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Friday, August 28, 2009

Generations- 4th August 1991

THERE must be much fine-tuning between those of the generation above to those coming up from the lower years- fine-tuning of guarded analysis, fine-tuning of values and value judgments, fine-tuning of language and the connotations of speech. 

Too easy to err- to rebuke meaningfully or rebuke through disinterest -it is the obligation of the older ones to try to meet the world of ideas of their young. It is the perseverance of the love of a mother, which abandons the extreme differences of concern for the essential.
May those of the older generation be flexible enough to ride the tides, adapt to such changes that may irk or make uneasy, without forfeiting a lifetime's understanding, expending their moulds so cast. 

What of the youth born of times which demand another reasoning? They have no opportunity for comparisons. They needs look forward without hesitation for consideration of their elders, with urges and longings yet to be realized or brought to fruition. With youth, their whole destiny presents and presses down upon them. Ever further then, such pressures that are superimposed from their beloved parents or elders, do at times make such demands from future callings unspeakably confusing. The young do genuinely look to their elders for guidance, but often cannot find that which suits them.

Imagine the strain pressed upon a youngster were that the past generations of seven were around to confer with all, concerning future prospects and characterizations! Curious it would be and retarding also; and yet conversely, how difficult it is for the parent or grandparent of a child who bridges adulthood, to take their place in history, stand back and allow the child to proceed, to succeed. Then all instruction does follow from man to man, and not by authority. For authority will not be recognized. It cannot be recognized and superimposed. We do not know the destiny of the young man or young woman before us. We may guess, but who can say what possibilities shall bud and blossom?

So man to man we have but example to instruct by. If we should measure success and failure by our own success without correctly gauging our failures, they shall ascertain eventually their relevance to these values. Therefore it is not the example of a pleasurable life or fortunate circumstance that should lead in explicit lessons to the young. Impressions of such may or may not be attainable. Moreover, it is the example of attitude, of grace and of loving acceptance, that will prevail and speak its loudest to the spirit within.

Meals on the tables of the past have all been eaten and are now gone. Monies or land-holdings may be passed, but also may be squandered. That which is certain to endure are the qualities that we can afford and give of ourselves - imparting to the youth those very real valuables, that one day will be treasured.

"With no expectation, I give to you my child, unquestionable love and support throughout this your life, as best I can. I relinquish my personal interests in this world and give you the future, which in time shall become too heavy for my shoulders.
I have endured the troubles that have afflicted, and know that you too may do this. I am feeble in the Face of God, but sustained only through His Love. I have certainty within that knows that although all paths are perilous, they are worthwhile. 

There are times when I feel acutely those failures, my failures, and rightly or wrongly, I tremble in terror should you also wear my scars. I have missed many an opportunity, the hankering remains so many years after, the questioning, the speculations, as to what might have been.

I need you to reassure me of your love, I look to you when I feel diminished. I need you to need me.

Through your eyes I do view my self and my passing. Forgive me if I push or pull.

I ask the adult in you, my child who becomes as adult, to see the child in me. Perhaps we may learn together, instruct each other - perhaps we may know the intimate silence that two may enjoy after years of conversations.

Daily I will try to quell my upsets, and with great visions turned heavenward, become that strength I so want you to have. Mutually may we share some quiet times, not for retrospection or recollection, but shelter together in those times that we have, at the dawn of new experience."

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