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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teaching in Parables & Pictures- 29th December 1993

IF I give you the picture of a herd of stampeding stallions, dust and dribble, frenzied push, straining, flying forward with a pressured thud of hoof impacting ground; this picture-representation may awaken and stimulate some or all of the centers which would ordinarily respond to the actual event.

To the man who has not been exposed to cinematographic reproductions, the suggestions of imagining are even more savorable. However, to each there is the gift of this which affects a man's inner sensibilities equal to the impact of the world at large upon his being. The workings-in of pictures drawn, have the influence to heal or harm, enstrengthen or weaken, tighten or loosen, enhance or conceal; and so the subject alone – i.e. of creative imagining - becomes intensely relevant to every individual.

The "guided tour" as given by another, is an interaction which may be the first progressive insight into the man of the future, and what one may bring to another. For example, we may have a storyteller - not one who transgresses to happenings of the past which did strike him particularly, as the recollecting and re-experiencing may not be given well, even if worth the telling; no, what is meant rather, is the endeavor to guide a journey for another, through creative expression which is thoroughly worthwhile (speech, music, drama, dance, poetry etc.) that the communicative powers overpass the ordinary means (direct experience and direct word).

One may observe the uncanny way in which men come to understand and misunderstand each other. If there are plain sentences given, it will be remarkably difficult for each man to derive the true context and meaning. In other words, if I deliver a plain speech to a roomful of people, every man shall reason the meaning differently; or if there had been the power of imaginative pictures delivered, the exact message would be well conceived by all.

The adept mesmerists could deliver their pictures without the assistance of speech at all. There was no vocalization whatsoever, and far from endorsing the mesmeristic extreme, it does highlight a point or two in as far as the many levels of communicative offering.

In the gentler sense, the meeting of people may bring about either a mutual sharing of experience or the leading of inner experience from one to another. When it is that two or more have participated in a common experience which is uplifting, by comparison to their general condition, the folk concerned will share such impressions ad infinitum. Apart from the sentimental value of this, there becomes a more valuable concern, that it is only by the shared reflections may a man truly interpret the world and take the experience to himself in a way that could not be achieved otherwise. 

When one does review each and every happening after crossing portal of death, they do know of themselves and subsequently the world, through the perspective of they who they were with. Now in the case of the highest hoped-for scenario, there becomes a recollection from souls who are absolutely enhanced simultaneously, that they were inspired and joyful throughout their being and the conditions within and without. They could come to know this in the taking up of experience just prior to Heaven. 

Following on from this shared joy there becomes a mercurial meeting place where two orbits may once again coincide, and all men who have had 'beings in common' which have shared good and great experiences - for minute-moments, days or years - will be assured the opportunity to join together again. This is provided for in all conditions and habitats, through all phases of being (not only with Man), that resonance commands conjuncture.

So that does describe the mutual experience, now what of the uneven interaction from one to another? The craft of storytelling - by however means, as described before - requires that the active individual parades a sequence of imaginings before the passive, receptive viewer. Supposing that one is really capable in this, there should be imparted such pictorial demonstrations as do enliven the individual without injury. In contrast to common conversation there is an exerted effort consciously maintained, that the soul-mind may receive this and that representation - as in, "I am really speaking to you".

Some folk who would be overly persuasive, corrupt the gift of delivery with forceful, willful projections which are brought about by a desire to obtain something from the soul that they are then imposing upon. This has to be mentioned, for the creative aspect has naught to do with self-bound desire, and in the case of a would-be salesman who has discovered the power of influence by talking up an unrelated story and invoking interest enough to make use of, he becomes very much bound to the actual desires he invokes and suffers them irrepressibly after death. For there was no gift or fulfillment, and in the desire within the salesman to contrive nonsense that he may take advantage of another, he must endure that whimsy until such a point that he himself becomes revolted by deceit. Of course, not all salesmen endeavor to sell at any cost, that goes without saying, but it is clearly a temptation for many individuals to come to the imaginative powers unwholesomely and mistake their usefulness.

There shall be in future times, conversations when both participants take the turn of being demonstrator, and this actively creative interaction will not, eventually, require words in a way we use them. Poetry is a fine example of this, that the power of invocation greatens with the abbreviated text. Less is more and it is the quality of essential word which is central to the object and the gift of presentation thereby. Mundane thoughts and words do not scratch the surface of a muddied soul-window. They provide a comfort and a certain worldly use, but are rarely used as intended. The actual art of conversation is one which will improve markedly as evolution proceeds.

Many times an individual may bring the greatest relief to another by effectively communicating in a way that satisfies the soul. And there need not be open acknowledgment for this to have occurred. The ability of song (one of) is that the picture invocations move within the listeners, producing a comprehension that could be won by no other way; and the creative powers are contained and expelled in perfect vehicle: the voice of Man.

Melody is at the apex of all sound, and true melody governs the universal laws and commands the manifestive arrangements. There is a tune as it were, in every 'dance routine' of life; a set sequence of notes-of-being which are pre-existent. Notes do combine as planets dance and men and women move in and around the world, as the seasons advance and the gentle kingdom responds - all from Creation's song book and not to be unraveled by linguistic DNAs, but by the unmistakable tune which is what it is. When one says that the gem is the more perfect expression of the mineral-rock, it is also too that a song is the more perfect expression of all other vocalizations.

We can deliver the gift of a good soul-impression, given that we aspire to do so. The dramatizations as conducted on a personal basis, are an attempt to creatively work the mundane and realign significance within the men and women participants. In this form of imaginative projection there shall necessarily be new experiences invoked, even though the verbal conversation indicates some historical mimicry [psycho-drama]. The entire point would have to be as to whether or not the experiences brought forth - which we might add, unquestionably speak to the inner man - resolve or inspire in this their aspect.

If the concentration (and concentration it is) is upon the issue of self-doubt then the man concerned will be led into grave terrain, having been persuaded by the powerful influence the inner experience has wrought. If on the other hand, the demonstrator has incorporated Christ and brought His healing to that suffering stuck in time, then all goes well as the Greater Harmony shall bring order to the troubled individual. We may do this wherever there is sensed to be dissension about a man, for by inviting Christ's Presence silently, the picture may speak where the words cannot pass.

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