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Monday, October 11, 2010

Inhale this World- 1997

Out from the colloidal mass,
The golden vein flowed forth -
Further, farther,
New life pushed,
Held up love's reaching grasp,
Yet not to halt at failure's gate.

No breath's disgrace,
No aggravate,
But now with an ease,
This soft, soft landing,
A certain entry, and welcome breath;
From colloidal beginnings,
New life is met.

With measured dose our love bursts forth;
The other host –
Who now expelled,
A time that was anaesthetised...
Yet as companion, amiably follows
The singularity of Continuum's fellow:
Uninterrupted His ceaseless line.

Rock the child gently,
For the heart (your child) is cradled best,
With a congenial pulse
And a patient breath;
For two gifts we are given:
Both entry and exit,
From this World unto Heaven.

Inhale this World!
Suck place and draw it close;
For where breathes Man,
Breathes God,
As His cavities spread
With stippled gaining,
He swells,
Faint not from meagre love,
In timid takings untold.

There is he who can't take air within.
Without it also seeping,
Speaking the solemn truth of pain,
Sad surplussed man, he senses all -
The wanting,
Known same as Christ's own grieving.

Yet oh! how in gladness in godness,
We unmask disease with sweet reform!
The healing complete,
No more the sickened soul!

Go inspire the hope of colloidal gold,
Defy the binding affliction -
For one cure dignifies the World,
And releases its men,
In Divine contradiction,
Back to God.

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