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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 22

22. The collective weight of humanity's karma.

Even though much is addressed and alleviated there are compounding factors and fresh insults to the spiritual worlds daily, which are also experienced by the sensitive man. The body of men which currently are incarnate in the world do affect the world (the Planetary Being, the Planetary Council, the being of Man, and the lower and higher hierarchies) on a daily basis. This is something which is also felt very strongly by the growing individual who struggles to have humanity free from the condition it is generally currently perpetuating.

The mention above refers to conditions of karma which can affect us from also the deceased in our communities and family; things which just by natural consequence alone may infect a town or a place due to past actions which still continue in effect. However this passage deals with the living men, who as one corporate mind and being, represent Man in the world on this calendar day. This too is a force and a feeling to be recognized.

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