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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 18


18. The need for a greater physical experience (to contrast the mundane) as perceived by the spiritual yearnings which require more understanding of the physical processes they permeate.
There is a further discrepancy the consciousness recognizes between how fully we do incarnate within our physical and astral complines, and to what is or may be possible in this regard. 

It is natural to seek out a greater physical experience and there are many ways we see this manifest in ordinary human behavior; although largely the means are unsatisfactory in themselves. The mystery of it seems to be that there is a natural joy which comes from overworking the physicality with a variety of ethers.

The higher etheric vitalities are present when called into the physicality, and this occurs through a higher means than merely what is naturally present in the material substance as is. In other words, significance becomes the key which raises the material out from its simple flavor, act or experience we may try. Any discontent comes from knowing of this possibility yet being immature in regard to finding what this may mean right now to the future of Mankind and his astral 'fit' into a tenuous body.

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