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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Three Gifts of St. Paul- 4th November 1993

THE three gifts of St. Paul were: sweet rest, deep and perfect sleep, and death - as restitution to the diseases which provoked undeniable and unrevokable corruption to the physical and mentally-empathetic spiritual constitution.

There are streams whereupon Man is influenced to counterbalance the trials and woes encountered. As the 'bad fairy' cursed, an equal dictum surmounted the action of the evil and delivered Man by such concessions; albeit not exactly by way of the powers of a 'good fairy' alone, but rather by many good fairies, good Angels, good Men, and a Good God besides.

There are discoveries made as to what these equations have been and are, today. The protectors of these mysteries incorporated, have sought them out and made them known to themselves, thoroughly exploring for the record and safekeeping of Man; as one would add to the journal of progress.

As like any scientific finding, it is not unusual that the names are linked, because as overshadowing protectorates they have become to be associated with that stream until such a time, that it itself is no more. For even should they depart the world and the reaches thereof, their original etherisation and mingling through investigation, remains.

Important Law: For every ill wind there brings with it a blessing to follow. This is how "out of evil cometh good", for it is truly so. The provisions for such counterbalance were commanded out from necessity. For one may ponder unto themselves, if there be one gravely evil curse by which no good may equal and bring up the value of, then it should bring about an unraveling of else that is good by its very challenge. Still to this day there becomes a shift and an immediate need for an answer: that the deck falls and one card goes down, and the next hand played need better it.

The principle as tossed around of 'neither nor completely bad' conforms to this. Also whilst on this point, it is important to add that the viewpoint of the cynic is dangerous indeed. If we may not qualify an evil perceived but are intent in thought upon only its upset, then we err on the side of the very perpetuation thereof. Though this appears a mean criticism, it is nonetheless true. 

Another interesting insight is this: many who have committed themselves into the penetrating studies as was first described, have fallen short of the perfected examination because they themselves have 'come under' the ill and the evil of the first part of their particular investigation. It is a dangerous element that they have chosen to make bare and make known. It is a courageous task which may know no fulfilment if the novice becomes incapable of following through with the greater induction of Grace. Of course, eventually he is saved by the very answer so put there, but whether or not he survives intact to return to the world forged anew, is another matter. It is no defeat in real terms, only in terms of the object of striving at that time.

One can begin to see avenues of important instruction already from this lesson: -
  1. That 'open-thinking' which attempts to reveal deeper implications is prerequisite to understanding and aligning oneself with the more advanced souls. Ipso facto: closed-thinking (the one point of view perspective) may not enable intuitive progress as to the necessary illumination to follow.
  2. That all negative insight requires the accompanying thought and prayer of gratitude that: evil does pass; it may not remain the same, its sting and its injure will dissolve in the provision of the accompanying Grace so bound to it. Which not only shall bring restitution to the assaultee, but further on, shall redeem that very evil and purify it with a new objective/relationship to Man.

This is the one thing that the 'dark path' cannot realize. One could too easily say that we may dismiss such men who revel in unnatural desires as that they willingly see only one half of the above truth; and this is open to question and is philosophical. But from this viewpoint we would suggest that they are in fact incapable of crossover and much discouraged by the predator food-chain they perceive to be the world.

Almost as one evil stacked upon another, and keenly experienced, the men who are under the spell of great evil have not awakened to the mercy which verily sustains them. It is therefore, a pitiful inadequacy, and one may see that with such fellows, charity, good wishes and prayers on their behalf, are the supplement required, rather than blatant condemnation. 

It is truly a divine mystery that overall, Christ Himself is Chief Protector of the Keys, and by Him, through His Eyes, one may challenge the individual streams incoming, and under His Governance be saved.

St. Paul, through Christ, came to the blessed meaning of death, which hitherto was the scourge and the final defeat. The Devil himself did laugh and parade when a man caught in sickness of soul, then of mind and finally in blood, was believed to be overcome hopelessly. But the illness manifest did not vanquish the soul within. If not surmounted there was afforded a 'disassociation' out from the combining forces and a man could, through sleep and eventually death, begin a renewal that was not hitherto possible.

He could discard and dismember; and fortune of fortunes, perceive the minor ill and begin to correct the fault within. Hell itself was transformed, no longer an eternal sufferance - which prior to Christ there were elements thereof: because of the connection, the combining, in which a man was inextricably linked to his faults, his damnation, to his sins and to that part of Hell he had frequented and connected with.

When taken alone the burdens and trials of the World are inclined specifically. There is a current which runs alongside the evil, specifically, and is what it is.

Regarding the gathering which was called into question (viz. The Conference of Indigenous Peoples) - stern and troubled individuals. Many may be crushed by the perceptions themselves, before the physical evil so feared, eventuates. The remedy for the oldest of races is Christ, for He has the wherewithal to 'carry them over' the evil to the happier side.

Does this sound like a trite dismissal? We may apportion blame on many, many levels. We may target a multitude of supplements also. We may in part, be correct in our thinking and our intuitive reform. However it can and does take an entire individual an entire lifetime, and subsequent collections of centuries to follow, in order to investigate (at peril) one, just one, particular. Therefore, if we who are only semi-qualified in this respect (in specifics) attempt to go in and find the remedies to evil, we may do so, only safely, with Christ at our side. For it is no longer viable to interpret the exterial symbols and rely on their wisdom alone. Invisible hands guide obligingly and indicate what we already search for.

The gathering of learned men provides a spiritual sanctuary in time, whereby the signature wisdoms may combine and afford a tolerance, which is of itself the key to their solution! They carry the burden with them - the blessing and the burden of the insufferable identity of race and of ancient ways; which conflict upon each other.

There is very little 'sameness' if one has the observation to interpret. For as many reasons as time might provide, there is no 'commonness' save in the living ideals of men today. For that they mix ideas, necessarily requires that they have departed from their own sufficiently to do this- their surrender of the ancestor's grip and their soulful wisdoms - this, for the sake of greater wisdoms. The spiritually perceptive will share common experience and insight and agreement to a point.

The motives are noble and desperate, and there is much excitement and disclaiming; whilst also, unfruitful condemnation. Men are not the enemy as such. At worst they are the stumbling servants thereof.

Mother Nature is strong, she breathes well, and the contestants to her form are dismissed. It is the spiritual pollutant of the laggard evolution which provokes the tensions which bring natural cataclysms; and divisiveness carries on, with many faces. (Yes, that is one of those sentences.)

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