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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Holy Springs- 26th December 1992

RETROSPECTIVELY, the oceans move their uppermost bulk with a singular sway. As men we have divided the bays and the seas by characteristics attributable, so distinguished and named. Is the water as one body, or is there differentiation? Why is saltwater the plasma of the Earth, whilst pure water is the vitality of all physical being?

In Antioch there is a vessel to which it was attributed to have held Christ's tears. They were not salty. He had cried proficiently, but never at any time enough to have filled a cup.

There have been many a holy spring and fountain historically, where miraculous events have been effected thereby. From such revered wells the water expired was quite different to that of ordinary water: the occasioning of it being there in the first instance, and the immense vitality and healing properties, in the second.

Quite often it is Mary the Apostate who is envisioned beside these enfleurages of Heaven. 

Water is not contained within the Earth's atmosphere- it comes and goes as it pleases. It has residue upon departing, but evaporation and dispersement do not account for its passage into and out of this world. If one were to measure the weight or capacity, they could find remarkable shifts in this regard. Just as in a sealed test tube one may inspire water - beginning as moisture droplets, until the glass is quite full. It could be said that water is liquid sunlight, literally. The sunlight can call forth the water, as the pitch in the spectrum is as a transformation: the one upon the other.

And we are beings of light in flesh; we are water and warmth - thus light transmuted.

The water which flows from the holy springs is water which comes directly from Heaven. This is what makes it so special. There are such pockets within the world, where there is an entrance, albeit small, connecting directly with the etheric world.

The beings who inspire such fountains wish only to bring supplication to a troubled world. Quite often their accompanying message is fraught with warnings of evil's consequences; usually because they themselves have very sad tales to tell, and mournfully repent their ills.

Tri-laterally the hen warms her egg.

The spore of a dandelion sucks light into its duodenum. (It is like the center of an asterisk.)

Men are impassioned with a mix of effervescent experiences of being, coloring the moment - rarely the simple expression.

All dogs wag tails like a handshake in reverse.

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