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Monday, May 24, 2010

Looking Out Over the Dark Water- 26th December 1993

BENEATH the sea, underneath the shell-grit and rock layer, the earth is deeply compacted under the weight and strain of the body of sea above. The ocean holds fast, sealing those portions of impenetrable terrain - for some, concealing places of a very private abode- many a hidden temple wherewith the entry is not given to hapless wanderers, being only the docile watery inhabitants - and the archives, are safe-stored and protected from discovery, protected for posterity.

It has long been known by those qualified, the method whereby one may repel water; that there may be insisted upon, internal cavities (up to a set diameter) wherein no water may enter. And the many spaces laid down and remaining are but an overhang from the times of the Atlantean demise. Necessarily prepared for and although vacated by the original master-planner, they remain in use by those who do know their whereabouts. For there is little space within the ordinary upper world which is not frequented or permeated in such a way as to disturb the work-in-progress of the temple. The forces at play deep within the various mountains can be exceptionally favorable; or equally malevolent to those who, by necessity, require a 'safe-house' to remain in undisturbed.

There are also ways and means of concealment that have been employed where needed. It is possible, as in former times, to denote a given area and design such walls that repel a man's interest, so that if a stranger happened upon the area he would be immediately inclined to desist from advancing any further and turn away. He would not be able to see through into the space within. However at best, this was only effective in the short term and did require constant upkeep in a way that demanded from someone's capabilities to maintain.

The oceanic troves permitted our colleagues to store precious articles. Materialistically one may wonder as to the significance certain books and compilations of sensitive matter provoke - and not all, we might add, are objects to be desired, for there are not a few wards which are actually potent in their evil, that are for one reason or another to be concealed and withdrawn from public circulation. And the ideal place for such containment is in a body of water, where just as the emanations are inprone to permeate in, so too may we inhibit the influences from the deadly and vile.

You may ask: why not destroy these and be done with it. What possible use may these be? There are several answers to this - in regards to the physical remains of associated malevolent implication - and a few that may not be offered. However one interesting point is that the dispensation from such articles when they are released onto a higher plane - by breaking apart their physical glue, so to speak - may be extraordinarily powerful and provocative within its astral makeover. The influence can be perpetuated if received into the wrong hands, who gravitate to any such magnet of sorrow or devastation, in awe of the powers instilled. 

More importantly we may hold those physical remains of great spiritual importance too; and conversely, these are to be saved intact, for their potency when respected, enlarges in time and may become the beginning of a future landscape in worlds to come. How so, as the seed of wondrous matter in this time?- For some are so altered by the happenings that did occur around them that they become as unique and marvelous as the precious crystal is to plain rock; and as rare and uncommon as jewels, are impressed with a very special history - they are materially significant to future matter. And it shall be also that one day their substances will translate into field and ravine, mountain or plain, forming some part of a new world sprung from the goodness and remarkableness of the former.

This is why it has been very necessary to exchange certain particular articles, and although somewhat deceiving, it has been done in a way which proves the physical representation to be coherently identical, based on its astral compounds. It is, say in the case of the Turin Shroud - yes of course, had to be - fiber for fiber alike, but not so alike as to authentically date accordingly, having been manufactured four hundred years or so after the original.

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