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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Apostles & the Zodiac- 31st December 1992

I have made the following list of correspondences between the Disciples and the old/current/changing zodiacal influences. Could you please comment?
-John W.

Peter: New, Earth, Taurus
Andrew: New, Fire, Aries
Judas Iscariot: Old, Fire, Sagittarius
James Greater: New, Air, Aquarius
John: New, Water, Pisces
Phillip: Old, Water, Cancer
Nathanael/Bar.: Current, Fire, Leo
Matthew: Current, Water, Scorpio
Thomas: Current, Air, Gemini
James Lesser: Old, Air, Libra
Simon: Old, Earth, Virgo
Judas Thaddeus: Current, Earth, Capricorn

THESE are old friends you are describing! Be careful for they might hear you! Does it help further should we tell you what Peter might go to drink when sitting around a table? Or Matthew's favorite color? Or Nathan's breed of dog?

The cosmic inclinations are substantiated by the relevant text within the Gospels; which, with an overview, was prepared with keynotes to all, for such.

The importance of this may elude some because it is not apparent that all impulses-divine, were and are, to be accounted for. In point of fact, there must always be twelve such representatives, living at a post within the world, as chief receivers and seeds of such being. Particularly curiously, when it comes to the older/current aspects; for would that these old scholars depart entirely, that phase of humanity should be given over to the archives only, and left to remain but history.

The Men of the world require sturdy souls to draw the impulses in: verily fishermen of a different kind. Why this is so exactly, is not really established; it appears as a mechanical factor to manifestation, one which can cause difficulties and strife, were not the twelve so protected.

They were reordered, renamed and somewhat changed at the time of Christ.

Furthermore, and we can say this: upon their deaths there were others, necessarily, who became as them - and so it goes. It is not an easy job to fill!

The accompanying elemental/temperamental aspects must be strictly in accordance with that zodiacal sector. The reason for this is, that each man was best qualified as manifesting those zodiacal traits which are primarily, of themselves, specifically marked with a characteristic element predominating. Therefore one cannot consider Peter as Taurus, to be phlegmatic (of Water).

This is one good reason to begin the dissemination of the New/Current/Old phases of being and mark them so. For each have their own purpose to be examined, and each a peculiar relevance.

It can be said that John was the heart in relation to the twelve, and to the gateway of the Mysteries. He was so loved also, and perhaps John of the same name thought it too coincidental for them to share the starry attributes. For he was the central strength, and although it could be argued quite reasonably that a Piscean connection be equally as intimate; we suggest that there is a 'body' of men literally, and each to form a part thereof. And John was the heart: the soul's gateway. (New is correct.)

Peter is and was Taurean; with the head and shoulders as such, besides. And the will-forces driven into modern thinking, determined and defined, made active.

Beloved Thomas (small and frail) heralded uncommon aspects, gentle nature, good natured and very Libran, one could say. For it is the undecided who weigh again and again - and although the name intimates 'twin' it is misleading. Current is accurate however, particularly because it was the present of which he continually viewed and reviewed.

It could be said now, that all of the intuitions regarding the 'currencies' (old/current/new predominating aspects) are very good indeed. No argument there.

Simon was fastidious to say the least, however more than that he proved himself to be the very loins of the party. (Scorpio.)

Andrew, Aries, yes - although Matthew was active publicly - Andrew, Aries.

James the Greater, Aquarius, fine- of the future; persuasive, but dominating.

To examine zodiacal properties can of itself be a life's work indeed. In this case, the inspiration perhaps does not come directly from a clear perception of the indicating traits, but rather a general enthusiasm for that which is the overall reality, behind the dissemination. Clearly this thinking seeks to bind the surrounding Apostles as one, that what they represent when come together is perfect Man - and it takes twelve perfect representatives to comprise the perfect Man!

And Christ could and could not do this. Yea, they mirror He who is the Zodiac in reality. But He cannot be them for them, or Man instead of Man - even the conclusion of perfect Man.

We can be captured by the significance of their being, and also the cooperation of such a league. One could place this and that pin on a chart (donkey's tails or specifics) and yet miss the point, which is the greater and explicit truth.

When coming to learn of men and their currencies we can examine validity in reference to associate objectives. From the start it can be assumed by some (as in us) that the three views to the world are valuable; even though there will be conflicts between them, understandably. But that they be blended also in Man, is a most wonderful makeover, a great deliberation.

For what Peter brings into the circle cannot be approached by Simon; however Simon may continue to exhume his forefathers' blessings and ways. For if we were to break with the links of the past, there becomes a certain mortality of human striving which bleeds into the present and contaminates the future. The currency of 'current being' is essential to both old and new, and is the true fulfillment of both.

The conclusions arrived at from deep study of these individuals, proves the ways of such currencies as being essential to both those and these times. And they can be independent of overall zodiacal assumptions, because each member of the Zodiac contains a capacity for any of the three; however, it is a contradiction, for there to be more than one active at the one time. Therefore, we need not look for a currency to correspond with the elemental nature of the zodiacal aspect.

Phillip, being Cancer is fine. O.K. Judas Thaddeus Capricorn, O.K.

The remaining Gemini, Pisces and Virgo are left for further examination. They can be arrived at, and shall be correctly noted. (By J.)

It is effort which projects the teachings into the world, effort given and spent by the serious student who holds higher knowledge to be invaluable. No effort - as regards inner reflecting and outer examinations and observances - no effort is wasted. The student must prepare many times over, and be content to perfect endeavoring itself. Endeavoring is good for oneself and the world, and by such one shall arrive at destiny sought - even if it is by ways unexpected. For it is true also that there is not one final answer to anything. It is also true that some mysteries are guarded, and the door does not easily fall open.

For example: - the Zodiac is not evenly divided. Two of the Apostles share two of the signs so split. One is incorrectly named.

Judas's departure proved it to be a bad time for Sagittarius!

The Arthurian league were twelve as representatives.

Finally, the importance does not lie in divisions, but in that which each signifies to the whole, in the light of the Zodiac.

The wheeling sun drew the stars down,
And around,
In virtuous complicity.
Oh savory wolf, biting ankles of change,
Lucid and weary, the man-beast remains,
Two for the temple, two for the altar,
New is the virgin, but Nature her daughter.

Fill pail with semen, fill pail by slaughter,
Pillage and warranty, one half, one quarter.
By sea, by writ, by holy known order,
Peter came and spent it further.
Forced to wander,
Simon marked a little time,
And many more besides
In little Jim the truth does hide,
What did become of him?

But flesh no more, the eyes can't see -
Or nod or blink or weep or wink.
Judas the villain, with heavy remorse,
Pity the carrion, pity the ghost!

Far from the edges, crumbling ruins,
Sinks the scarlet dusty Sun,
'Tis the same, there sat beneath it,
The One to whom the twelve are drawn.

Resplendent be the company,
Portended for the suckling of sweeter life
And Grace's offerings;
We give, they give, to perpetuity,
That spill which flows down mountain to sea -
Through men of old, those men of then,
By currents spent such lives were rent
And offered back to God.

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  1. Beautifully written, I love how you have talked about the apostles and the zodiac signs, this is the first of its kind for my self. I will place a link from my web site so others can enjoy it as well. my site is about the zodiac signs so I totally relate to your piece


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