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Monday, June 14, 2010

To Know Him Well- Easter 3rd April 1994

OUT from the tomb He sprang: this sweet release from fathoms of impiety. There where the death-odors could not penetrate but had clung around the opening and hung waiting in all dark places. . . there inside that cavity then made secure, that in the name of final sanctity the One whom they loved as no other, could now hide cold and silent from the world which had refused Him; with His tortured body dignified and His Angelic armies abashed and dismayed.

"How could this have ever come to be?" they wailed.
"Return to we who love you best!" they implored.
"Where, oh where has He gone to?" they entreated.

For no one did know. No one could see. Christ had returned back to Father God for final counsel and for His provisions.

The Christ had tried on the raiment of imperfection; for it is that Man is incomplete and with need. The path of mortality, the subjugation of Man and his impieties, was so far removed from the original vision, and yet with seed and score intact. The symptoms of evil were the blight of the earth and the abandonment of a Humanity, which was naive to its potent powers of thought and of being.

For in activity one is experiencing- which is necessary to the fulfillment of inner knowledge. However, in the midst of such experiencing one is not relaxed and is unable to refer to that wisdom accrued. Humanity was embroiled in constant activity, relishing the confusions of a vivid and dangerous existence, steeped in the contrasts brought before the soul which accompany the conflicts - and in that time they became overexcited with the scent of blood, and not pious, nor respectful, but rather stimulated by the physical essences.

The Christ was not a dainty, for He was and is the very Strength of the World. When He called upon the Father in His final moments upon the cross up on that hill, it was then His chosen time to withdraw. However the exit was halted by His very Love for the World, and His binding to the frame was as so secure that no shaft or bleed would warrant His Death. He needed also our Father to draw Him back, that He could loosen unto death.

Christ's Body was ever renewing. Just as so He could share the empowerment of His Law over the physical domain, (as well He did by such numerous healings and manifestations) the same empowerment was His also, for that capsule of His. Yet He denied Himself. The Martyr bore the insults of a fraudulent office. He let way to their choices, their prophecy, and surrendered unto the pain of Mankind sufficiently to meet it where it could be found. He wrestled then, with those choices, with all prophecy and with that pain; for His Vision is complete, and His Might the more persuasive, and His Tolerance is as supplication.

Upon His journey back to that same spot - same spot which was to have held the holiest of reliquaries (sweet-smelling not because of the balms that smothered, but perfect within the rancid overflow) - He advanced in completeness, having surveyed the summit and the depths of this His own determination; that He, Christ the Being, pledged Himself to the wanting World and had begun to fulfil the greater works within ongoing Creation. Creation has an unashamedly intemperate wildness about her - youthful in her enthusiasm, still moved to go forth and go on into new and newer expression, ever rejoicing the majesty which motivates her so.

Christ traveled the passage of time that would take Him to the very end. For it was to be that long before He could salvage each soul (out of time) and commend them, He worked the future backwards, He stormed the lower worlds, He made His Presence known, He reclaimed His World, perfectly.

Then, in what appeared as just a matter of days, he returned to that same spot to where His followers had remained and He smiled upon them. He was not over-weary, because He had won out; even over weariness itself, He had won out.

He gave gifts to the mourners and gifts to the disclaimers. He stepped into the shell once more, to prove yet His mastery over this our manifestation. It did comply because there are none who may deny Christ when He is so revealed unto them, and He is convincing by His sweet Presence alone, of which one is overfull with pure joy and pure love.

"Tell us Lord, what it is that You would have us do?"
"Tell us Lord, what it is that You would have us be?"
"Show us the way, and we shall gladly follow and be compliant in earnesty."
Christ craves harmony, and He does promote all that combines in treaty, in unison, in conjoining within Creation and in Spirit, in Man and his World, in Cosmos and its extreme. If every man could but follow His example and love one another, all else would take care of itself. For He is the doorway through to true Life; the mirror of the heart, that only by which may one faithfully represent and retain the truth and the beauty of all spiritual reality.

May we cherish Christ in His actuality. Let no man defame Him, for they who lack the grace of such piety shall soon learn of their misconduct by their expediency, of a tethered soul becoming both frail and without life.

If we seek to know Him, afore qualification, we are nonetheless assured of great and grand result in time. Whereas the man who never wonders and is sore tempted to inquire of Christ, shall be given also that which he has asked for, albeit nothing.

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