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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Christened Mass (The Creation of the World within Man)


(Using the same Chalice with remaining contents, now grape juice is dropped into it at the indicated moment. This is to be squeezed from fresh grapes, or if this is not possible, bottled grape juice which has not been reconstituted … approx. one drop per person, water ratio 100-1,000 parts more. If grape juice is not available dissolved honey may be added into the cup at a slightly higher ratio proportionate to the dilution.)

Divine and Cosmic Christ,
Keeper of Time and of all times yet to be,
Ever present in the eternal moment,
Ever present to all unknown elements,
Presiding thoroughly and completely;
Presiding in naivety (the vacant space predisposed to a knowing),
Presiding in ingenuity,
Current to all that is currency.

Represented by Man,
And the stars that comprise him,
In the Consciousness,
In the Wakefulness,
In grand and purposeful discovery.

Represent in actuality,
In permanence, in substance and substantiality,
This Earth made real.

Represent in creativity,
And that harmonious homogeny,
Working in cooperate corporate joy,
In a synergy of sympathetic, causal mind.

Insoluble Water, into which now receives,
The earthly, the etheric and the starry substance,
Of this Earth, from soil into light.
(Grape juice is now added.)

Of this world, the etheric light of life,
Of the outer planets, of the starry body of Christ,
Cooperative and enlivened,
Active and obedient,
Waiting watchfully for His Will.
And in Divine Countenance,
Be true to Him.

Conveyor of the unfurling Worlds,
Respondent to all, each heart of every being sustained,
This before us, this substance,
Quickens within the empowering water therein,
As Divine and Perfect remedy,
To all that is distracted, fragmented, devastated by sin,
This World becomes in us through Christ,
And this most precious of substances, your Blood,
As it surged upon the soil and thus permeated the world.

I hold now these bleedings,
And ask of thee Christ,
That we may take them today,
Redeemed into the well of beloved tears,
Humbly into ourselves and this World,
And inoculate against all further harm,
Revivified by what You Give,
Accomplished in Your Grace,
Subjecting what is of death to rest,
That new love might survive into furtherance.

Out from the font of deep gratitude I speak these words to You now:

"Be in Me,
Create in Me,
As I Love You,
Christ our Creator,
Upheld by our Father."

Greater Life to Life,
I now become the World,
And out from the Chalice,
Spilling forth from my being,
I will call these words:

(All attending, before taking the cup to drink.)

"Be in Me,
Create in Me,
As I Love You,
Christ our Creator,
Upheld by our Father."


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