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Monday, June 22, 2009

The EGRET'S Teeth- 9th May 1991

THE egret is a bird whose digestive and assimilation processes do not require excess saliva in order to consume its diet. Muscles carry the small portions to the stomach, where the digestion works on whole pieces at any given time. The teeth do not perform the function of chewing, even though tiny teeth are in place in the skull formation.

Within many mammals today there are redundant physical attributes that appear, when questioned, to perform no particular relevant function within the physiological order of requirement. It is assumed therefore, that such physical characteristics relate to former species and imply the evolution thereof. However, as we know, physical attributes do not merely apply to physical function alone, but are in fact reliant on higher cosmic values that perform many valuable tasks in assisting the physical existence.

So one might question, to what valuable purpose does the egret require his teeth. (Perhaps to flash an alluring smile?)

Similarly there are many organs within the constitution of man that are misunderstood. In the instance of dual kidneys there has been the explanation that one serves as back-up, as it were, for the other should there be failure in one. Though this is useful in the unhappy event, one might question why man is not served with six kidneys, given this logic. Also question as to why we are not indeed equipped with two livers, intestinal tracts and so forth. We suggest that the performance and nature of the two are completely different, even though they may work independently from one another.

The animal kingdom can be found reflected within the constitution of Man. Without Man the animal kingdom could not determine its way into physical existence. In order to draw into matter those cosmic forces required for the systems of organized metabolism, one must have a series of corresponding magnetic counterparts to call those particular forces and attributes into. Man himself holds the qualities that enable those cosmic forces to be attracted down into physical substance thereby assisting those kingdoms beneath to be clothed in a similar way. They are dependent on the constitution of Man for this to occur. Should humanity completely withdraw from the planet, so too would the corresponding lifeforms of kingdoms below cease to manifest in like way.

There are beings within the elemental realms awaiting to be called forth within the future evolution of Man's physical existence. Man holds the keys to the earthly doors for such beings if the opportunity is to arise that they too may evolve and progress in this fashion.

Similarly Man owes his expression to certain Gods and their existing evolution, without which those vital cosmic forces could not be called into manifestation.


  1. plants, animals, even crystals and stones, show a detailed five pointedness, a detailed blueprint shines over all the lower kingdoms. The eagle form of the head; The lion of the heart and rhythmic system; the digestion of the bull forces, these were once scattered in the dinosour realm as sketches made by the architect of the model of man that shines over all the kingdoms.

    The terydactyl as a heavy glider bird form became the refined eagle of human thinking

    The T-Rex became a slight, upright, spinal, with little hands, lion and tiger prototype.

    The veggie brained brontosaurus, was the big cow, the big cow. And Humans over arch the whole of creation with reflections of our specific forms strewn through out the world of nature

  2. There is more to be found in Dr. Steiner's "Man as Symphony of the Creative Word":


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