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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Talents- 19th May 1991

For to everyone who has, more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but from the one who does not have, even what he does have shall be taken away.

-Matthew 25 v.29

MUCH ability is acquired and not brought into life with instantaneous mastery. Even those privileged who enter a life with a given set of abilities that come naturally to them, must work to better their talents and develop them accordingly. No one should suggest otherwise.

This work that enhances the individual's abilities may be shunned or welcomed. When shunned and no development ensues, not only are the talents themselves as fruit on the bough, left to shrivel and wither - being void of vitality, putrefy - but also the whole individual with missed opportunities gives up an entire course of life; takes the alley, so to speak, rather than the road.

Talents of any nature can be put to good use within any occupation. However if there is little or no expression of such gifts, it is small wonder that they exclaim "something is missing from my life!” for it is the essence of creativity and right application that is sorely exchanged for the mundane existence.

Interestingly enough, there is a much greater virtue in the very application of the individual who attempts with constancy to master a particular talent, rather than the physical achievement as consequence to such labor and endeavor. For creativity, striving and application, brings together both past and present strivings, building for the future and future worlds. This is essential to future existence. Not only where the individual is concerned but as a collective, humanity must employ themselves daily that they may build the qualities of existence for the days ahead.

The old woman who drives her fingers deftly to crochet on and on, adding the multicolored pieces, arranging them so, laboring daily with constancy, creativity and application: this woman is laboring not only for a rug, and the love of labor imbued in each thread, but for an existence two, ten or perhaps even one hundred thousand years away. A fine contribution with active expression!

Already there are so many gifts which man is given, that lie uncherished and underused. If this is the case, how should he be bestowed with yet more which he would not know the value?

In fairy stories you will often come across a passage where a character is met along the roadside by a beggar of sorts. If this beggar be given what is asked for, the character is returned a gift, later which he finds to be of immeasurable value. This is the lesson of the talents.

The talents, alike to the virtues, have each their spirit which presents itself and manifests through the expressions and strivings of Man. Although such presence comes to us veiled, each with individual streams of inspiration can assist in the acquiring of learned skills and understanding of their cosmic fibers that connect the cosmic creations.

Therefore an opportunity wasted is denial of oneself. Idle pursuits are encouraged by the laggards who now know nothing more, who in refusing such wealth of experience would have all men follow such a smug and defusing course during existence.

There are creatures that come from the realms of certain virtues, who in their very being represent, quite the opposite of such virtues: beings of jealousy and vanity, that present themselves when their corresponding Angels of virtue have been turned away, that they might give of only what they know and are, and offer such persuasions to suggest that this is the reality of the true and correct perception of the world and its labors. For one must actively choose one or the other, and take into oneself the Angel of talent/virtue, or the demon of sluggishness and vice. Often it is a case that a man is misguided in intention alone, and concentration is interfered with, purpose of goal has been replaced by frivolous desire.

Laboring to better any talent is to be enjoyed wholeheartedly; one should miss the point sorely if one believed that these endeavors require arduous suffering. It is therefore to find that which excites and awakes the heart and mind and pursue it further, rather than feed the lower passions whose requests are endless and are never satisfied until the higher man is totally consumed.

It is as though men today were used to disappointments and their expectations have become so limited and inhibited that they should not dare want for quality of experience. Their yearnings of soul are so quietened, for a little voice cannot be heard or answered and they suffer a world with meager satisfaction as though this was their lot and they should hope for no more.

So much competes for one's attention. So many distractions fill the day and bombard the feeble intellect. But the soul shall call for awakening, for it does not sleep; and when the spirit of Talent calls also, Man shall welcome her in and give of what she asks.
The day is long,
The hour small....
figuratively speaking.

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