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Monday, August 24, 2009

Many comforts in this existence….- 27th July 1991

THERE are many comforts in this existence, not the least of which and possibly the greatest, is the companionship of fine and upstanding folk; to hold sincere and genuine interests, to lovingly apply and interconnect. Small wonder your nervousness yesterday, as you held many hopes (with fear of this not being so in reality) only to find it is as it should be.

Teachings of any kind are there to fulfill certain needs for the needy. However, this work in particular does require that involvement in embryonic form through to infancy has been worked through and imparted by those who are fixed in the world with some measure of steadfast stability. So much in the past has simply been thrown away- miscarried and aborted attempts in getting the messages through; for we cannot expect that inclinations and notions of individuals be abandoned. 

However, we may try to surpass curious idiosyncrasies which prohibit acceptance on any one particular level. It can be very difficult to hold one's tongue and not offend when it comes to various facets of teaching: those very principles that are wanted and needed most. So much hurry for instantaneous perfection! So much demanded for personal revelation! You know that we cannot promise anything, but give what we can give; and it being received in the spirit of which it is given, we are glad. 

They have put aside themselves for the work. Pure contemplation with pure accent on intent does come of this. This is not as a whirlwind romance. No one is trouble free, but some have conditions so set and good grace to enable them to abandon such troubling factors to return to focusing upon those very remedies which of themselves will strengthen and set future progress. 

Noble the spirit who receives with gratefulness the gracious wisdom. Noble yet further, those who consciously work to express and share truths they delight in. So many do eagerly take for themselves and would commit the rest of the world to Hell than give away one little treasure. 

These people have consciously made statement of the desire to further the spiritual work that it may reach all around them. They do wish to reach out to men, springing from an affection, an open and honest respect. They do not need other men to reaffirm their own positions or compliment their concepts, but are rather motivated by an earnest commitment to Christ and His vision for Mankind. And with these qualities, the troubles may be cast aside - because they have of themselves, cast them down. Some are so intent upon laboring to work with their problems, that they do in fact so feed such demons, coming to know them more fully, giving so much to error, forgetting correction.

These statements do not mean to imply prying or gossip, and please forgive them if it seems this way. It is not our intention to give reports on individuals, nor for individuals to consult us on such. We will help if we can. But today we do make statements in answer to direct questions from these folk themselves. Any doubts as to their suitability or soul-nobility that they may hold, are completely unfounded, for they shall find that there are few who are like themselves, few who will give of themselves to the work. 

Many will offer opinions, some may offer money, a handful may have fleeting interest, and some will stay as long as the beverages are supplied. Few will work for the work's sake, and ask of nothing in return. 

No soul is trouble free. We are not trouble free. We may have similar needs in self-development and correction, or rather that which we encountered and purified now commanding attention on different levels, but much of the same. Temptations peep in from many a window. Challenges are constantly before us all. This is why we never cast judgments in concrete.

Counterbalancing and self-development is an ongoing process and a very satisfying preoccupation - similar to personal hygiene - self and soul hygiene! Furthermore, no one man is fixed in his temporal faults. We know of the Divinity without and within, and take comfort from the true vision of all.

Good luck and God bless. We are happy that you rejoice in this fellowship. This truly is a fine beginning and who can say what will come of it. But what we can say is this: every thought and word is so important; new life, new vitality, being carried through the connecting truths from man to man. Ever renewal. A living teaching sparking most wonderful inspirations of lofty insights, freeing up the rusty locks and chains of the concealed and malnourished individuality. Already, the attention is growing, compelling the world to answer - confronting - the wisdom propelled with every new insight experienced. Such grand effect already effected. Goodness imparted with world remedy. For this is the path for man's betterment, soul to soul, as one passes the candle to another and to another, and so forth.

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