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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winged Serpents- 24th May 1994

Question: Could you please discuss the relationship of the Winged Serpent beings to esoteric knowledge? –S.G.

CELESTIAL beings are usually as beautiful as they are. All things do quite honestly represent themselves upon their base-realm, and though the creatures are many and diverse, they the menagerie, are not truly indicative of the angelic hierarchies nor the blessed spirits (of which there are many) which do incorporate the varied heavens.

The Winged Serpents and their atrocious friends (the pirates) have a distinctive smell which they bring with them - an odor of decay - and yet their wisdoms are inordinately challenging, being an incorporation of moon logic and mirror-truth. So much that is entered into may transpire within this sphere and be held here. Truth may be lit from many an angle, but also (in clairvoyance) it may be perceived 'by the light of the moon', which is as the silver mirror - back to front - and in time, what has been and deceased within the moment.

These are your ishtars (shishhh-tars) - the mercurial overlords which may prove to be generous friends eventually; or simply, as they are now, a corruptive influence which bounces irregular forces into and around those ritualistic circles which invite their presence. The objective is usually to 'create' a demon or an angel and to invoke a higher being: to actually call by demand and encapture or enslave, such a majestic creature as would ordinarily be distinct from the associations of physical and quasi-physical expression.

The serpent beings may achieve this only by the use of the man's calling - the entrapment of a splendid being, who is beckoned and would go to the summons of a man. Overall both parties - the men and the serpents - are not being playful, and are not in any way being considerate to the angel, which by design they are endeavoring to 'rape'.

There is little point continuing on about such grievous practices, except to caution the men who have tasted the angelic essences and have abused such love as do pour from these radiant beings: you do so in forfeit of your own angel-being. Every man has angel within him, not only in qualities, but in reality he is so linked to all of their hierarchies, and every crime or insult that he may dare to arrogantly impose shall detract from that corresponding center within his own being. Also because of this, he shall be forever disbarred from their realms of being, and in the extreme he shall lose vision of them also. The callous misuse of pure beings is reprehensible to all other like beings, and they know and remember.

Furthermore, this is not just a simple matter of excuse by claimed innocence. The occult path is one of desire, and as a man's heart is, so is he. Should he desire furtherance above all else and all others, he is set back as far as he advances. Were he to genuinely desire the furtherance of his brothers and labor on their behalf, he shall be lifted on wings by the tireless beings who may only assist other lovers of men.

Does a man desire admiration? Many an occult teacher has! For it is that their ego-life is near never fulfilled - there is a particular greed which goes hungry for adulation and is insatiably demanding. This path is begun because initially the ego-weak have sought ‘bad' company in which to identify themselves with - false gods and false goods - and they endeavor to appease their own emptiness with an outer substantiation. The martyr need not be endorsed by any man to know his value of trial.

Dear boy, you have been looking in all of the wrong places! How often it is that we must reiterate that it is your heart-knowledge that will carry you and save you - no other can do so, no matter how glamorous or aweful. There is no method to spirituality. There are no conditions to fulfill, which you do not already know within. There are no accolades which are of any worth- none.

Of all the masters to follow, Christ is the most generous. Be careful who you offer yourself to, for they are not as He, those others.

There have been many earnest attempts by a noble, inspirited fellow (yourself) which appear to have brought disappointments and even confusion. The dissatisfaction is not unusual and the loneliness is symptomatic. However, we can promise one thing: that all cause is justified and you have been held back thus far from linking yourself to some terrible mistakes because of your goodness, and so we may now call to you personally to have more confidence in your self-worth and request that you may begin to care for it more seriously- ever more seriously.

If your peers or your teachers inspire you with warmth and do impress you as 'all round good guys' then well and good. Be careful. You may soon judge for yourself by their appearance and the amount of their life's striving as to how well their methods have enhanced their spiritual prosperity. Are they full of light or are they weighted and spent? Find a measure and begin to think ahead of that same path they encourage you, as was theirs.

Try not to be impatient with yourself or your conditions; there are great opportunities ahead in the not-so-far future.

Be of Good Cheer & God Bless,

-Father Giles

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