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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Purpose of the Work- 15th May 1994

AND. . . . to the purpose then, of our dear students: If it is not to be with all men, you ask, then is it not exclusive. And wherewith our merit?

Firstly, it is for all men as we do lay the way at the forefront of Humanity's expedition. Secondly, there are many men who have been exposed to esoteric teachings who are awakened to the inner concepts, but are without reliable guidance, and in peril of such errors as do waste away their beings.

There are movements in spiritually based centers - so-named - that we ponder the reasoning which enwraps and entraps their kind in half-truth (deny Christ's existence). Then there are those who do name Him and then proceed to abandon His expirations and promulgate the lusts of Baal (in one form or another); and by this we mean that there are men of high office who have set themselves a career in such pride that would rather have men kept exactly where they are, whilst they are advanced by this.

The differences are distinct and obvious: there are those of us who offer and give and are empathetic to the needs of our brothers, whilst there are those sorry souls who are self-bound and spiritually grazed, who say they know the true Christ but do follow but an impostor.

Each one of you has already experienced the gravity of this our work. We have never encouraged false pride in our students, for the reason that it encumbers the striving soul and leads to remorse. However, let there be moments to be proud on behalf of our body of individuals who have resolutely pledged unto themselves that they shall stand beside Christ and love all He loves, and be ever ready to transport His illuminations when and wherever they may.

One must not underestimate their own personal offerings. You may think of your tasks ahead in the context of homeopathic magic, that your work in the World is that one part substance to the one hundred thousand parts removed: those with empty ego who are persuaded in time by the truth, because it is the truth - and through your work it shall find its way to them.

This lifetime is not your first effort working directly with us, nor shall it find completion in a handful of decades. Most of you have still to uncover the remains of what you did come to before; and when this is achieved (be confident) then you shall feel more enabled to 'be your own person' as they say, and contentedness will preside overall.

It is our hope that our students may continue on. We have never sought to alarm, to pontificate those disasters which threaten Men (and by this we mean at the core - like the worm in the heart) and yet we shall be remiss if we discount the fact that this is no playful game where one is resigned to lose and the other to win, for we may all lose by consequence. There is no thing that Christ cannot allow for. There is no demon that threatens Mankind by might, that Christ may not dismiss. The principalities are overweighted and burgeoned with concordances of wisdom, which alike to a thundercloud have amassed overdue and seek release.

The purpose of your work dear friends and fellows, is outlined by need. The numbers of those who may do as you do are too few to do without you! That may be acknowledged.

In the arena of competing thoughts projected, there are those which are marked by their initiators, marked with a bias that errs to one degree each side of the truth.

Christianity is esoteric. There really is no such palaver as exoteric Christianity.

So you ask for a discernment here. Yes, the mysteries are still fresh - exceedingly new, as far as time in this World - and the minds of most are as rigid as they have ever been, being taken up into acquiring a consciousness. Then there are those individuals that you shall be brought into contact with - who will find you - that are inwardly quite desperate for a latch-hold.

Men can be affected for all time just by a wondrous insight. It is refreshing for their soul to be given a contest from one of our students. All men relish important thought and meaningful communication.

Most of all we offer the living Christ as He is in the World today, and is in each man. This we can pass on as the first important inner reality, thereby cutting the paths and preparing the way ahead for our brothers to follow.

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