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Friday, June 25, 2010

Love: the Physician- 24th June 1994

LOVE is the great physician. This is indeed no new piece of wisdom, for it has ever been known as that remedy to incompleteness, to weakness, and for the maligned - for any who do suffer in extreme in any part of their composition.

When our Christ heals He does because of His Love, and it is by His Love that specific remedy is cured, cured in precise prescription, knowing only that man and what he does need; and therefore that remedy is lasting and significant, and vital to his being. Cure the remedy well and you cure the man who is to receive it.

So you may now picture that it was not by superior craftiness that He effected and effects His rapid miracles. This is an unusual approach to the subject of healing, of administering to one another, but it is paramount to the crucible of any said cure.

One must not become offended at the thought offered that we are all without and wanting in some particular way. In this we are most perfect for what we are at this time. Having been 'made to order', so to speak, we are largely (nay, in total) a proud product of our Maker. Any deficit in character or soul, ego-consciousness or capacity of expression, is accounted for, explained and forgiven and then set to be answered with comparable virtue.

All the while we are developing our capacities to contain Love, that we may receive it, that we may transport and thus deliver it, and that we may be saturated and swell with it. This is the ongoing 'expansive' advancement of a man, which directly affects his inner and outer constitution. If we may accept this as a fundamental basis to whatever practice of healing we presume, then we begin in accordance with a projected healthy outcome.

To envisage love on demand is unreasonable. Love is a place where our consciousness cannot yet penetrate in full-knowing awareness. Try as we might, it is as the daylight hours are to one who is totally blind - the real warmth is differentiated but the vision though illumined, is not accessible.

In this way it appears to be elusive and yet we are held buoyant within its swaddling; we remain vital and intact because of its bonding to Life. Our perception is moreover elusive, unstable and wanting, rather than Love itself.

We may falter, we may teeter in and out and around its great offerings, but Love is the most dependable strength contrasted to all else; and of course is quite inseparable to all that 'else'. What Love is cannot be defined by the deduction of what it is not; and yet by the same token, we may look to ourselves and ask 'what we are not' in order to find how Love may administer to us and fulfil those very deficits.

Firstly we may establish that such Love as is true, pure and good, and quite real, intensely real, is unfettered from obligation: monetarily it may not be bartered, in relationships it may not be negotiated for exchange. It is quick to infill He who loves, no more, no less. Paradoxically all men are startled at this thought, as the inner impressions of their contesting natures rise in protest with bewildered indignation, alarmed because of their seeming incapacity to love wholeheartedly and well.

However it is that men are and are not what they seem. To know Love is more natural to each and everyone than is presumed. The daily self of the world is tardy in admission and is not as yet responsive to the more curious factors - the inner-mystery realities - of the larger World. However, the soul is accustomed to entreat and consult with Heaven constantly.

The only impressions which 'stick' upon the soul's higher bodies are those which were come to through love. Eventually every memory is either dissolved or dismissed to its respective realm. It may be available for recovery once we travel back and down into those other realms, but truly they are not with value anyhow if disassociated from our experience of Love as well. One can see that the sum total of a man shall be his Love as he has known, and perhaps ultimately this 'system' is the only safeguard for the higher souls of Man, that there is no provision within his higher being for wayward development or disease in determined character.

All evil, in origin, is spawned from lovelessness. Any being, who by mischief to the extreme, labours for havoc, for upset, for entrapment, for injury to another, in spite, in harm, in crime, in err, is an epitome of lovelessness. The arguments of evil and that Father God did make allowances for - in light and shade - can be simplified thus:-

Father God did not create Evil as such - He did not set His Mind to opposing Himself - verily, Evil is no equal opponent to Love, but rather it is the premature offspring which is as yet so underdeveloped as to be capable of living Love's reality. It must, in part, be loved also, for should it not be, it should not survive. Although wicked and self-despised, corruptive, decadent, malicious, destructive and treacherous, Evil and all of its cohorts is pitiable, redeemable and entitled to a proper development. This is high doctrine, for it is essential to our presumptions about ourselves.

Each man holds those parts of his nature which too are as yet so underdeveloped and tender when exposed. The 'dark-side' to a man which is referenced, is not the reality of the noble being he is. We are rebuked and admonished by our failings constantly, whilst also encouraged by this to demand the changes within our makeover that will improve the mastery of self and subsequently work our way to greatness.

As we adopt and refine 'lower' attributes we become vaguely in touch with certain corresponding beings who are drawn to us by our level of activity in this regard. These beings are more of a hindrance to the man than of assistance, as they are provocative to meet their own ends - which are whatever the association. However, in time the influence of the man wins out and when he, as overlord, has brought light to this parcel of dark nature, the associated beings are instantly affected and redeemed. Now this should be correct from the point also that these beings have had their part to play in the man's overall contest and subsequent victorious glory, and even though it has been unintentional, they are awarded same release, as is the dark pocket of heart he did suffer.

Quite so, are we dependent upon the uptake of men who may advance before us. Those souls who head the evolution of Mankind actually do so that they may cause similar effect in those who are following up behind them. They know full well that the expeditions of soul-development need provide the future keys for the wellspring of Pneu for the men following to advance. They go forth at that front, with the blessing of the greatest light, where there is no filter to dilute its radiance.

The enigma of Love, as a preponderance, calls for answering and invokes the internal awakenings, which promote wellbeing overall when happened upon. There are degrees to which we may experience divine Love as it sweeps over and through our beings; and those occasions to which we are knowingly enveloped with its ferocity, are at best intermittent and diminish in intensity, having but the crest at the time of mirrored acknowledgment, in which one being, by another's love, may come to know themselves and be retrieved from their self-pervading gloom. In little wavelets and in larger also, each man rises to meet with another on the top of the mass of inconsequential detail. We are enlightened to importance and we are forgetful of those trivial significances, and we are taken with the one passion which exceeds all others.

The greatest intangible is also the greatest known. From the palette of delight, from needs met and nurture sustaining; joy, gratitude, exhilaration and all of its exuberance; in piety, in reverence, in faith and courageous optimism; by charity (both outer and of opinion), forgiveness and clear-sighted instincts; by the receiving of Grace and the obedience to God (in His Service, where needed - in answer to); with creativity and all of its expressions; through teaching and in being instructed fruitfully; with the familiar and the foreign; in our powers of blessing and well-wishing; in health and all for the healing; in resolution, with peace, and as the emphasis to Life as known. . . Love is with us and is endemic to all such goodness.

Seek to know Love tremendously!

How often we have suggested that it is for the sake of your soul that you must give your occupation, at least in part, to that which overcomes you with inspired enthusiasm.
Do not be disheartened believing that you are insensible to ever know great joy, for it will of itself initiate the motivation. If we disallow ourselves those times and opportunities for exulted happiness then we dismiss also those openings of destiny which otherwise would have presented. Anticipate the most fulfilling and joyful experiences ahead- it is important to do this that they may come forth.

It is not implausible to find your heart's desire, because all the while it is a reality which is known and recognized by the heart awaiting to become an actuality. We are prompted by foreknowledge of those things that are precious to the heart and soul, and feel required to take notice. If you employ yourself with a wholehearted endeavor, those individuals for which you already share a bond of community will be enabled to draw closer.

Affinities as shared are vital to the continuance of each and every man and woman, for it is that recognition which Love brings that uplifts and upholds us far above our failings and our error.

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