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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

“False” Hope- 3rd August 1997

THE prime ingredient to all Hope is the prospect inherent of it not permitting undetermined failure. It is this possibility, this uncertainty, which we are aware of, which the Hope itself transmutes - in the action of its presence and embedded in its being, it brings about something far greater than supposed.

Seldom are we uplifted so, having here contained the indissolvable contrast - the defiance to such dark whisperings of defeat - a happiness which is not of itself dependent upon assurety, but rather the vision of a yet better outcome than could reasonably be anticipated. This vision brings strength, just of itself.

Humanity is enriched and fed by much of its 'intangible' strivings. The material world knows only to measure and test its successes by the obvious and the outer, seeking to prove and maintain a constant and desired objective. Whereas in the realms of the neighboring spiritual we find that all future achievements and successes live plainly in the striving itself, regardless of the outcome apparent without.

We have studied together often, the inimical aspects associated with negative forecasting, of how exactly the atmosphere of a locality may be impregnated with the wretched offspring from a violent episode. We have considered all veins of demonic impingements and their haphazard strikes. We have sought to understand the implications of the elemental in thought-world, and of their children born into the physical. Then from these dark considerations, we have even ventured into the suffering of our beloved Christ, actually attempting to comprehend just a fraction of that of His Struggle, His Sufferance, and of His aggravants both minor and worse. 

Given all of these uncomely concepts – these, ripe with potential devastation and corruption just in simple contemplation - we find that there amongst all of the woeful there is still the remarkable: that which uplifts the student beyond the suffering, alleviates the oppressiveness and distracts us from the forecast ... and offers more.

[Comments on an accident at a ski resort.] When the rescuing army moved into the remains of the landslide to gingerly and tediously pluck away the mountain of forlorn debris, they effected remarkable hope - a hope that will profit the World for decades to follow, and even on further. The labor of each individual, the will of every single worker went to refute the evidence there before them. They have refused to commit to the full reality of devastation they chose to better.

We may always be cautioned to madness when a man chooses willingly to deny that which is there in front of him. The men involved in this case were individuals who were not delirious, but rather well reasoning, careful, deliberate, good natured, even-tempered, considerate souls who fully knew the gravity and the danger of that which they were dealing with. It is precisely this qualification of sanity, of true assessment, of honest discernment of the reality as it stands, that will contribute to the empowerment of this hope as it answers the obvious.

Furthermore the individuals concerned have employed an active investment alongside their hoping. They have given something of themselves in an effort towards the impossible; and with this experience they can actually feel the heartbeat of the Life now brought in by their efforts.

The World is pitted with sorrows, men call to Father God pledging Him before the keen 'reality', believing so wholeheartedly that goodness and happiness shall tender their needs ... defying beyond reason the limitations of a sanitized life.

The primary essences hold no 'reasonable' explanation of themselves: Zeal, Optimism, Hope, Compassion, Hilarity, Simplicity, Succor, Fervor and even at times depending, Purpose. These essences cannot be solely attributed to need. Whole worlds have been known to manifest devoid of them (the Astral World does just that, for example). Need alone cannot explain their very being or appearance. Yet they are primary to Life and necessary to its ongoing expression; explicit to the meaning, regardless of the box and di they enter into.

This is the very point to be understood. One can say the esoteric rule is that they are literally 'above' failure and 'above' credence in their nature and their action. These essences bring both joy and life to the lesser gods as well as the angelic caretakers.

When it has been said that the gods feed from the harvested thoughts of Man, it is not so meant in the particular, nor in the boneless fragments of an exasperated thinking - no! Moreover the want is for the diet of an enspirited knowing ejaculated into the hungry ethers, which delight to receive from Humanity's loving.

Herein the permanent traces remain, kept to unfurl from the before-absent Graces. Therein the new World forms again and again, marveling upon itself, drawing closer, no longer distant; eking upon desires ever greater, than were ever justifiably realizable. No false veneer, no 'normalcy', no pretense of goodness, no vanity of sham, no perpetuation of the worthless, no exaggeration of petty values, no glib material hope of acquisition, or of heartless contrition - none of these 'hopeless' hopes: the freeze dried variety of a soulless reality. None of the achievable and reachable, but oh!, only the true and seemingly impossible - they that are independent of the odds at stake.

The essences are anchored in the spiritual atmosphere; they livingly remain connected to the kernels of future borne by the man himself ever after. Valiant Hope composes the glistening armor: same armor as entitled to the spirits so depicted, clothed with the substance gathered around their imperial self, worn eternally to deflect all defeat's approaches….. his armor of Hope - Cervantes's dear soldier.

There is a science to be understood in the practice of dealing with absurdities. Firstly of course the frame of mind needs be charitable and not irritable; open hearted in purpose and not hinged upon a particular outcome envisioned. Now this is directly opposing the methods given to the 'black' conspirators who work the thought-forms with intensive objectives and imaginings, acquiring control over the lesser wills around them (who are then later mocked for their weaknesses and discarded). The 'black' untowardness is self-centered and so limiting, never relaxing to possibilities coincidental to their own.

Many 'positive thinkers' are, by the nature of their willful envisionings, also negligent in the same way, and presuming of their self-importance. Feeding upon the mundane desires, they do not call within the essential forces, but rather make do with much lifeless profit.

By contrast we can look to the healers, who surpass the uncertainties, exchanging the mean realities for the preferred - always with hope. Always too, with an admission of the near impossible also.

We have spoken before about the usefulness of aptly timed absurdities, however in respect to the invoking of the essences it becomes more to say that thereby, one can 'make a space' out from the continuity, for them to enter into. This is why men who are experiencing extreme difficulty are often seen to employ unrelated diversions in their thinking: juggling jacks, reciting sing-song rhymes, recalling the names of saints - i.e. to set their minds to some relatively absurd abstract wherein they are removed from the difficulty at hand. Following on from this then, is the ability to receive the 'illogical' essence which they adopt - they can then find their hope, their humor, their compassion, even when circumstances appear unpermiting.

Survivors of even protracted exiles at sea, or lost to land, will also answer that much that 'kept them going' was the trivial exercise, the playful thought, which was removed from the reality they were so confined in. The key to this becoming successful however, lies first and foremostly in the rationality of the individual being concurrent with his musings. For to have one and not the other, brings to bear a displacement, an inordinate tension within the mind and heart, having nowheres to correspond to (causing either senility or madness).

Mere cleverness without relief makes brittle the mind, whereas entertaining naught but the humors, loosens a man into all but a premature heaven. Such true magic does not contest reason, but walks along its way and then goes a little bit further beyond its reaches, guided by the soul who dismisses all solemnity with a yet higher seriousness, such as is known by the emissaries of Father God. Where else, but from a divine 'madness' could we attribute the holy virtues, that in their essential and blessed action within us, translate into love for the sake of all love, hope for the sake of all hopes, compassion for the sake of dear all, and laughter for the merry mirth of the gods!

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