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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Three Moments- 18th October 1993

IN those places of sand, there was not always sand, loose-capped and scurrilous, a habitat whipped by a wind that chafes the barren furrow. Hot and haughty, the landscape bleeds into reds and into browns, where once upon the melting hills, foliage had clasped the warm, damp earth and tussled the ground fervently.

In those places hidden beneath the sea there are valleys and roads, once frequented by giant men. In ages long past, these watery hollows now engrossed in fibrous slime, weed and grit and countless shell, these sea-swept terrains were firm earth from which the stars were once viewed, where passionate men pronounced their immortality and that their homelands should be forever protected.

It is inconceivable to ordinary men that great change presents outwardly to all things that comprise our Earth - by this we mean even the passages of local history, amounted and passed with the rising of pertinent passions and the falling with every closure of opportunity.

There are those men who are stimulated to a great passion of purpose, whilst there are those who care not. (To qualify: by 'caring not', is meant specifically as regards Purpose - they fully realize their 'portfolio' in those things meager and readily achievable and are satisfied without presuming greater cause or greater motivation.)

The 'purposeful' drive demands upon a man that he contains the inner tensions, exerting them into those activities remedial to his sense of purpose. In other words, some men may individually recognize the symptoms of the push and the drive that this purpose-fullness promotes inwardly. The tensions so mentioned, carry the tightness of determination, the seizure of readiness, and the energy so summoned as to parley with chance – and thoughtless courageousness, spontaneous and undeniable, because the intentions demand requital and by some measure, promptly. So it goes that whatever the drive be, behind the purpose and the sense of purpose there shall be great tension until it may be resolved in activity - in doing and in being.

However, this is not to suggest that all examples are righteous, warranted or related to the initial design of the purposeful individual. Many battles have been lost before time, when the soldiers spent themselves in premature conflict amongst their own! This is because they had summoned the 'charge' inwardly and could not contain their God-sent strength which poured out amongst each other, to the very contrary of their original will and intention.

The 'three moments' - the past, present and future - as pointed to, explain the lofty tenet of poignant time, that the magistrate of purpose be exercised deftly: that for the arrow to hit its mark it must not fall either side of the proper time.

Esoteric studies do tend to produce impressions in the students which draw their focus back into historical account; particularly in respect and of respect to those significant happenings either of note personally or of worldly importance. It is usual and expected that the beginnings of advancement may overwhelm the student somewhat with mixtures of these past impressions stirring all manner of provocation. However, the feast of historical recall is persuasive. If we look to study the ghosts and their times passed, it is necessary to distinguish the then from the now. This has to be specified, even if it appears 'stern to bow' in the light of former teaching.

You see, you must be warned thoroughly as to the powerful uses your newfound gifts carry. This is the beginning to the formation of direct perceptions, qualified inwardly. All of the students who work to search through the scattered inspirations do so amongst some fully loaded articles - this being the truer and very real meaning to the phrase 'buyer beware!'

It is not that we say: "Here, you may look once to see what we shall now have taken from you", but rather to forever caution the fearless to halt overeagerness and rather attempt slow mastery over that which they desire.

The riches of the past are the most hallowed and revered illusions beyond all others. No matter how good the teacher or how ecstatic the exquisite review, the past is nonetheless, that which has been; and though immortalized in fragments everywhere, it is an illusion best realized as such from the outset. It becomes a necessary discrimination before attempting to enter back into the streams of influence which hold great attraction in heart and desire.

When the confusion is addressed, only then may the student visit the past at will - inwardly in feeling and later in clearer clairvoyance - and draw back sufficiently as to maintain his equanimity with the present.

Forecasting is to be with equal caution. As we have maintained previously: it is to be that Man is empowered with greater envisioning and thereby creating, becoming strong in the will and imagination forthwith; and that this creativity need be tempered with a pure motivation, exercised masterfully with the decorum of precision and good purpose.

If we are to execute that which we would project for ourselves we must be thoroughly prepared for realization. Of course, every detail of the day has been in answer to just such determination, whereupon we personally have projected and met with exactly what we have called upon.

Above all it becomes prudent to acknowledge that the current time we exert ourselves in is most relevant, and need be relevant, no matter. This does not mean that we are so fixed that a man cannot change his circumstances; moreover, that before he may instigate his happiness he must find his true place in time.

The ocean beds may have claimed your home and there is no going back. The wise ancients that you call upon in vision, were marvelous in their special moments, in their prime, in those 'cameo performances', and we may give thanks also to the great souls who have shaped the world thus. However, you will separate yourself from the reality and truth of their current personages if you indeed forget that they too have gone further.

We must allow for such change. It is difficult it is true, to fix and apportion times and events, only to disassemble again and give them over in order to come to the present. This is no small lesson. For there are countless individuals today who are continuing to reincarnate within the same location, within the same race etc. refusing to diversify and ignoring the ways to advancement. Traditions offer much, and yet if the ancestors claim the young, the ghosts are best exorcised and sent away from the present that they challenge.

Why is it that men do not wonder more often what became of our Christ? But instead they are attached to a connection which presumes Him to belong only to the past. The continuity is gone.

There is no denying the massive relevance our holy history entails, but it is right to remind ourselves that we may use the illustrations shown us in the past to illumine the current realities now, and to actively try to incorporate this in our comprehension. That we may pause and reflect and then move on, fully withdrawing ourselves from the impressions of the past. It becomes a true paradox that our relationship with the past must be acknowledged gratefully, and even though it may delay us to frequent our passages of memory, equally it will delay us to ignore them.

We can truly cherish the dear souls that we share company with, without the necessity to explain such rapport by the past. The grand moment is undeniably now.

We cannot afford to invest ourselves in the remains of the past, nor promise eternities naively. We command all moments from the pivot of this present moment and give thanks for the freedom to move out and about, whilst also we are grateful for the firm station in which we are fixed knowingly, resolutely, receiving right now.

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