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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Perfect Conjunctures- 25th September 1994

LIFE may become intoxicating to the senses; as too, overwhelming to our sensory-consciousness, our intellectual-consciousness and our soul-consciousness. We may be invigorated in any one of these by the cause of promptings without or within; or it may be that we are past that point of invigoration and become sleepy and dull in response to overfill.

With the burgeonings of a newly inspired consciousness (newly as in freshly- day-to-day), a man may be self-startled by his own glibness as perceived by contrast, in past awareness; and worrisome that once again the world at large will call for compensation; all the while experiencing marked fluctuations in concept and consciousness and consideration of both.

The sleepy, dull, stupid mentality is saving itself from the madness which the onslaught of premature awakenings arouses. To a point this can be an immediate protection to the man, however it may also be a terminal displacement inviting 'death' to the inactive levels of consciousness, which require the sustenance and use of such incoming inspirations which only bring Life into that being. So it is apparent that the lazy or inflexible consciousness (in any of the three- sensory-consciousness, intellectual-consciousness or soul-consciousness) withdraws of its own accord and ceases to be, with sad and undeniable consequence. Therefore the approach to lively endorsements is the better and preferred path, albeit furtive and furious.

Accuracy brings much joy to a man. Learning to point the pen and draw in between the lines or on the line, or in crossing that line, we are keen to rejoice when we happen upon great compliance and knowingly arrive at that perfect conjunction of conjunctions. When the soul consciousness meets with the gateway signature of a spiritual reality/truth, there is a joy in that moment of accuracy. It may never have been clearer or closer to that man before, and as his ability becomes refined, so does his relative and marginal experience of that accuracy.

When two individuals combine their intellectual or soul consciousness, they strive to meet each other at such points in which they agree - by knowing and by consent - for therein is the pleasure of an accurate and rewarded commune. This is no recommendation that all folk should strive to forever arrive at agreements of protracted opinion, for this would be falsely based and of no real value. It is that there is an agreed and shared reality in common and an agreed and shared aspect of consciousness by which one may meet in different ways with another. To most there is a simple satisfaction with generalities, and when self-bound there will be little striving for else. Once again, if exacting is not practiced it shall not be won. And this is an ongoing development which carries further into the forevers.

Precision feels good; innately we are insatiably desirous for precision. This desire is fulfilled at the moment of birth at first breath and experienced in every breath thereafter as we drive into our constitution, negotiating this reality in essence and with concentration. How it is that the 'perfect moment' tells us of that certain precise and accurate occurrence, and we may be well satisfied when our consciousness is 'on mark', 'on target', perfectly placed.

Here is a key: false thinking offers no life in return, it does not meet with any property of inspiration, it does not return the investment to the man. Likewise, a 'false' consciousness which is haphazard and prone to illusions in perception - self-styled and unremitting to a second consensus with little or no precision - will be tired and without relief or invigoration. From this you may begin to see that when signatures meet (in realms of consciousness), then not only is there a conjuncture by such, but also an after-effect of life being drawn into the heart of that conjunction and expiring out to both.

It may well be said here too, that in regards to spiritual concepts – i.e. an individual contemplating and reaching out for some spiritual reality - that Reality is a consciousness all of its own which shall know him back. How this follows varies upon category, but the ruling is the same throughout, and we may be fulfilled in our strivings for higher knowledge with a participatory inventory. It is as the flash of mutual acknowledgment which passes concurrently. As awareness meets awareness and acknowledges being (or aspect of being) there becomes the conjunction of the two and the subsequent signature is forged and Life is inspired by this creation.

"Too much Life becomes as death" – yes, and here we come to the point at hand- how may a student:

  1. Know when he has had too much or too little?
  2. Endure the manifold complexities which confound the immediate and obvious rewards of precision and accuracy?
  3. Err not by seeking substance of self - err not with false inquiry which is inconsiderate of the partner in reality - of truth?

1) When the joy has subsided the student will know that it is time to rest and that self is honest to self; that he will not abandon his learning, nor his learning abandon him; that periods of Life inspired in, require a containment and a use; that the Life as brought into his being need translate into further activity as he gives out into the World, and his capacity in time will become greater.

Too little life does not become as death, it is death. Men need a very real joy to sustain their beings throughout, and there becomes a tenuous link within the physical realm without the fulfillment of soul.

As explained before, the intellectual consciousness may have Life inspired in conjunctions at that level - and so a man does not need to be soulfully operative to continue living. Yes, this occurs in the sensory consciousness also, with individuals who are not so developed as yet - they inspire Life to be within them by the physical conjunctions agreed upon and mutually experienced. Further down from this, there have been physical molestations (unlawful) because the individual perpetuates his Life forces thereby. This is of course an abject evil, but nonetheless an explanation of a certain fact.

However, in all three consciousnesses there requires a partner in conjunction, without which Life may not enter, and the physical being thus isolated, dissolves under its own pressures within and releases the spiritual being, who for whatever reason is so dangerously alone and apart from all others.

Contrariwise, to many the point of death brings the experience of more joy and more Life than was known previously during the lifetime, and it is then that the sweet satisfaction of reaching out to that hand held waiting, is enrapturing to the well prepared soul.

For the man who is practiced in traveling out from himself into swap-meets with marvelous exploration, insight and contemplation, he shall after death, suffer not the same constraints which prohibited the full savor of the accompanying ecstasy of Life - when released from the physical commitment, being free to be overwhelmed by that great Life - and shall know it 'as is' with new clarity, new accuracy.

2) The compilations of complex-based reality.

Dear student, if you could bring forth into your consciousness the knowledge, summon the realities simultaneously of all that water is (for example), in aspect, divine to ordinary, then you yourself would become but a puddle! A glorious puddle.

At most, we only ever commission half of ourselves, and in this sense we too must be content for a portion of the truth only. If someone were to 'know' ourselves better (with accuracy) more so than we do, then they would be us. (It has happened before - no joke.) Trading places can be a momentary experience within a particular aspect of consciousness, and this is part and parcel of the development of the individual ego, however this does not occur in totality as we reserve ourselves from such. Let us remove the anxiety by saying that there shall always be a frustration in which the student is held back from a complete understanding in this regard. However, the myriad of gateways which he may connect with will favor him with more joy and not less, in the effort.

Insanity comes from the exact opposite whereby the individual cares not for the realness and beingness of that without him, and is 'saving himself for himself' - a narcissus that congeals, interring the man yet further.

There is nothing to say that those who deny their soul life are adequately interacting within the sensory consciousness just because they are present in the world. Once again, emphasis is necessary on the living connections established – e.g. man to food: man must relate on that level and meet with the nature of that substance, whilst also that food must be 'real' (intact and with signature source) to begin with = Life. The illusion of food is not sufficient, and also the man must be able to compromise out from his being in order to assimilate the properties.

Man to man there may be lifetimes of empty conversation with no real interest and subsequent meeting in being. Conversely, there are also those marvelous interactions from one to another, in all ways, in which the Love of Christ is made manifest at the conjuncture of dualities in aspect of higher agreement.

3) Seek to fulfill. Take theory into practice - some way, some how. We can also come to acceptance, providing that it is real and not abhorrent to self.

Once again, there is good reason for all men to come to those activities in the World, in relationship and in study, which they love, that they may conjoin with Life also. Remembering too that they impart Life by this action of love also, for at the conjunctions of higher knowledge there is that same Grace which inspired our beginnings and we do know this also.

With profound gratitude we come to truth; we may find we have erred when our false reality does not inspire this.

Take heart.

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