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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Nameless One- 1st May 1994

THE living record of Christ - as He was embodied with feet upon the salty soil - although does not exist as reference here, does in higher realms exist in copy. In that testimony of exactment, the images of men and all that was said is ne'er to be found, only the Christ's configurations and issue of words, syllable by syllable, and how it went, and so it goes.

Much that does occur all around us and does work its way through to our minds or our hearts in happening, actually involves much time to concur with the soul and the realizations that ensue. We do not always appreciate the full merit or implications of the present, in the present. We may never fully 'take stock' of the present, whilst employing our concentration to its demands as well. Also, there is no obligation of the actuality to offer a truthful foresight; such projection rests on other minute by minute variables which ceaselessly coincide. So there may be grand questions a man might hold about his future, and yet at the very same time he is manipulating it in the here and now, with no real appreciation of the seeds he tosses. And how wonderfully he is implicated!- regardless of his naiveté.

Every man is accountable to himself in deciding his fate- no teacher has consultation in this. A teacher may only demonstrate the way that was theirs, not of another man's.

Christ simplified the hazardous and gave all men the quick ability to instantly know as well as any adept, and decide all moments as they arrive. He gave them the wisdom of the Heart, and this wisdom surpasses all method and law, all creed, all stipulation. For once and for all, a man did not require, as he had, to conform to the rigors of the temple-creed. His 'honors' were now internal, whereas they were formerly given and decided by the will of another. However, our Christ has given back to every man, himself. He did say in gesture, in the magic of soul, that we might all win the Kingdom simply, in pure Love; and that all the rest, all of the rest, is consequential to that.

This is a freedom for all aspirants. It implies that one does not live to please any worldly Master (named or not named); that a man need not consult a manual to find himself, or for that matter, correct himself. He may stand directly before Christ on any matter and know in his heart where best lies his next direction.

Any love which is experienced is blessed. Given or received, love is blessed. It is not a substance to be had and cast and dispersed at will. There is far more mystery than that! Given the conditions today in which all men suffer, there can never be enough - there is no blame, there is no such thing as 'loving too much'. The question is why do men love too little? How, why, the frozen heart?

The distractions of the big world are so many, and when one views most men they find that they are in constant flux. Their thoughts are largely uncontrolled, their attentions are placed in habitual practices; their minds are disrupted with poisons and poisonous concerns; and they are very busy hurrying everywhere. They hurry, hurry, hurry.

The inner wisdom our hearts afford us is there for always. If we deny it today, it shall wait patiently until the morrow; our heart and soul will be with us long after this world dissolves. However the confusion that every man suffers in day to day turmoil, does come from the way he orders his life, conspiring his future haphazardly. We do not live to simply fill our days and mark time unto eternity. The random element simply maintains that we do not consciously make effort upon the workings of our own destinies, and this shall lead eventually to discontent, and the discontent will require of us our due attention eventually.

The holy life - dedicated to the spiritual realities firstly - may happily go into the worldly arena and not only be more equipped and empowered to be proficient, but shall undoubtedly enhance the company at large, by the inner sense of solemnity, structure and truth. Furthermore, the holy life offers a man such insights as do provoke much love to come simply and be imparted through kindnesses, concessions, generosity, consideration, instruction and gravity.

The key to this inner life lies in the words that we may hold the "spiritual realities firstly" and above the all-consuming physical contrasts. And contrasts they are, undeniably, for there is an example in the lesser kingdoms, in how taken one might be in basically 'watching' and interrelating within the physical world, not subject to confer with heaven or heart at all.

Quite often we hear the complaints that there is not the adequate perception with the man, that he cannot penetrate the spiritual worlds clairvoyantly and therefore is subject to error. The fact that a man's attention is rooted in the physical world is a marvel, and an intimate relationship which affects his entire being. It is in most cases, so delicately tuned in what and how it functions, that it would be perilous to attempt to graft additional senses onto our focusing perceptors.

Oddly enough, a man is far more at home in the spiritual worlds when he is tucked up tight in his physical body. The matter of psychic receptivity is irrelevant to his true spiritual perception - Christ said, "It is the Spirit that quickeneth", meaning that the flesh into which the spirit does penetrate, deceptively clothes the truth (as does the perceived encounters of astral 'flesh'). Whereas the higher reality borne may only be known by the heart- without the obvious 'visibility'- when we come to Him, through our Love for Him and of one another.


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