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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Tempered Sword- 10th May 1991

THE FIERY home of shaktiput is in the indwelling cosmos. Just as there are natural mineral elements permeating as vital constituents within the physical structure, so too is fire, flame, spark and radiation, elemental, belonging to the cosmic fires, flames, sparks and radiation. And this is but an echo almost in fraction of the mother element.

In the principles of homeopathy - of dispersement, dilution, coupled with regularity in active formula, and repetition - one can call upon higher qualities of any particular homeopathic substance: any substance that is represented in the physical world. So too, in a similar fashion, can the fiery elements be called into play. However such reactions caused by this employ are dramatically effective in the physical world to say the least.

A rapid and extreme undoing in some instances (eg. nuclear activity) once established, could be viewed as a great ball of thread that has been tossed and unwound, whereupon the pyromaniacal scientist has induced a burst of fiery element to be brought into the surrounding physical substance and unwittingly brought only devastation through failure to utilize and contain such effective force, in calling down showery waves of such fiery element in this way. They have a defined duration and parameter that will not be exceeded. Nor will the consequences become indefinite, as indeed it is occurring in bursts, dependent upon the physical material which called it forth in the first instance.

Cold fusion is quite possible, and variations of this theory shall be brought into practice in the very near future.
Man has practiced many forms of calling fiery elements into and affecting their own physical constitution. It is a wonder that those stimulating the chakras in such a haphazard and violent a way, are protected largely from that sorry condition known as spontaneous combustion! (Although not all have been so lucky!)

Here is a very good example of what naturally occurs as opposed to that which is synthetic. The adept acquires with commensurate development the ability to call into his being and utilize all manner of elements, which ordinarily are latent but inert within the undeveloped faculties of an undeveloped individual. These abilities cannot artificially be reproduced- just as one cannot sprout an extra arm or leg purely from the desire to do so. So when the undeveloped individual is inflicted with all manner of powerful fiery-element ignitions, the undeveloped faculties can only cope for a very short period without reaching a limit; in a certain sense, an overload.

Returning to the principles of homeopathy: In the physical world there is the potential - as should be necessarily - to unlock gateways into the higher substances of any given physical substance. And in dwelling in and around these physical substances one could reckon that the formulas into the higher substances should be happened upon during daily life, in all probability. Whilst this does occur in a way whereby the physical man can encounter and survive these occurrences, it does not impede or interfere with the natural physical laws and capabilities, unless provoked artificially.

An example of provoking and interfering with a physical order of natural occurrence would be in the biodynamic practices of utilizing a homeopathic formula to devastate a certain species within a given radius. Without going into the morality of such a practice we can view the extreme difference between:-

a) The species that in all probability would exist somewhere in the paddock - among the same conditions - and that offers dilutions of that which is required for biodynamics. However, there is little or no physical effect from this on the whole.

b) When man has taken these naturally occurring elements and used them in such a way that interferes and dissipates the natural order; at least of what would have been.
 An interesting point is that in the act of copulation and subsequent conception, rhythm is essential to the very act.

And so we may live in an existence where the fiery elements and their physical brothers coexist, but do not interfere with the physical order - unless called upon to do so. If the student therefore, assumes that because such qualities exist and can be invoked, they must question the benefit of uninformed and undeveloped practices concerning such fiery elements.

Like a child with an abandoned toy that she has tired with, such individuals rarely have the staying power to concentrate on this or any other practice for any length of time- usually because they are trying to master capabilities too quickly with shortcuts, unaware of the limits they intend to artificially exceed.

Of course, even if one could open a bag of tricks and teach them, it would invariably go from one to another. “Next we want to affect time!” they would say. “We want to learn to walk on our heads and recite the meanings of universal law”, and so on! There is no end to such childish demands that are frequently exclaimed. However, it is fortunate that the unattainable is just that, as there would be many sorry students who would be spun into varied states all over the globe, without knowing how to undo the damage caused to themselves and to others. 

Knowledge of occult science is indeed a two edged sword, one with a very sharp blade. . . to be handled carefully!

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