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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sorrow- 10th May 1991

THE question of happiness was addressed the other day, but what of sorrow? Sorrow does not of itself belong solely to the astral realms but is experienced in all realms of evolving life.

The young beast may experience sorrow at the loss of its mother. The man may grieve for what he has lost, what he is not, and what is to become of him or his brother. The Angelic host may sorrow for all those beings who sorrow: their pain being the pain of others. This experience is not confined to any single man, woman, community or kingdom.
Those who embark on the road inward towards a higher ground of insight and spiritual wisdom have come initially to believe that spiritual teachings coupled with a spiritual consciousness, shall stem the flow of sorrow from oneself, and that the adept is immune to the sorrows of the world as he 'rises above' that which may cause earthly sorrow. 
However one form of sorrow is easily replaced by another, with the difference being that the adept has now the ability to gauge sympathy and empathy, along with right action. His place in the world enables him to assist, rather than add in any way to those conditions of sorrow.

Sorrow is far different from despair. Despair comes when an individual is so shattered and fragmented that total chaos within the consciousness seizes that particular soul into panic, where temporarily that soul is closed to all that may assist him. Such aloneness and panic in its very nature is destructive to that individual.

Sorrow reminds us of better times to come. There is comfort in past recollections of former splendor that we've all shared and shall encounter again. As long as there is one ounce of sorrow within any kingdom in spirit, no-one may escape that existence, no denial will remove the mark.

The point being that sorrow can be both useful and productive. It speaks to our souls and awakens, in a way that no other condition could. We give thanks therefore, for such experience, and are not held in fear by the spirit of sorrow who comes and confronts us longingly, daily, hourly and minute by minute.

One can see in certain megalomaniacs a coarseness of attitude, when they have denied her presence and turned her away. Believing that such sweet pain can and should be avoided, their empathy with the soul-condition in their immediate world can only inevitably lead them on to that lonely path of despair, which we spoke of formerly.

So we suggest that if there be pity, it be for all. Then let there be acceptance, with hope and a steadfast, enduring confidence that she is leading us all towards much higher, more perfect spiritual abodes yet to be realized. We shall follow the spirit of sorrow back home to our Father.

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