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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Consecration of Chapel- 19th June 1994

Today, on this day,
At this moment,
We welcome the graceful beings,
Who with offerings in kind,
In gentle step have braved our presence,
That they may partake in our creation,
Today and on other days,
In our expression.

We come together in thankfulness,
With certain hopefulness and expectation,
That anticipates our reassertion,
Of our true spiritual beginnings.

And whether clothed in this physical substance,
Or as the light-footed from neighboring realm,
We each owe our life to our Heavenly Father,
And that life as is lived, to our Christ.

At this moment, as it goes back,
Back to all of the moments which were before,
We are here and inextricably advanced,
By our spiritual beginnings -
Those origins of Spirit.

And so today,
We shall dedicate this humble parlor -
That it may be frequented,
And used as is intended.

We dedicate it to Christ,
Inviting His Presence especially,
For it is to Christ,
That we entrust our futures,
And it is with Christ that we may align,
And unite with the better-most part
Of our dear brothers in kind;
And it is through Christ,
By His Vision,
That we shall perceive,
Our link and lineage with Heaven.

Much is unseen by Men,
And it is often our faith alone,
Which carries us through this World.
We may come to the very edge however,
Here at this altar,
For it is at this altar -
So designated now especially,
That the mighty effort begins,
For this is the junction,
For souls on both sides,
And it is the very neck of gathered Grace,
Which pools here and is retrieved,
By those who give and take,
From this fount which flows invisibly,
Through way of this small altar.

Our own personal altars
Upon which the light of the spirit ever shines,
Is that of our heart,
By which our deepest devotions
And direct communications
Are immediately transported.

And here, in wood that sleeps
In dreaming consciousness,
We have formed an external heart to come to,
That we may reach Heaven also.
And it is only because of our inner altars,
In which we confide and pray,
That we may make real,
This altar here before us.

And as all eyes are fixed upon
This obvious gateway,
There is a radiance which streams
From every man and woman,
Who in accord direct their love,
And uttermost yearnings in effort together.

And so the hearts are not as one to another,
But all to God, the Father -
Conjoined in splendid direction.
And this empowers the effort -
Enstrengthening the men so joined,
Attempting upliftment,
And redemption for all.

The moments we give to devotion,
Are very few when gathered over a lifetime and accounted for,
And yet our souls crave true perspective,
They know the perils of an empty life.

We may pray today,
That with what time passes
Here in this room,
This room made special,
Shall be remedial in benefaction,
And sustaining to each,
Who hereafter may enter.

Let them come to certainty,
That they are truly loved,
And depart from this Chapel,
With an inner joy that shall sustain them.

Many hopes are brought before an altar,
We pray for the prayers,
Which shall be issued forth,
That they shall be potent,
Exact to the need,
And heard by they who are qualified,
So that we may bring invisibly in,
Those who are too weak,
To vouchsafe themselves-
And call for blessings on behalf of them.

We trust in the efficacy,
Of all prayers silent or spoken,
We pray for their expediency,
And offer in return our loving gratitude.
This loving gratitude,
Is exceptionally all the angels have looked for from a man -
That and his ennoblement,
Which mirrors the piety as is theirs.
They too shall sanction this place with Hope.
And today we invite them to come and go as they please -
Most freely,
And be very welcome.

Finally we may ask,
That this Chapel
Be so insufferable to all Sin,
That Sin's contentions
Are rendered powerless to the men within.

Bring them a levity,
Which is free from the burdens of upset,
That with unreserved happiness,
Their inner commitment,
Shall be reinforced strong.

And with joyous occasion,
This spiritual preparation shall make,
The way for a grand and glorious future for all,


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