again the starry streams make their way to the entrance of the Globe.

No, there is no guilt to be felt in desiring the highest or humblest of joys, for this is Life. Truly, what not only sustains us but supports us, substantiates our commitment to reincarnate. Even the most tortured men who suffer ill-health, extreme poverty or great threat in their lives, have to know their measure of these joys else they would not struggle to remain and be adamant about their withstanding.

We celebrate Creation in our admiration for Her, and we celebrate our hearts and minds by our purpose, our use, and in our sharing of them.

Oh Joy!

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