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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

MICHAEL & the defense against that which is uncommon to Man: Sin & the Alien- 11th September 1994

THE gleam on the flat of the sea in the first light or last light, shimmers with the vaguest of undulation, reflecting back the glancing sparkle. When read, the words describing might bring forth recollections at best, but shall not make the waters come lap at the feet. The iridescence of the illumined horizon will spread across your being, it will move from the head and ray down into the extremities, as it did when first and last seen out there on the bay of the beach.

Some would utterly discount all days before, unless there was evidence of their having been. Some might argue that projections cast into hope are faithful to a future which is unreliable and does not bear credence.

Reality is as reality does - whilst perceptions, recollections and investments in the cause of are superficial to its form, but as memorable as the beauty of sunlight kissing the sea. We may ask at what point one may attribute value to reality only - sparse and inconsolate - compared with that reality which is perceived to be in conjunction with other worlds.

Reality at face value, in relation to people, tells us very little; in point of fact, it becomes a minimalist science to hold discourse with the common and familiar. The reason for this consolidation amongst conversations is because there becomes a respite therein from the most painful self-reflection. Admissions arise but do not issue and are kept intact behind the lesser ego's veneer of personality which defends the characterization of the man as it becomes established and enforced with commonality.

It is not cynical to say that men usually speak to avoid honesty- if they have not been purged of their upsets. Every man has a wholesome core. He is disgraced by himself and quite aggravated because of those associations that remain. This is the black bear of all psychology, and there is a foundation for said concern if we are to look for a release for each and every individual which will enable his consciousness a freedom to relax.

One to another:
"I forgive you. Let that be known by you, that I see only a perfect man in you who has been injured by wrongdoings which were slight or grave mistakes. There is no sin that can live with you. There is no demon who may claim you as their partner. You have been freed and released from associations of incongruity. You are a splendid being who has and will endure.

"Submissions to karma will be answered, and you may share in my courage for this and for our future; for all of the future of all men, because this one body of individual souls incarnate, is one body of Christ's also and He forever directs His intent inward upon us.

"As I am before you - if you will - you may entrust me with your self-sadness and deliver it for absolution. Whenever you may have faltered or weakened you will have memories of crimes incurred, and for those which are apparent and present, you may offer them to me that I may examine and treat.

"I am not the one you grieved, but may stand in their place and become self-named, so that the forgiveness will settle this upset which prohibits peace."

There is a planet, quite invisible to Earth, which is called "The Guardian", as it circulates quite close and its presence is protective and related to our own. It is as a satellite to our Earth, massive and with the path of an extenuated loop - the body of our Chief Angel Michael - that advances and collects with sedentary obligation, whirring and dancing as an invisible mass. 

We have deemed this 'body' (being not celestial but perfunctory) to be a planet, as it does increase upon itself and makes also for a station upon which men may reside. And one need not imagine Michael to be entrapped in a central cavity within. It is a sphere of relative substance, although it does not comprise his entire or greater body.

Spiritual beings, such as the Archai and arcane are not limited to spatial distinction. They require form but are on the whole, much, much, larger than we the lesser beings, may ever comprehend. How often it is that we really do only see a part, or a part of a part, without the full knowledge of the legend, and it is unrecognizable to us.

Throughout our skies are filtered many such parts within the upper hemisphere and we view 'shadows' of greater beings impressed in the humidities (the clouds), and though the Guardian circulates quite far apart from our cloudy-plasma ensheathed, it is markedly permeated by those movements and motions as he plots his design in the upper ethers.

The immediate realm to which it belongs is touched upon by the 'larger' circumference of this Earth, and the atmosphere is light impressioned and etherically active.
Men are pure beings who often require defending; for the truth in the matter is that the spores of disaster, moral or superficial, are foreign to Man, having been collected and dissipated during our Moon existence or still as incoming from stations below and beyond.

There are legions of Angels who are fierce (yes, fierce) to expel and do battle daily with intrusive newcomers. We must be firm about this one 'Holy War', that it is a mistake indeed to be inviting or tolerating to such 'space' entities which interfere with Men. It is essentially a spiritual war, but with physical casualties, as the innocent men have received all strangers graciously, and with unsuspecting lenience, allowed them a certain admittance. 

However, devils with horns or devils with bug-eyes are equally as undesirable and unwholesome in their communing with Man. This is a most serious issue and one not to be avoided (since you yourself have raised the question); and too, ancient in origin, although overlooked by the present generations.

Yes it is that the awesome 'realities' imposed upon the naive sensitives are detractions from Christ and His becoming (in them and in the World); whilst furthermore, the designs and motives of inhuman 'invaders' are parallax to our own development. 

Why is it not asked and brought to caution at the numbers of men who would unconditionally accept these entities, believing their practice and word to be godlike or relevant to our Humanity? The crusade of the 'New Age' is one of contest between alien and Man; as the spiritual minds of men awaken, we pray that it is to Christ and not to demons.

Within the ecology of Man (which is Christ) is the shared relationship of a multitude of beings - being almost countless in differentiation - but all sharing keys akin to each other. Although we tend to place all animals under the one kingdom heading, and plants and elementals likewise, there is a remarkable oversight in this practice where we have mistaken the generalization to be the complete fact. In truth however, every species upon the Globe (the greater extended Earth also) is distinct from one another. There is Man, and as part of him there comes millions upon millions of differing species, families of elementals who are our own and so related, and markedly differing in characteristic, attribute, intelligence and so forth - and species of beast, fish and insect, plant, seed, tree and flower, and Angel.

There are scores of millions of differing entities within this family we are comprised with, and in order to appreciate them all, there should be such a great selection without the necessity to go seeking outside of the immediate family for diversity. Every one of these species has divine heritage, from the smallest, the bizarre, the little breathers to the disincarnate. All of them are positioned, in part, in other realms of existence concurrently having differing fusions of conscious activity accordingly.

There is an unspoken love within this family, of being in kind. Even though there are predatory terms of existence, there comes from this too a love also, which is ever worked out and brought to bear. The entities which we know to be undesirable are quite rightly termed alien - foreign in every respect - and we do not shun them because of diversity, for as it was just mentioned, that alone is of no great matter. We do not tolerate them because it is dangerous to do so. The ship is full, the doors are closed, and because they have no cross-reference of signature with us we shall be compromised one way or another to have dealings with them. They are the virus to Man.

Men are dissuaded from lively thinking and discrimination quite often because of the personal sorrows they harvest. We do not suggest that all extraordinary encounters are perilous, or even hazardous, for it might well be with one of the angelic beings to which this follows. But folk when asked to reflect on the nature of their experience or fixation, are often unwilling to question at all, and this becomes apparent that they are then predisposed to believing anything, without the necessary discrimination in review.

Discrimination is essential as we begin to refine our beings and our consciousness. A skill which is acquired by repeated practice in testing and in failure, helps bring us to proper realization whereby a man has earned his certainty.

This is a fine experience and not as awkward or niggling as some might have it. The arguments which oppose proper inquiry and right questioning are defensive only to mutability on the whole, and are from minds which are fixed because of some unrelated unease (which as said before is connected with the burdensome sins of the past interrupting their clear thinking).

This is why the 'love' as experienced from a foreign entity promises to release the individual from all connections and associations and is thus, unquestionably invited - because:
  1. It does not recognize the insult of sin (rather in loving regardless, and often shares in the tendencies anyway).
  2. Suggests that the overall suicide out from Humanity will cleanse and purge the soul (what's left of it is another matter).
  3. Defiles truth and higher knowledge by discrediting learning and discriminating therein.
  4. Offers only a 'false love' in that they would change a man to suit themselves, and then and then only, after such open submission are the men to be loved.
How do you tell a truthful Whitefoot? If a being gives you a name, which is not as representational, but as a name that is theirs, and they are acclaimed to be highly advanced, then you may know that because it can never be their true name they have lied from the outset. It may be to please you, deceive you or impress you, but such a title will be a falsehood, and if this is not explained from the start, then a false presumption has been dubiously made.

A seer may know a being by their glorious attribute, but shall not call them rightly by their appointed and true name. If a medium introduces you to a famous title, then at best you are in the company of an admirer thereof, or at worst a charlatan who knowingly would deceive you.

High souls of note do not formally introduce themselves because their true accreditation lives in Christ firstly and their individuality need not be mingled in egos in twain, because the divinity and purpose would be then dispersed by such combining.

Once again let it be said, dear friend, that the truth itself is of much greater importance to you than any defined contact between master and pupil. For the master is not the 'be all and end all' and is but an intermediary between the student and God. Therefore the distraction of such combining is uncalled-for and not worthwhile.

When there comes a good and proper time, when the teacher is so known, then he is permitted to come forth, by which stage the aspect of confirmation is no longer needed - and so it goes.

As agents for Michael we contest the promises and intrusions of uninvited entities, who wittingly or not, disservice our natural progression as Men and are stupid and insolent to Christ and His Charities.

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