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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 2

2. An inherent guilt at the very company and nature of this Double.
This is distinct from the above in that it goes on to become a generalized and all pervading gloom about oneself, infiltrating the self-esteem and blocking the will, inhibiting the ego. It is interesting that even the darkest of individuals will seek to shaft off their Double… imagine the pain of the self-conscious man who seeks betterment for himself and the world, trying to reconcile its existence!


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  1. "Edgar Allan Poe's story "William Wilson" describes the double with sinister, demonic qualities. George Gordon Byron used doppelgänger imagery to explore the duality of human nature.[4] Charles Williams Descent Into Hell (1939), has character Pauline Anstruther seeing her own doppelgänger all through her life.[5] Clive Barker's story "Human Remains" in his Books of Blood is a doppelgänger tale.

    "From the standpoint of modern natural science it is easy to say that Mephistopheles does not exist; nevertheless, Lucifer and Ahriman live in human nature. Ahriman lives in the etheric body and Lucifer in the astral body of man."
    -Rudolf Steiner

    Within the Body of the Double is the primary body of our lesser elementals and thought-forms- it is "innocuous to good or to evil permutations". This primary body holds a group consciousness.


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