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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Three-part Celebration of Communion- 19th August 2001

“Across the Sea, I Am the Sea”

As bodies go, the one body of water which infills and permeates and plumps this Globe, that one body in whole and in part, amassed and in droplet, humidified, rarefied or made solid and crystallized - that one body feels Nature from the inside.

Can you picture that body now as it extends out amongst the ethers, with same fluidic flowing, in flat, in wave, out from the membranes of this world? Same body, same water.

It never really was the chalice but the contents. See now the chalice of the world spill into the greater World beyond. See the cup empty over, forming a never-ending fount rupturing itself out into the open, bubbling and driving up, carried by an inner velocity, reuniting itself with the Cosmic Sea...

The Cosmic Mass (Acknowledging & Naming His Presence)

(The chalice water - distilled water with several drops of seawater included, and if not seawater, then fresh rainwater added also.)

Divinity Pure, withstanding and withstood,
Present in particular
Present in the novice life,
Present in antiquity's knowing,
Current in all numbers equaling You,
Represented in holy striving,
In the consciousness,
In the wakefulness,
In solemn quietude,
Represent in holy fervors, endeavors,
Imaginations that expire the old knowledge,
Freeing them into new form, new meaning, new consequence.
Represent in the raptures of combining,
The honest and enlightened intimacies,
In synergy of corresponding spheres.

Insoluble Water, the Liquid Wisdom as is,
Fluidic breath to all cavities,
Intelligent to all qualities,
Obeisant and endowing,
Furthering sequentially in true and natural progression -
As wisdom does,
According to the attributes calling
In a divine likeness to that of their own,
In realization of a greater consistency.

Conveyor of the Living Reason,
Respondent to the Heart of Hearts,
This before us, contained and waiting,
As Divine and Perfect remedy,
To all that is wanting within and without
This world and ourselves;
This most precious of substances,
Is verily the tears of Yours dear Father God.

I hold now these weepings,
And ask of thee Father,
That we may take them today,
Humbly into ourselves and this World,
And inoculate against all harm,
Revivified by what You Give,
Accomplished in Your Grace,
Subject what is of death to rest,
That new life might survive into furtherance.

Out from the fount of the throat I speak these words
To You now:

"Be in Me,
Create in Me,
As I Love You,
Dearest and best,
Father God."

Greater Life to Life,
I am the World,
And out from the Chalice,
Spilling forth from my throat,
I will call these words:

(All attending, before taking the cup to drink)

"Be in Me,
Create in Me,
As I Love You,
Dearest and best,
Father God."


Part 2

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