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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Preparatory Exercise for Study Group- 1993

Relax the furrow of the brow. It is this place - above the eyes, not of the eyes themselves (as commented upon) - which precipitates tension in the narrowing down of concentration. Allow the lens, central to the eyes, to widen and release.


MASTER Gravity, I struggle not. All day I have wrenched and fought my clinging frame. I cleave to the world in all my waking hours; and yet too, I desire my freedom to leave also - but you are relentless Master Gravity. I who admonish you, now asks for reconciliation - I desist from my struggling tension and submit to oblige, dear friend.

I am empowered by the spirit to expand out from this very pivot, now made stable, fixed within this our world. I acknowledge that I have chosen my place for being, and after examining many areas of cosmic interlude and frequented many savory houses grand and small, I am become content that here is chosen best, and much loved by me.

The hoary beast, the frenzied harpy, the slime, the toothsome, loathsome, quarrelsome. . . all of these undesirables and more, should become ennobled and with friendly face, were they to know my place in the world - my place here, right here, where I am in the world.

The fearful, the outraged, the insolent, and the indignant, they too, should come to peace in the safe harbor of my place. Let them come, with troubles presenting, each twisted and sorrowful face. . . they may touch me so as to know that joy which shall release them from all woe that beguiles the fretful soul. . .

And the overly humorous, the flighty, fidgety, scurrilous; the frivolous, the joker who laughs behind Death's cavalcade: to these and more, I invite them to me, that they may know the sanctity of servitude and the humbling power of all good reasoning. Take off the dancing shoes, put down the horn and drum, and be silent! . . . For a while, just for a while. And they, in my place, in this place, where I am, right here, do come and may take ease from their ceaseless jargon and babble and chaos.

For I have a gift, as each one beholds this gift - 
[Group is then directed to:]

Open hand ... close hand ... Feel the presence of this gift within your grip.

The strength does emanate, it is pulsing, raying directly from the heart, from the heart to the palms. . . you can feel it - and with this we may define the world. Our hands do connect us most actively, with this our world. These members are deft and most willing, they tell us intimately. . . whereas the eyes tell the soul most cunningly. Our hands lead us, as we them, to feel that which is before us; and we are often very much in our hands, in the movement, in the sensing, by the expression, in the impression, we touch the world. The guiding will flows down the arm, emanations flow down fingers and out through the tips, and irradiate out - sometimes as streams, sometimes as droplets, sparking and firing, from this, our active hand.

But in the palm there is the direct road to the heart - and this is the great significance of the handshake!: That heart to heart we greet and connect unto each other.

(This now then makes for good timing to shake the hands of those who are present and waiting, and know of this flow from one heart unto another.)

Our dear Christ offers too His Hands, and we may bring Him before us palm to palm, both hands connecting. Join up with Him, as this He offers.

Where might we find the physical Hand of Christ? In any man's grip, we may know of His Presence. For He stands at the shoulder of each and every man, whereupon He maybe glimpsed; if we look to the goodness in the man before us. So not only may we greet another in friendly recognition, but also perceive our Christ in him, within; and clasp the hands of his Master also.

(This becomes good timing to go back now and palm to palm, clasp both hands of those amongst you and silently address the Christ within.)

Now it is with deep and solemn gratitude that we come before the altar of knowledge. Together, as we meet, we are uplifted by each man's striving, we are driven by our fellow's curiosity, and we are delighted in our sisters' and brothers' findings.

Not only have we come to recognize our place right here, this moment, within this room, but also to acknowledge the other men and women, who with gracious spirits have combined proximities, and drawn close together for this time. If we are to work our thought together, the effort shall summon the compulsion of Inspiration herself.

We may know that all good truth experienced by us, remains always. . . even if it is as only the elusive scent, as subtle as it is beautiful.

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