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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Four Presentations of Death- 6th September 1997


Dear Teachers,
I have more than a few questions tonight; after a day which though sun-filled and generally cheerful, I found death to be the primary subject presenting to me again and again.

Upon waking, my first question I had planned to put to you, rose and solidified itself throughout the morning. It was to ask about practical work being done in the world alongside the very esoteric understanding of it, as to whether you could illuminate us further please as to its value and place (side by side)?

My afternoon with the family was spent with a man who knows he is dying ... he is very weak now and has lost all sensation in his feet up to his legs as he withdraws - and he candidly speaks of his fears having left him - that he "doesn't really care anymore what happens to him". And yet all his life until now he has been afraid to die, believing that nothing was to follow thereafter.

Later in the afternoon I heard of Mother Teresa's passing. A sense of pain swept over me to think that the World is now without her - mentally I scanned the populace to find a similar strength amongst us; and I felt the tears immediately - even though I know that such a great soul has to eventually depart, it still hurt.

Coming home at night there was a group of youths at the roadside. One boy was attacking another, and would lunge towards him forcing him out onto the road in front of the traffic. I saw this twice happen, as with the intent from the attacker, and felt the possibility of this young boy's death.

We backed the car right up to them as they fought, and then leaning out I forcibly hollered my finest insults to get their attention and then threatened their gaping faces with the police. Being a woman crude language is surprising enough in the short term, and so it worked enough to stop, for that time, in what they were doing. There was no bravery there - I was quite safe with my family in the van - but I felt the psychic force required too, addressing their actions and the karma of the event to pass. Also one could see the gratefulness of the chap being struck at - he limped away, from what could have been his death that night I am sure.

Lastly, I returned to see on television the funeral of Diana Spencer; and my hardness towards her dissolved into yet more tears when I read the envelope on top of her coffin which read "Mummy". I could not help but be sad.

Watching on it was my strongest impression there, and then that she, at this occasion, did not reconcile the facts as they had happened. Many, including myself have had difficulty in realizing that she is dead - yet I felt as a great possibility that Princess Diana herself had no comprehension of what was about. That she was moved by the immediate mourning, but unbelieving (and reasonably so) of her death.

And then I felt that I should come to you and ask of these things; being sober and melancholy, deeply needing your insights, and such dear comments - I shall wait now, and thank you in expectation of your answers.

TODAY you have had four presentations of death: one with a youth whose life negotiated yet more life, a boy who belongs to this World, who has not (by standards of the developing ego within) even fully entered into his life and this World, as yet.

Recognizing karma in those perturbations, we may even effect a change in the gravity's centre now known, and this teaches the souls of all parties of a confirmation of the underpinning realities within our movements as they alter orbits of others.

Those who exercise intuition and are open to the intimations of our mute angels, read the semaphore as they implore us to act on their behalf. Quite often the angelic beings are impotent were it not for the compliance of earthly helpers and of those who feel the needs and go to the Karma and challenge it (albeit it fiercely at times).

Sympathy is depleted of its passion. Empathy may become assertive, in that it is by empathy that we are so like he who we would assist, that we can act for them; punctuate our reasoning with expression, know their challenges and exploit a measure of success on their behalf. In sympathy a man or woman is more often resigned to a sadness, rather than seeking actively an acquittal out from that sadness for the other involved.

With respect to your father-in-law, he is a man who is infilled with a knowing now of his own immortality. Though he does not voice this much, his ancient memory has reawakened and it understands all of what goes before him.

It has been said of course that this World is indeed a mysterious place, yet far more mysterious is the divinity in its complexity as apparent in Man in his being.

One thing we may prosper to know is that we (all of us) take every man for granted, never truly seeing the especial qualities that permeate their being. If only in quiescence, they are nonetheless present and most wonderful; whilst also each man's lineage is Father God related - all souls knowing the fires of life and the holy fires; the tempering flames and the cleansing flames; the enlivening spark and the life of that fire to come, and more to follow.

Men wear their collective experience in the uppermost parts of their true selves - in that of their egohood denoted by their being over lifetimes of effort and testing. And, as creatures so worn, so are they also ennobled.

The phases of materialism are unusual to this Age. Later we shall discuss this issue (that of the wedding of the Spiritual world with this of the Physical) but here in this passage we shall only go on to add that a man's esoteric perception is concurrent to his self-conscious recognition of the process, that spirituality is inherent in all men firstly - being a given whether mindfully expressed or not.

Here is a man who will comprehend many truths he cannot phrase in thought or word; and furthermore, as his time approaches summation, he shall have unspoken assistance also. He will cease to feel the aloneness that he has experienced whilst living the physical existence. It will be love that draws him closer to his death.

You see, the passing that he once envisaged of there being 'nothing' of himself after dying from this life, this picture he spoke of in terror was the true expression coming from his soul's perspective of his Higher Self, as it could not connect within this World. The desolation that he foretold was moreover that of his soul's impressions of his present life from its vantage. 

So we have had a man whose soul believed him to be quite 'dead', to that of a deceased girl that still believes herself to be alive! Yes, you are correct. Violent deaths, especially when occurring in still-young lives, give little or no opportunity for the consciousness to make its adjustments and 'take in' the changes out from the world that it had come to know. Particularly also, with such a one who was immersed in a sensual extravagance, who enjoyed the happiest of aspects to a material existence. This is by far the more difficult to pass through from, as distinct to the individual who has left hardship or frailty, pain or sparse provision.

Added to this is - as was judged - the protest of the bodily remains (and its astral counterparts). Without a cremation releasing the individual from their physical remnants, and all of the coincidental associations within in the matter borne by them, there is a tendency to stay on until the frame and form has diminished, the fluids have all expired and the astral sheath has dissipated also.

Cremation of the body brings about an indescribable relief to the being so then released. The corporeal into ethereal - new bodies rapidly form around the naked spirit, draped as a glowing cloth of gossamer, whilst the consciousness too, is given a freedom made also of a much finer material ... spreading out from the center with the flashing of an opening nebulae; out, way out, into the reaches of all planes past encountered. Joyous in the sensing, free from a personality and its attendant elemental objectors, the soul after cremation regains its sense of eternal self, and has confidence in that experience.

Therefore the dear child who many minds are now bent upon and are calling to, examining picture after picture of her past moments recorded, will also regain her sense of eternal self, rather than the transitory earth-lived figure she was known by; independent of the worldly image that would entrap or immortalize, not in substance, but only in form.

Many spirits are disbelieving of their death, however it is the personality that exhumes the worldly nuance not the soul, for the soul always seeks an eternal continuance.

Also, and having said that, there can be interests and concerns which hold a soul fast to the World: that with whom we love and care for, and also all that is left unfulfilled ... these keep us mourning for that existence where we can once again make our part profound.

Question: Sometimes I believe that we bring a disservice to our brothers if we over-estimate their personages - what I mean is, is that not therefore to merely love them falsely?

Rather to love and know the very real qualities that there are? Preferably, yes, an exact appreciation bears certain truth and therefore truly great loving, and yet many a soul has been nourished by 'false' adulation, and even gone on to 'become' that of the image originally so projected.

You can find that the people may 'love' this dear woman because in truth they have had a hand in the making of her. So long as the imaginings of others are flattering or uplifting, then the fabric of our persona will 'take' to these impressionings, and in similar ways to the open suggestibility of a child, so it will take effect also.

We may be reminded how well it goes for each of us to think well of another, for essentially past or future, there shall never be a mistake in that. It does not mean to say that we need suffer the company of a mischievous conduct believing it always to be 'good', when clearly it is not, but that in attitude (which can be stern as well) we are generous in preference to mean, kind in contrast to critical and complimentary to virtues slight as well as those pronounced.

Mother Teresa has a countenance that knows the weaknesses of men and the world that cradles those men that she loves, undespisingly. She forgave the sickness, she became servant of the poorest of men, thereby finding Christ right there beside her at all times - for He too is foremost in the very worst of situations, unafraid.

There is nothing this soul would not have traded for the true prosperity of those in need. In humility and unadorned, her powers assembled because of a determined consciousness that won its effort amongst the very worst of realities.

Conversely, here is a soul who the people did not transform, but rather she was the one who helped to make and better the souls around her. She recognized and met with evil on all its levels afflicting her people, and she contested its presence, determined that it should no longer be suffered.There can be no easy progression on to such selflessness in spirit. Every day was an effort for her, every minute a decision of an exacting will. Do we believe that for some it falls naturally? Or is it to be a continual reaffirmation, as the self-consciousness presents the ego with the dialogue for self-reflection?

Although our faith in Christ is absolute (largely because He and Faith are absolute in their nature too) we need constantly to make this apparent to ourselves and to the World.

This brings us to the subject:
The Wedding between Worlds.

Sweet Teresa worked with the Physical World in a practical way, and at the same time she held the loftiest of spiritual ideals and imaginations. Your question at first (which related to the practical healing therapy), can be applied also to schooling, farming, artistry etc. wherein a higher understanding may benefit the worldly application. This is vital to be acknowledged and respected and brought to entertainment in the content of both worlds.

Divisiveness is a law which gave realms, species and entire systems their independence out from one another; yet also in past consequence it has severed worlds before due time and then drawn veils, with a wanting causation and a dismissive alienation resulting.

There has been a somber risk known to the guardian agencies of Man that the distinction between the Spiritual Worlds and that of the Physical World may become so complete that the Physical World will become removed, eventually to persist in an activity of its own, working its evolution quite independently.

Admittedly also, this can be a reality in which the Spiritual neighborhood may be admonished, whereby it ceases its interests in the practical and immediate affairs of the worldly - removing and withdrawing its own influences.

Operating but a dual carriageway of existence, we can already see the two distinguished thus, in twixt and twain. It becomes here that we can observe most wonderfully the picture of Grace coming to us as known of by Sin.

When Grace itself spills into the World, it does so from the highest quarters of Humanity's beginnings. The virtues are not 'detached' from the World, but until so called into it they are as separate and as isolated as from one another, to the longing and overall detriment of both. The complex paradox that purity alone did not bring the infant Mankind to his bonding with the hierarchical spheres, meant that he must combine himself with deed, with earthly action, so that the spiritual forces be called into the World and live through such action of doing that which is done. Man in purity (which he was, and essentially is) has to be and has therefore to err, in order to bring Heaven into the Earth and for Earth to be raised up to Heaven.

To live is to err as the Higher Worlds might confer, but you know that there becomes a further mystery when Man himself teaches the higher beings by his actions in the Physical World. Not only is our consciousness narrower and more specifically attuned for individuals incarnate, but so also are all of those who may see through the eyes of men, and gather experience by such as is experienced by them.

The double edge to Karma is that not only does physical and earthly law compel more of the same, but also it provokes the holy law and its furtherance. For the Buddhist who would obliterate both physical obligation and personal Karma, there is the quickening of a semi-spiritual death which results in the ego's dispassion for all things new.

The ability of Man to take to him new and unknown experiences is by most standards unique to his being alone. Creatures, elementals and sub-creatures, all dwell in repetition and live instinctively with little or no capacity of being for future change. Generally a colony or grouping of any species will adapt collectively through their pneu, that has intercepted and adjusted on behalf of the whole (pneu + new = pneu; i.e. the whole digests the portion and assimilates it so). Added to that most beings simply will not consciously recognize (even see) that which is not in their comprehension. But a man can.

A man can ask and ponder and wonder. A man can seek that which he does not know, and study anew with a curious happiness.

So we are set apart on our island this Earth, with a propensity to endow the very physicality with heavenly exploit, and at the same time we are fixed by the attention of those higher beings that watch on (and lower beings also) who are learning through us of new experience and what it brings.

During this era of materialism the greatest supplication a man can be given is that of true insight. To live in the World alone and for the World alone, bereft of true spirituality, is to be as a member not longer with circulation ... we may atrophy, we may gangrene, if we do not have our spiritual life's blood moving within us.

For those in this endeavor to introduce and reintroduce men's consciousness to the inner perspectives, there is work and opportunity and great need to occupy their days and their nights for centuries to come. However it is not enough to keep separate these Worlds in parallel fashion, yet never combined. Esoteric work must live with the World, not as a theory but as a life.

The objective is not for men to depart their existence dishonoring the World, but to assist in the connection becoming established, which the spiritual life will further. The example of the Asthma clinic, or for that matter the work involved in schooling and so forth, brings about the very necessary application of practical practice and effort, and concern and remarkable coincidence, bettering both physical and spiritual circumstance for all.

If our Work (the Work) is to succeed in saving our World, this World, from shafting off entirely from the Higher Spheres, then it must be by practical means which are conducted by those whose esoteric knowledge is reasonable, considerate and thorough - that there be a marriage of the two by such combining. For should the Physical World but take a separate existence, and in turn should the Spiritual sphere snub its child to the Sun, then the longing thereafter would sorrow the Heavens, as all futures unrealized are so wont to do. Both worlds need meeting, for in truth they are same, yet they are in need of each other to be so.

It was Mother Teresa's life work to commit a spiritual strength to a wanting world, and a practical blessing offered in kind. This luminary amongst her lovers welcomed grace in such deposits, leaving now thousands of men who are by consequence genuinely transformed by Christ, through her. For this is wherein all healing and hope resides. Take Christ with you into all worldly endeavors and pray His representation be known to those you touch.... and trust in that.

Question please: Often I prefer to pray inaudibly - even when others have spoken a prayer I will continue on with it without using my voice. I know that there is much power in the spoken word, and particularly in prayer, but somehow I find the words interrupt my internal dialogue and sense of feeling. Am I wrong in this? And what do you prescribe?

Audible prayer does hold an invocative presence - it is an active masculine practice - in the meaning that it directs forcibly the will into word, into divine statement so told with high authority and stipulation.

The silent prayer that you prefer is a feminine aspect which is not of the direction of one's will but rather limits itself to the Will. It is an open form of prayer is it not? If you take notice of the desires involved it is impersonal and undecided and more general in content than it is detailed.

Both prayers are usefully employed and much needed - and here again is the example of complementary ways of being. Neither is preferable because both are necessary to each other.

As men we must take charge of our own decidings and heavenly petitions, whilst also we must then give over to the Will of Father God and there remain. Amen

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