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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Lore of Numbers- 23rd April 1994

The number one shares affinities with all other ones up to Father God.
Monad - Containment.
Father God, Single Stars, Single Rays, Spirit Sparks, (indivisible and individual).
One (1) waits (another aspect of).
One is complete, but also empty.
One is essential to itself. No excess. Is what is. Is therefore = reality - raw reality: first reality.
By affinity shared in that singular sameness One hearkens to all; and always back to Divinity. The aspect of One inside each and every being may seek and yearn for Oneness, however when One actually projects 'out' and impacts with a different One on the same plane of being, there are then two.

Corresponding affinities initially come from oneness, even that of individuality to the core of the God within, propel the beingness of One out from itself in search for itself.

1+1= Consciousness. (The interaction of.)
Shares affinity with all other twos - where consciousness may meet and commune with consciousness likewise. (2+2)
Two is the number of AFFINITY and OPPOSITION - as in bipolar relationships where the compelling force becomes a repelling relationship.
Reality authorized - made substantial. AGREEMENT

The working illustration of Life.
2 can be both harmony and discord.
2 is the first differential.
We know 2 because we are one half of 2 - half of a divided whole and therefore compelled by inner inclination to reunite. This is then to satisfy both the 2 and of course the 1 aspects intrinsic to our being. However, by the combining of 2+1 there becomes 3.

The law is that there is one half here and one half there. The signatures of both halves combine to form also a separate signature (a third signature - see 3) which is then the combination of the two halves.

In this instance two halves can never make a whole - unless of course the two halves are of the original whole and then we would have 1 + 1 = 1, or more correctly 1/2 + 1/2 = 1. This occurs out of time in those periods of contraction and sleep throughout the greater Cosmos. Every 'one' is called unto itself and reunited up to Father God - this is the power of such, and for the purpose of manifestation we have the distinction of separation, which otherwise would call for our return into the sea of quiescence.

Two is mediative to BALANCE and EXCHANGE.
Blessed inequality. For the action of two is dynamic.
Life (1) finds motivation and expression through the power of two.

2 is CREATIVITY in the raw, in origin, whilst 3 is creativity's outcome born: the manifested expression.

[Triangle symbol] 3 CREATION - THE FIRES
By the combining of 2 there becomes a further attraction of consequence, an incorporation, and the equation is:- 2 (1+1) + 1 (1+1=1) = 3.

Red + Blue = Purple. Purple is: red (one), blue (two) and (three) itself.

When red and blue combine and make purple they are still at the same time red and blue - that remains - and the creation of purple as offspring from such combination is as the 3, principal to their having combined. Therefore 1 + 1 = 3, or more correctly also:-

(2) + (2) = 3

3 3

(Further to that we are represented as only half of each aspect, as stipulated before.)
Three is the number of MANIFESTATION.
The triangle is the first 'shape' possible using non-conforming lines.

Where consciousness meets, each are stimulated and awakened by the other - the force from this activity, the inspired, expired combustive energies, are as a consequence to the combining of twos.

This activity draws upon the fiery ethers which promote MOVEMENT given to mass. That in Creation we can advance into NEWNESS - that one and one are not repetitions of themselves alone. This is of tremendous consequence.

In time, as regards the possibilities borne by the future, this principle is paramount.
CREATION = THE PROVISION FOR POSSIBILITY FOR NEW UNIQUENESS. (That being the meditation for the number 3.)

[Square symbol] 4 + SPACE - AIR/ETHER
This is the principle which affords Creation (3) combined with (1) our Father God. Wherever you travel from this space - this place where you are - out into the farthest advance: East, South, North or West, you shall always come to Father God. This is truth. Follow any infinite line and it trails homeward.
The provision for PROVISION is the quality of number four.

The nature of REPEATING space is congenial to the square.
The issue of manifestation requires the provision of an ever-increasing HOLLOW, a receptacle to fill- room to move, so to speak.

When we entreat four ways we call upon divisions of influence also. There will be, at the base of early distinction, four separate characteristics having been split off from the original '2 + 2'.

The gradient is to a degree, a continuum and also of extreme- 2 in sameness and 2 bipolar and contrasting (Summer is to Winter in contrast, Summer shoulders Spring in sameness). North opposes South repelling, but North leans West in relation to. It is the combination of both of the impelling sympathetic continuums and the repelling contrasting repulsions which maintain the vortex of AREA, the quadrangle of Space. By this formula more 'space' is created.

Here we have the manifested combination of Creativity (2) and its Creation (3). The Consciousness is driven into the Creation and merges into further conscious activity. The sensory reality becomes all consuming whilst the two cohabit, and the affiliation is binding until severed.
Five is the number of physical propagation.
It becomes the entrance point from one world (the spiritual realms) into the living Imagination of Christ (this World).
All things made TANGIBLE.
EXPLANATION: We exhibit and thus make explanation unto another.
EXPERIENCE: Consciousness is clothed in experience. The astral nerves have impregnated the physicality to the degree of sense before pain - Man penetrates the World, the Earthly World, via his Astrality-Consciousness (2) firstly, and then comes into the Created Consequence of Experience (3).
Five is the number of the thought-world, for herein too are they made manifest. The thoughts are beings which are characteristically linked to their source, but as actual elemental beings they are of astral composition (some are actually of higher starry fibre than others and do privilege the men who invite them into their experience in consciousness). The thought-beings were minor angels which flew too low (as fable would have it), and in sheer love of Man, bring their images before him that he might see into the mirrors of being and begin to interpret his world, this world and the next.

The second generation of two combining, Creations (3+3).
"Where three or more are gathered in My Name" (2+2+2). (2= Consciousness: three non-conforming men.)
The interlocking opposing triangles - higher Creation and lower Creation - combining to bring significance into both realms.
The spiritual worlds give the substance of TIME to the physical world, but are not in any way, given to its laws as experienced. The CAVITY of time is of SPACE (4) and of CONSCIOUSNESS (2) out of which we experience the continuum in marked degrees (6).
This is the number therefore for the karmic relationship Man bears in the world as a bond of renewing acquaintance and return. It is the CONSTANT between Heaven and Earth. It is the exchange of higher and lower Creations.
The increments of Time are measured by certain consequence. The number six is the precursor to the number seven which is of LIMITATION.

[Circle with dot in the middle] 7 SET SCALES - CYCLES
The COMPREHENSIVE SCORE is contained in the number seven. That there is a compote of gradient, a meter of cycle, allows for entry and re-entry into that sphere of expression.

7 is the number to which all good recipes fulfill.
REVELATION - Only when the comprehension is fully conceived, fully amassed with the very TOTALITY of the complement are we given to the awe of revelation. The full gamut is to be run, and in truth we are and all is, resounding with the gradients of the 7 concurrently - yet one out from the seven shall be distinguished in turn. The feature of 7 is this ability of distinction before turning back upon itself upon the plane of operation. There are seven distinctions in all manifestations, 7 categories, 7 basic differentials.

  • HOPE (The substance of.)
  • Eight is the white and the black beyond color.
Beyond limitation.
It is the as yet indistinguishable, which does not imply that there is nothing to be known awaiting in the recesses of the Future, but rather that it is unseen at present.
8 is the LEAP into other spheres of being and actuality. For this reason it is often accredited as being Heavenly and thus venerated.
It is also the number of MEMORY, for within its core, the Future's core, is always carried the substance derived from the past - the “as was” is then to be.

The advance FORWARD. The ongoing progressive status of all beings, as subject to the Divine Law, which exceeds the limitations as given by 7.

2 X 4 (Space on Space).
4 X 2 (Expansive Consciousness)
2+6 (Creativity & Consequence)
3+5 (Creation in relation to the future of the Earth.)
1+7 (The Bipolar relationship between Father God and set limitation within the realm).

When the unknowable is known it becomes 1. (9...10)
Infinity's limit is God.
Some qualities that the number nine brings us are:
Many influences stream in from Eternity, from a source which is unreachable in our advance but may come to us even though we may not journey its length and breadth.
Nine is the number of the MYSTERIES, of PERPETUATION of FOREVER
Nine does even exceed the Future (8) and its prospective offerings.
It harbors qualities which have been before TIME and shall remain long after TIME.
It is UTTER EXISTENCE made manifest.
It contains all of the other numbers.
Beyond this there are configurations which implicate the many woven variables. The essential numbers however (essential 1-9) are but one set which adhere to a firm reality whereupon the aspects of each may be experienced and known.

If certain numbers (as in 33 etc.) are given for example, then too, the aspect of the 7: of repetition, may be taken into account also. The 33 figure could be 'read' as representative of Creation greater and Creation minor being coupled specifically pertaining to the aspect of 6. From this one can see that the method of addition in certain numerological practices is acceptable because of our understanding that it is the preceding factors which do make up the subsequent total. One can actually decipher much from the presentation of numbers as brought before them. The interpretation will never be ill-used, because all aspects of all numbers pervade everything, and the certain distinctions so highlighted make for useful regard on any level.

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