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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Promise- 29th October 1993

 IT is a matter of 'The Promise' that it is inwardly sensed, and by which the whole being shivers with ripples of delight. It is 'The Promise' which whispers that such longings will be fulfilled, and by that happiness is known.

Simply put, there should be only painful agony, anguish and upset if a man were to only experience the desire unanswered. Wherein the joy to that? Realistically, it must be noted as mystical hogwash to imply that longings inconsolable are, when taken alone, enjoyable. It is a contradiction which even the poet should not bend his mind to.

There are false promises and then there are The Promises which may forecast the joys of Man, because elementarily they are that, both now and in the future. It is like the lit lamp at the front of an oncoming train. Before the train arrives to speed you away to the realm of chugalug, the light in the distance signals its appearance, and this is Promise.

The thrill as born on a shaggy hillock in soulful rapport, in finding and reclaiming solemn truths, in coming to the peace of one's own company, that undefined joy, indescribable bliss which momentarily infills the being transporting the man into natural ecstasy - this is 'containment', true containment, and the experience of a comprehensive comprehension. When we have all of a sudden, come to the totality of an idea, really 'seen' the image before us in the full-bodied knowledge which invariably leads to love, this we experience as spiritual joy.

We have spoken of the elusive scent, and yet let us not forget that the remnant of scent within the buoyant ether is quite real and representative tangibly of the flower which exudes the vapor. Therefore the scent is a very real and perfect promise on behalf of its parent body. It is not illusory.

We as teachers do not deal out dreams and fancies unremarkable to reality. How then may one know to examine the esoteric truths before them confidently and accurately? Quite often the student complains that the degrees of 'shadowy' thinking are soon to follow those inspired times (those times which we all in our way, reach higher for, go farther to). The shadowy counterpart is when we no longer see by the vantage of the spirit-soul, and the vistas are narrowed into quarrelsome channels and mundane complexities, unsatisfying rather than uplifting. However the vantage point for “up” is depressed, and the springboard phenomenon requires contrast. Too much visionary insight levels to sameness also; whilst illness may result from the strains of a 'heavenly' inclination.

It is only when the experience has passed and we savor the residue wishing its return, do we know what did become of us. During the inebriation of exquisite joy we are abandoned to completeness that may not be sectioned for purposes of scrutiny until forfeited by those very wonderings, as to what did pass.

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