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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Banner of Michael - the cloud belt- 18th September 1994

WHEN water is the pulp of plant it has become that plant until released. In Man that same water transports many qualities, and within one corporate body it has many identities, some which lend to the plant in the man, the beast, who labors for that man, the organs (and blood) which come under the persuasion of their starry counterparts; and too the soul's expression as is foremost in the fluidic systems.

When fluids are departed from a man the water deceases out from the residual, which is and isn't of that soul quality- depending, for how that quality remains and travels relies upon the presence of yet more fluid to contain it, otherwise it too shall vaporize and return to the man of the original emission.

When fluids combine there becomes a full and lasting commune between the soul natures of the contributors. On a lesser level than those shared man to woman, mother to baby, the implications are no less ponderable in the case of foods in which the fluid is retained, retaining also their higher vitalities and characteristics from which a truly nourishing combination is derived. Once again, if the waters are extracted and released leaving dry residual, then the material which is left over has been divorced from the true soul substance which inspired it. 

So as that water travels it does sacrifice itself completely to that which it makes plump and gives it passage also for correspondence and communication from one into another. Therefore it offers the harmony into which soul forces may coincide and thereby experience such combining.

As it works its way back to the roof of the sky, it collects because of the soul forces there that it adheres to, and is thus so impressed throughout by those of the greater Angels. For that time in which the waters are held there up high, they become Angel and are purified from any other association that may have held over and been exhumed from their travels beneath.

If we meet our fluids with humble water directly and take it to ourselves, we may from fresh rainwater, be welcoming the influence of Angel, as dispersed - into glass preferably. However, should it combine in tank or travel the pipes, then the influence of the metals used shall immediately drive out and dominate over the sun-drenched cloud substance that was.

Distillation, on the other hand, renders the water to be completely virginal: to be as it is, as apart and alone from association - 'thirsty' (yes, water itself is by nature, very thirsty) for to be imbued.

Clouds release their form, not because of their being overburdened, but because of charity. It is to these Angels firstly to which this water, as it appears in the physical World, comes to be and thus it seeks to return. It is they who have called it into being, and they who give it over.

The nature of such sacrifice for Creation's sake belongs to our Father in all of His example. The principle of water traces back to Him and is foremost to all subsequent manifestation. The manifested waters are intrinsic to the beings to whom they belong, as part of their substance - and in combination also - as Christ issues water out from His Being into the Angelic vessels who in turn are protectors of its purity and deliverers of its grace unto Earth.

Long before the appearance of Man, Angels were active and abroad. Both Angels and Man were issued with 'being' at the same time, whenever that was (for the sake of exactness this is an impossible estimation); and as the shape of Man entertained its zoology and 'mastered the elements' to the point of today, their brothers in existence were all the while attending. (This is a very true meaning, interpretive of the parable of the 'Prodigal Son': one being Angel and one being Man).

Philosophically there has always been the conjecture that our Father, in His Wisdom, realized perfection in His Angels already, so that there should be no disappointments to follow. For goodness shines throughout their collective consciousness and as one mind they are directly responsive to our Father God's intention, knowing only Him and His ways.

Unmarked by personal thread - they are unawares of person and without ego, even if they were to experience personal loss or painful transition - the Angels are directly sympathetic to their brothers in being and are piteously affected by all sorrows as known to Man. When men may resolve much of their agonies, then too the Angels will be relieved correspondingly.

For every soul of Man there is an angelic being in number, whilst many more besides in countless variety of station and ability.

The word itself, Angel, implies most simply "reflective to God", and any such being which is not so, is not therefore, an Angel. "Fallen Angel" is a corruption of the word by the association. "Black Angel" is absurd and contradictory; whilst elemental beings who are pristine pure in character and obedience, may likewise have earned the term of merit and category.

Some men have in their final summation of themselves opted for such ego-less perfection and have become Man-Angels in being.

There are varieties of birds which are angels also. The negotiations into physical substance is not a prohibitive factor in this instance, for the compromise is slight. The birds work to purify the ethers that are rightfully their domain, not only by their song, but by the quality of that song which is borne out by the very quality of their being. Great goodness is not dependent upon commensurate intelligence. What it is that our goodly winged creatures bring about, is by their living expression of such knowing. It is not an interactive consciousness that needs to receive back into itself; it rather gives to the world selflessly transmuting the vibrance of a spiritual accord with the physical creation in its everyday fulfillment.

Respectfully then, we may acknowledge also our feathered Angels in this realm, along with their insect cousins of the variety who serve this world with such harmonious single-mindedness. Therefore, one may picture that there are many that honor this title, who bear similarly by compliance, service and objectivity.

In Christ and out from Christ, there is both the Angel and the Man. And just as the Angelic aspect becomes in the living waters, so too the consciousness which is the ego of Man is becoming in the light as issued from Christ.

Self-consciousness and all it entitles, brings to Man the very highest reflection of God, once perfected, for when self may contrast with self, as one to themselves or one to another, then it is also that in revelation there is a meeting of minds: Divine Mind and Man.

Christ knows from where all calling thoughts come from. When we are pure to receive back the attention He responds with, we shall have fulfilled His Faith in us that blessed His men each with unique appreciation.

And by our self-knowledge we come to openly applause God in all that we are, willing it to be so.

There used to be an old joke:-

"What makes up the difference between Angel and Man?"
Answer: "Nothing."

(In either consciousness.)

The Angels are learning through Man. This is the case - that Man does not persevere with his course purely for his own result. Just as the one being is inextricably incorporated throughout, Humanity is all that it affects as well as its own, and the overall karma is complete to this.

Furthermore, it is the principle of fluidity by which there is action and movement. Suppleness in physical matter, mobility - even in the higher fiery actions - is enabled, as within the spiritual worlds, because of fluidity.

The nature of Ego is to gather unto itself and contract inwards. Without the Angelic impulse, all life would be immobile and within its own field, never enabled to interact or move out and beyond itself. Our Father God's impetus to 'go beyond Himself' and venture forth is the very marvel and mystery of this, that no being, including Him, is self-satisfied and self-fulfilled only.

By contrast, Christ brought us the consciousness which may discover this reality: loving both the detail and the diagram, redeeming the Man in Angel and the Angel in Man.

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