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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thorn from Paw- 6th January 1994

REMEMBER the frog's knees? That we are to be that strong and that supple, with as much dexterity, momentum and expert movement? And if we venture into a circle, we be free to spring out; coming to meet minds with dear people, with wit and withhold, with blessings and resolve, with certainty and with detachment from the obscure. What is meant by "detachment from the obscure"?

Obscurity as an element is valueless. Its promises are truly vague, albeit they may appear mysterious, but are of no root, no substance, with no hidden mystery to be prised from the ravelled-root. To have something which is made obscure, is that it has been interfered with, played upon; as it is now rendered powerless to make the complete sentence, the overall impression and impact as is meant to be.

A cloud may obscure our vision of the mountain peak, which is nonetheless there irrespective of the cloud's coming and going; and the wading through the floating mist is of itself, neither here nor there. In this sense, obscurity should be recognized for what it is, even when certain folk do welcome it, believing it to be of its own, of great importance.

There have been entire schools which were taught upon obscurities. Certain 'truths' were fashioned so as the men and women could not see through to the spiritual reality, but were caught in a maze - amazement - they were held back from an otherwise revelation. This is why we are particular to ask that for ourselves and our brothers, we are saved from further entrapments in this regard.

It is not merely a tautological statement to imply that obscurity is misleading. How close may a man be to 'breakthrough', whilst there are such concepts as have clung to him, which he has tried mightily to reconcile and still they persist out of their proper place and time. 

A case in point that one may cite readily is the suggestion that Jesus the Christ was ever as a "common man". From this simple but potent obscurity - obscuring the truth and reality of His Divinity Apparent - the entertainee of this conjecture must suffer the postulations that accompany such a premise, and as pointed to, is denied the pinpoint on which he should found his opinion as a lead in to proper insight. One may see from this that simple suggestions which are contrary to the great truths are not merely false representations, but also prohibitive to the finding of the truth as obscured.

In other words, there are not two to choose from when one is taken by an obscurity - get it? That is the nature and danger of such. Therefore one must remove the obscurity first, as a preliminary to 'taking in' any truth whatsoever.

Clouds - Untruth/Mountain - Truth

Untruth------Truth- This is not the case; there are not the two to choose from.

Untruth with Truth concealed behind.

The Untruth obscures the vision of the truth.

If one has seen the mountain and presumes it to be behind the cloud, then it becomes another matter. The cloud does not convince him that it is the only reality. Similarly, just as we may enjoy the cloud and concurrently know of the peak, once we have recognized and known various wisdoms they remain self-evident even though contradictory opinions may present. We may even acknowledge their reality, knowing all the while of the greater reality behind their obscurity.

To believe that one 'knows everything' becomes an obscurity to the very attempting of doing just that - it actually denies any learning which could follow. It blocks the path, it stands in the way in between the pupil and the real truth; being that only within God is there the Alpha and Omega, and He does comprise all that there is to be encompassed, as He is the Unfathomable, only He does know Himself and parts thereof. 

'Everything' is a bigger word than most realize. As far as one might consciously come to know or realize, 'everything' in all its detail, its multiplicity and great design, substance and sinew, history recalled and future seed struck, in actuality and in countless individualities - one simply could not know everything. It is an obscurity which conceals the true concept of 'everything' replacing it with a veritable dud: an attractive, pleasing notion, which flatters the man and quietens his desire to really know, having surmised it as won in completeness, veiled from the truth of his ignorance.

As for the concept pertaining to "not giving one's power away" - we have always (as is the Divine Principle) given our 'power' to those lesser; and so it goes. Here perhaps is the preferable focus, for a man who seeks to contain and withhold his 'power' as such, becomes impotent eventually, in that which he struggles to keep. There becomes in actuality, some grand reasoning within the reality of Love. The 'powers' as they are called, refer to a man's assertions, his activities of will and desire, and the vitalities of intensity thereby. When one diverts their power to enable assistance for a lesser individual they are immediately doing as their Master would do, and in this sense they do give their powers to them, that they may be better used where needed.

The Great Ones summon to serve, and their beloved assist them to serve. The only gathering of 'powers' on a need-for-greed basis is with the devils and their cohorts who do live upon the spent vitalities of men. They inspire certain desires and milk the man till man no more - in this sense of the meaning, Man should not give his power away. . . indiscriminately.

We are always called upon to answer a need. When we hesitate, and in that pause find an opportunity to assist or enhance or make good a situation, when pity moves us and optimism drives us, when our powers of intention and will, enthusiasm and compassion are directed to prayer on behalf of the prayerless, when we dedicate our 'powers of good' in allegiance with the pious and the loving, then it is that the many rays of Grace may be felt as they pour their way through upon us onto their destination - which we may search - and from this, shall be quickened accordingly.

So much effort is short-circuited by introspection! The delicate and awesome chakras are perpetually resounding as a string might quiver to the guidance of the bow. The 'new thinking' knows what it needs, but not that it must become by answering the needs of the other man, to find the meaning realized within. And brotherliness, compassion, correct worship, appreciation, creativity, charity, piety, spirituality etc. need be practiced.

It is by the concerted effort of practicing self-betterment that will develop a man enduringly. That we may patiently approach our development and accordingly grant such patience to our fellow souls, whoever and wherever they be on the path. Instantaneous enlightenment is only short-lived. Methods provoking results are injurious to the subtle regions of a man; for he has not the capability of expending the energies so summoned and shall overfill his psychic senses radically.

The earthly personality does not suffer what indeed the soul does. The earthly man may be tantalized, for the explosions being so large in the soul-realm reach the dull consciousness of the man who wants but fireworks. However the natural soul, in all its graceful being is shocked extraordinarily by all of the activity which is not yet transmutable. For the unequipped man may challenge his centers of chakric activity and stimulate them without relief. There is no fulfilling expression within him or without him, and there become duplicates of himself (in a manner of speaking) shafting off from his expiring being. These duplicates are not ego-bound, but are to the individual, convincingly him. Furthermore, because of the activity, the man is persuaded to believe that the fellow before him is reality; but it is only, of course, half of reality, not actually interacting at all.

For example: if a cow is suckled at the teat by her calf, the milk is to good purpose and the flow is just perfect. If a cow is artificially stimulated at the teat the milk will swell the udder until expressed. If a man has compassion it shall flow most naturally to where his heart so cries. However, if it is that his centre for compassion is awakened not by the soul itself but by such a method - not dependent on reality - then the compassion itself has nowhere to go. It becomes as the unrelieved udder. Now it is that ordinarily the soul acquires the value of issue, which maintains the many irradiated streams to flow through our being, but when it is denied then the man becomes separate to what otherwise would be, true life.

A teacher may not incite pity to well in his pupil - unless of course he was pitiable - but what is meant to say is that the knowing of true pity is worthless if the man pities no thing in particular. In other words there needs be specifics and not just vague generalities. The experience and answer must come by the actual happenings, for development is not based upon a one-sided conjecture.

We may wish to excel and this is a worthy desire, but must not exceed our true desire for betterment - continual and ceaseless betterment, without end, without complete satisfaction.

No Master will tell you that he has 'got there'.
No enlightened spirit counts the degrees.
No holy man boasts and no pupil ever learns without effort.
If this were the case, we may as well all throw it in!

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