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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Greater Light into which all Lights Dissolve- 22nd October 1993

THE LIGHT OF LIGHTS is inextinguishable - just as fire never really ceases, it may travel out from one candle only to spring up where it has been awakened and invited - but it is always there.

One has never really needed the light to see by in Space. It permeates, yes, because it is uninterrupted. The walls of darkness or material may conceal its reality, which molds to shafts that become audible to the eye.

The higher body of light is forever present. One may picture correctly our Globe bathed in resplendent light, from without and from within. Further on we find that the entire strata of galaxies are saturated, and that there is a sea of light which twirls the pathways driven.

How may we define such a phenomenon? Light is more fluid than water, it is more invasive than fire but does not consume like fire; it is the vascular retainer of Life.

Wherever there are concentrated areas of activity (Life), there shall be illumined notches, knots, of nuclear light within. Remember back to the lesson of the peach and how it was that Man could not extract the very life-light within; that once he had prised open the precious fruit the exuberance dissolved, leaving behind, albeit, some remarkable qualities remaining. One must wonder as to whether this is referenced in terms of actual light: being visible to the ordinary eye - and indeed, in conditions as they are today, this light which is real is not perceptible, but nonetheless there.

Here is a mystery: Amongst the many, many configurations of concentrated knots of light - Life drawing in - there are self-illumined beings everywhere; however, as Law would have it, they may only 'see' according to the power of a higher light, which by its presence revokes the luminosity from all else respective to it. There is a merciful wisdom comprising this act. It is not that life is depowered or negated in any sense whatsoever, it is only that each beacon surrenders in the presence of the greater majestic Light, actually giving over to it completely.

We all travel in our dreams without the direct sunlight or without a battery torch. We see into worlds related and bound because our astral sight may distinguish the light values that are present, but undetected ordinarily.

Miners who became accustomed to the absence of sunlight would often begin to draw light in the caverns from the astral vision which began to supersede the ordinary sense of sight. Quite often there were tales of many ghosts, sprites and goblins detected because of the power their sun-deficient vision had.

We may take this a little further: We endeavor to surrender to the Will of God likewise - just as our 'little light' (or lights) within, are immediately taken up by the greater Light without. As individuals we may coast for a while with indifference to the higher and greater powers. In point of fact this nonchalance is lovingly amusing to the beings of Grace who oblige Man in every way they can. However, when he happens upon the selfless act with no mind to himself winning gain from the consequences, the applause and relief is great; because only from this greater determination may a man become as God.

Of course it can be said ipso facto, that God has given to us in every way. He, our Creator (Creator of all Creators), asks only for such acknowledgment that we can meet Him halfway. Down, out from High Heaven, His Being is carried - think of the many and varied creatures, the succession of angelic generations, the curios and the conceived, the wonders that are embodied in more forms than will ever be known by anyone, save God Himself, for the tremendous circumference of His Girth is untravelled.

One must not be afraid when contemplating the many fields beyond the confines of this, our home. The initiate does not venture into Hades only! He becomes a traveler of those places he has frequented already many times before, but not made the journey in full consciousness. It is a little like this: we may pack our bathing costume for a journey to the beach, we may take our wet-wear to the snowy hills, and only have upon us the costume most suited. Well, the initiate takes, as it were, the entire wardrobe: that he might endure also the cold nights on Mars and swim the frozen lake on Neptune, whilst also, equipped with a camera this time, to remember the journey.

After death we are inclined to apportion ourselves to the respective places of interest. As we progressively develop those centers which correspond to the starry terrains without, we shall have personally determined the visas respectively. For some the outgoing journey may be tedious, for if there is no foundation of interest set in life within the world, the individual shall pass through those terrains unconsciously, having no empathy to awaken the soul to further experience.

The initiate prepares to journey in wisdom, respectful of the qualities each and every cosmic 'port of call' does offer. With each circulation he may attempt new places of interest, gleaning new experience every time. There is no point whereupon the adept will tell you that he has 'seen it all'. There are grades of wanderings, yes, but it does seem spurious to entitle them as such.

Space travel (the kind without rocket propulsion) occurs on a daily basis. Incoming souls, outgoing souls, polar-bound souls, associated beings, elemental beings (primarily mineral-based), even the angelic beings of which cloud formations gather around, are transvested out from the stratospherical circulation for regular intervals. The occasional demon that has combined with the soul-remains sloughed, will have entry into the adjoining realms beside this world. We expel also, and in this there are beings/creatures, no longer to be called Men, which are so hostile to this planet they are rebuked and repelled and spat into space. (They are eventually taken up and found homes along the way.)

So when one considers the multiplicity of entities, each bearing the brilliance of their own radiance, it is of great issue to further consider the godliness of all. Further to this we may observe love in action in those men who are in obeisance to the greater determinations: that the Light of lights is respected and acknowledged and received, that we may come to know of much more than ourselves, self-centered.

Beckon me, dear Christ, the Illuminator,
That I may come out from my introversions.

I thank Thee, oh Father God,
For that portion of divinity
Which verily is me!

I am bedazzled by this Eternal Light -
Your Life that swells in me.
And I ask today that I may give
All that I can back to You and to Christ,
And to my beloved: to my brothers.

For this light, now of Love,
Knows the Higher Power,
And is transfused in the Presence,
In an ecstasy of selflessness and gentle being.

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