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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Esoteric Path- 14th May 1994

WE do not attempt to bring before you those things which are found in spiritual realities in which there is not same or similar within your current recollection. However elements and even objects, translate as are, as do all of the inner virtues and attributes which make up a man.

There has been some confusion as to the relevance of maintaining esoteric thought and instruction. The pupils drift from one base onto another and are uncertain about the marked divisions between the two forms of consciousness - i.e. the immediate worldly comprehension and the soul-consciousness of inner purport.

Firstly it should be said that every man experiences his soul-consciousness to some degree or other, for without his own inner conferences he would soon become sickly and physically die; as the frame is dependent upon the intimations of the whole being of a man and dissipates very quickly into chaos if unmaintained.

Now whether or not the man is awake and aware to his soul activity is another matter, for our beings cooperate on many levels concurrently, advancing and assimilating as if we were many men, if split into reference. It can also be said that there maybe little outward indication about a man, of his most valuable developments. These need not dominate his other aspects of being and actually may be inactive for long periods, during which time he has set to work on aspects of his personality/being which needs refinement.

We call experience to ourselves in order that we might be so fulfilled thereby - and enhanced we are, by every failing as well as accomplishment. So it is essential to reserve opinion of any man, because it is for this reason alone: the reason that he is quite likely to be presenting as a pauper, though has a kingly soul within. Conversely, he may be as wretched as he presents at that time, in which case there is so much more the pity and patience required.

There comes a time when the man has completed a score of necessary findings within his worldly phase and begins to turn back, that he may review his findings with an enhanced perception and critical understanding. The student of spiritual studies, once come to this point (as come he has) will find that he shall be no more satisfied to be insteeped in worldliness alone. He will not be inclined to revert back to humble happinesses as were dumbly maintained throughout preceding incarnations. For once a period has been completed it is impossible to 'go around the same way twice', save that he shall go the same way by a different route, this time by combining an enhanced spiritual consciousness.

Many folk ask about the importance of this work during their incarnating within this sphere, for they question the importance, saying "Why can't we learn of the spiritual worlds when we are there and of this world while we are here - keeping each unto his own?"

We actually come into this Earthly sphere that we may:-
  1. Bring gifts back into the spiritual realms attached and beyond.
  2. Establish a future world of residence.
To be here in this World is akin to having a magnifying glass, whereupon the light - being in this case that which enters our consciousness - may pass through the glass and concentrate down to the finest and brightest of points; and by this we are brought to intense experience, so that every such concentrated illumination actually returns to the soul and remains forever.

Therefore one can see that the time spent during an incarnation is extremely valuable to the individual who has not the same opportunities elsewhere in Cosmic fields, to actually develop such abilities and gather experience permanently. Furthermore, the esoteric student is developing an awareness which will be maintained after death. In his efforts to 'cross over' into higher knowledge he becomes astute enough to cross back when etherealized.

Although the student's attempts may seem clumsy and awkward, although they themselves may doubt their accuracy of evaluation, they shall find that every wonderful experience which is inwardly impressed with higher thought, shall bring enhanced visions when in that heavenly condition after death. For they are given the complete panorama of what it was that they knew but couldn't discern or describe. The wonderment will be revealed and realized.

Of those individuals who were personally known to you who did study this road with joyous faith and spiritual concern, know that they are now rewarded well. Their insights whilst within the World have given them the windows to glorious vision, through to the true realities, and they are equipped with a conscious appreciation of what it is and where they are.

To the student who is here and wrestling the realities, there is a measure of inner pain, a pain that accompanies the sweetness of finding. Inspirations do subside and this does, at times, dishearten the student. Also there becomes an internal pressure which begs to be heeded, for no longer can the man be fully comfortable solely in the material world, and there shall always be that part of him that desires the spiritual realities- that same part which prompts his inquiries and also is fulfilled after death.

The path of the student, even at the best of times, is predominantly melancholy. Men awaken to great truths and in their presence are greatly humbled. There are new beauties, but also fresh dilemmas. The path to higher knowledge and development is founded upon dissatisfaction - it has to be - therefore, inclined to melancholy. But we are compensated greatly, and the student knows this too, in time.

One other point - we began today by acknowledging that a certain range of worldly development had to be criteria for proceeding on to this path of endeavor. For this reason we may not hurry any man to awaken prematurely - it would be injurious to them (and to one's own karma) to attempt to do this.

Much can be given to a man soulfully, by our prayers, by our example, through our progressive emanations and by offspring of creativity - but there is no jurisdiction which allows a forced enlightenment. For the man or woman could not conceivably maintain their active consciousness throughout, and so in effect it would be meaningless. Putting it bluntly, there shall be many truths that you cannot share with all men at this time, and although we are all impelled to do so we cannot.

Furthermore, we have no license to expect that men who have little or no esoteric understandings shall be persuaded by our own, for it is wholesome that they progressively make their way to such realizations in their own time as is best suited and known by them. Foremostly, we must trust that the soul of an individual knows what it needs, that the level of experience of a man may be confined as may appear mundane to those who have surpassed these conditions. However, they are exactly what is needed by that man at that time.

To some extent one could say that the path to higher knowledge will introduce greater difficulties, albeit with greater advances also. So we are cautioned as to what it is that we desire for our fellow brothers.

At any stage, at any level, morality can and must be addressed. All men are capable of discerning truth from their hearts, and it is this that they should be encouraged to do in every way possible. Through our caring, conversation and creativity, their hearts may be stimulated. Also it shall be by this direct knowledge from within, from our hearts, that will one day be the only true guide to the then adept- particularly when he teeters at those canyons of quandary, locked in the illusory domains where he will need to know his heart well that he might find his way back home.

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