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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 19


19. Constant disappointment as a general condition firstly (then highlighted later by conscious discernments which are generally predictable).
There are a few phases to be noted about this disappointment. Firstly, disappointment can live with us just as generally without specificity, as Certainty does. It just is. Repeated disappointments confirm the bank, and then follows the larger disappointment that we were disappointed at all. 

The word 'disappointment' however, implies some element of surprise, and yet most of our disappointments are in fact very predictable to us. So the largest disappointment comes of our falling into such a pattern of a depressed disappointment, and by being sadly surprised by something which was not really surprising and not much of a let down far from a place than we were at already!

The onset of disappointment degenerates further acts and hopes, fulfilling its predictability given at the outset. It is good therefore to be aware of it and to dismiss it once committed to the ideal. At the very least we will be surprised the next time, if it happens upon us again. Let's be truly disappointed!!! and not give way to the mundane affliction of just the partial disposition!


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