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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heaven- 1991

MUCH has been alluded to in the speculative compromises which outline Heaven, given in the form of stories and pictures in an effort to manufacture some exquisite representation for all of those who know of it not with firsthand recollection.

Although the word 'Heaven' usually refers to an after-death experience - and certain realizations are apparent only after crossing the portals of earthly existence - one may not presume that Heaven itself may be immediately interpreted, nor that it denotes only the vast workings of Cosmic interplay- which we also refer to as 'the Heavens' with all of the menagerie that is encompassed within the grand scheme. For one might suggest that the Father's Mansion does have many, many, rooms, all of which go to make up the Heavens. 
However, that which He does keep especial to Him, whereby our approach and our entry must be with humble servitude and due reverence, from where the light streams from with all goodness condensed, unshackled and unrestrained, the veritable heart and mind centre, that which is, not that which was - this we may term as Heaven.

Within the Cosmic order of the Heavens there is constant flux and flow, much change around that which is the pivot, being Heaven. So many identities, so many inhabitants, so many individualities, remarkably going about their expressions and experiences. One could explore for an eternity and yet not shake the hand of each and every one. . . . and Man is free to go out and participate, for there are tastes and accomplishments waiting, with keys offered to every door.

But in this, the Heavens, one may also go out in singular notion and choose limited company and spectrum. One may also be confined or may cleave to a select society - for this too is freedom, the freedom of Cosmic dispassion.

But were one to enter into the Heaven where our Father does reside, one may not turn face from He who is ever-present; and the undeniable realities from which we are all surely born out from, do with distinct non-variable bliss, renew and restore us completely. Consciousness then, as we understand it, is but limited to the limitless: given over to such completeness. 

Whilst living an earthly existence, many seek more mistakenly to annihilate the consciousness, seeking representative experience equal to that which is commonly referred to as Devachan: of our Father's Heaven. Although one may in ecstasy be persuaded that this is surely the condition of the Heaven that we seek and know so well, it is but a shadowy hinterland which in semi-reproduction does whisper cunningly in the ear of the desperate, in imitation, but not in reality. For one is called and invited there into, one does not manipulate the invitation, but earns it. And to earn such is to labour so that replenishment is not due reward, but due necessity.

The Heavenly Cosmos, little and large, is brimful of the most exciting of communities. This too, may seize the imaginations of men so as to tantalize and torment those who are unhappy with their present lot. But perceptions are often entrances into future modes of experience, and we do harvest the future from the seeds of our wonderings, our impulsed desires, created and formed as of now.

Not one speck is left in isolation. The party of Creation is on perpetual holiday, commemorating the moment. For a holiday is indeed a holy day - given to exact importance. And every day has great significance and is duly celebrated so.

There are many wise beings whose wisdom does stream from eons and eons of certain experience particular to them. The Cosmic community is not to be disregarded, but respected throughout. Many of a particular realm lend themselves, their designs, their experiences unique to their kind, to our world and our patterns; which from hierarchy to minor are gleaned and set. Most offer most generously, they do not guard their knowledge. In fact there can be an abundance, and a well trained ear serves well. If one ever thought that their elders gave too much advice, eagerly giving of themselves, just wait until you begin to journey again throughout the Cosmic regions! It can make journeying difficult indeed, and visitations are somewhat limited to certain timings and returns. Many do not get far, as they are held up quite close to the Earth, and enjoy such company, partaking in much that relates to this or that community.

All sorts of beings offer sublime assistance to Man - some of course, are by opinion of greater concern than others; they give what they can, sharing of that they know. But the company one keeps can have vast ranges of differing perspectives and may or may not be in accord with that vision which is yet to be realized in Man.

One must acknowledge that even the lowest of the demons, offers to Man what he has and experiences thereby. However, it is a cordial arrangement and although this is paramount to acquiring a certain discernment, it is pleasing to understand that essentially, the community of the Hierarchies all mean well and offer themselves.

It is because Man has been afforded much freedom to pick and choose and is very young in the formative character which sets his future, that 'evil' is so acutely realized; much more pertaining to the evolution of humanity, than as regards the Cosmic order without. For everyone has their place, however Man's is not quite fixed yet, and in being so malleable is often open to conjecture and fright, argument and design, as to which characteristics will eventually prevail, which forces and impulses shall infill his being and so forth. This is the way of freedom. This is where the dramatic contrasts occur, and are not such an issue within the many communities who are what they are, so attracted and placed and held within each other’s field of magnetism, suspended in friendly cohabitation.

This is very exciting, as you can well imagine. This is particularly why many should seek a word in your ear. Active creation. As the drama unfolds many a kingdom should be pleased to see that of their own propagated within the constitution of Man. Further to this there are systems outer to this system inner, which too has its emissaries of advisers and advice. Remember that it is natural to offer those aspects of yourself, for one has little else to offer.

This is not to say that the opportunities of Man are unique to Man. Man is unique to Man, but not the opportunities afforded for design. There have been many past who have gone before, who have now settled into a progressive compilation of what is so developed; and there is no reason not to presume that there shall be others with similar opportunities given. In fact in local terms, there is the animal kingdom directly beneath our system of cyclic endeavors. Although in this case the beasts are directly associated and of the making of Man, but are at least an indication of other periods where souls shall be given similar, not same, but similar opportunities.

All in all, the Heavens are a nice place. One may not be familiar with every aspect or come to know every soul; but the fear, or more correctly the bewildering apprehension about the place, is basically because of our uncertain standing within the larger community.

As for the Heaven, Heaven itself, we are all afforded time-out to pay homage and rejoice in that which is uniquely of the Father's. In this we are brought home to a common station, whereby all communities are so aligned, and may have mutual experience without being mutually inclined. We cannot describe buildings and trees and so forth- forms pertain to the Cosmic Heavens, whilst the light which lights the forms, streams through from Heaven. 

Our Father’s Heaven is more interpreted as a condition, and as yet the visible characteristics are unreported. This would be interesting to hear of, granted. There are beings who do claim that they have had privy to a glimpse; whether or not you are inclined to take their word for it is another matter. Usually it is something of a relationship to the Cosmic Orders rather than the secret door. For the ways of unconsciousness afford dreamlike representations and recollections at best, which are most personal and not necessarily reflective of reality at that level.

We are all overwhelmed by the Father's presence, for who could match minds? Who could sit at that table? But we are content to take the offerings which are digested according to our frail abilities, predigested, alike to the milk from a mother.

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