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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Dunstable Appointment -13th November 1997

YOU yourself missed the connection - being now mentioned, in the cryptographical text concerning young Father John and the etheric nature of Avalon ... he, mixing company and tradition in that fey and romancing province (and timelessness). Now? No little wonder that you have cleaved to our body of thought and desire in this, our Johaninne association!

John indeed "tarries" on [John 21:22]. As was given by Christ's own authority to remain with this World - commissioned to unerringly accompany every era and people until our Lord re-turned the Globe and made saturate a Golden Age - true to Christendom.

As a child impressioned with the faithful truth as was, with an incorruptible recollection of our dear Christ's presence, he as first and chief engraver, maintains the World's own memory. In the neat, but not so mean, his clarity of Christ remains; and as overseer to all future coordinates, John, Father John (yet son of John), is ageless.

No great soul's whereabouts are ever made known. Involvements are conducted and timed according to their choosing. However, in dream-life or in chapel, in private postulate or in deep felt wondering, he is closer to you than the sugar which combines in the tea in any café - stirred, drunk and flushing!

It is correct enough to say that souls of merit make chance to visit all parts and places, both city and hamlet; not to consort though or connect in sociality, but rather to make a presence established and maintained.

In the Avalonian narrative it is spoken of in the context of the crypto-geographical significance - in that the four main Gospel authors took positioning over respective quarters. Yet the East, West, North and South are as much pertaining to influences as they are to place within the main.

Having said that, there are many sites which may be especial to a great one; for example, that place in which he may keep stored away his physical body undisturbed; that place also where he may work out from uninhibited - whilst also an actively charged place which carries his force and influence, that is beacon-like and ever flaming, with or without his actual presence being there.

Great Britain itself was formerly most especial in such a way, with pockets now of ghostly activity - tiring fast with many moved on, now straining beneath the veneer so set above it.

Newer fonts of holy springs bubble up wherever there are hearts to summon them - conversely, many of the traces that were, have been over-trodden by the revival of paganity now driving the angelic beings and faerie folk to 'move camp' for the lack of a more gracious and Christian entertainment.

Once picturesque and lively terrains could emanate the homage of their resident Master; yet even this cannot be today if there are not the physical presences of those men and women who carry forth and connect the influences in daily life and thought pertaining.

John will go with you! It will not be a matter of your finding him anywhere but with you already! You this time, take him to Dunstable - and on, and back, and home.

There is no one place more sacred to Christ than another. There is a need however, for the esoteric realities to be seeded and tended by those who may also pioneer our Humanity. The geographies have mixed and mingled. 

The heart's terrain reaches overseas and now blesses many, who once by distance were kept distinct. In a way it is the modern world that reflects the spiritual realities here. The divisions between men are diminishing. You now carry the work independently of place, but in what you are, giving out into the larger community.

The stag's belly refers to the World before the Moon leapt out from it - being the chalice (the old world) which empties itself back into the Globe pouring in, on the tides of new life.

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