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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Celestial Peach- 23rd April 1990

Good Morning,
THE nut inside of a peach holds tremendous qualities concentrated within. The essence of that peach, so to speak, is there in that nut. 

During the peach's growth when on the tree, the nut itself goes through remarkable changes and does not resemble the nut found once the fruit has been picked and broken open. If one could see through the skin and the flesh, through to the nut whilst the connection on the tree is intact, one could perceive distinct differences in the outer shell and its appearance, and in hardness and actual weight.

A nut is a nut it is to be argued and how can it be so? In fact the very process of interference with the peach can bring on sudden transformation. This follows with all stone fruit.
Imagine a heart within the fruit radiating a brilliant light from within, a reflection almost of the sun without, permeating the flesh of the fruit - the fruit is picked, plucked and pried apart, the light instantly dispels.

This applies also to seeds of citrus and of apple etc.
It is with this picture that we bring to you Adam, who breaks open his apple. The sacrifice of the vital light within is discharged from that fruit; it has gone and has been released by this act of desecration - and the significance is great because it was consumed by Adam. This one event was the beginning act that started the chain of consequence that brought interference with Paradise and the sacrifice of one for another. That Adam should interrupt this perfect force contained, and take it unto himself, for himself. . . and so it started.

And the birds would then take for themselves and spoil the fruit, and the trees would flame with their treasures plundered. And the animals did turn upon each other, and take from each other the God-given life bestowed.

So it was that through ignorance and curiosity, the treasures of Heaven were lost in the very method of seeking, before the act was completed. This is a lesson that is still to be learned, as men in their impulses would reach out and tear open the nightingale to find from whence the music comes.

This is the original sin and this sin stems from a spiritual blindness. We truly seek what we know in our cosmic memory to have experienced, and that our soul knows to be there: the spirit in all life. But because of this blindness by which humanity is now struck, the urge and the impulse to find and discover it anew is continually deceased by crude ways of inquiry.

They would even tear apart our Lord in order to find the God within.

And of course these methods (if they can be called as such) are not only destructive but unnecessary.

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