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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Triplets, Tricophony- 13th November 1992

HAGAR the immortal, knew that the power of a drumbeat was infinite; and the steady rhythm of a deep resounding 'Boom, Boom, Boom' was enough to correlate precisely their intentions.
The drum which would accompany the old funeral procession, the drum which issued salute in an army band, the drum of the tribesman, through to the bandsman - these drums all emphasize the will and thought of the men at the occasion. One can feel it; they may test it for themselves. Say something with expression - anyway you put it - then say it with the beat of a drum (after every pause) and observe the response; for the drumbeat seals the intention.


When one comes to read certain works they are immediately connected with the author, or the source (not the scribe); and many have discovered a perpetuity by such involvements, and in their own right have become 'Masters' (as in teachers) within that particular. So what became of those men (and one woman) to whom we owe revelations, the account, and appendages.

The countless times they were invisibly consulted had moved them as individuals to pursue further their devotions and accuracy in clairvoyant/historical account. And they are all well.

And what became of East, West, North & South? Precisely that.

John went on to Avalon,
The seas were dark, the men corrupt,
Crusader-knight whose flesh was torn,
His crucible, his sword, his cross,
Oh Valiant grace!

The stag's belly was slit, and out of it
Came both chalice and froth.

The seat of Kings
Was granted to him,
He, who now takes Devonshire tea
In Dunstable.

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