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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dancing in the Ten Dark Worlds 10

10. Fear of misfortune

Finally we come to the other little stout fellow that does not try so hard as his brother, but sits upon the passive hand with positive and virtuous qualities: nobility, generosity (of spirit as much as with wealth) and the nature of the upstanding soul; integrity from the highest point of being. Here also we can find the seed of fear which doubts the ongoing goodness of the Heavens and of Divinity and shudders before the prospects of dire misfortune.

Here we have our own selflessness meeting the 'I am' in a very awkward place. Selflessness is primary to all of our souls. You might not know it, you might not recognize it, but in reality all individuals are quite selfless firstly. 

But then the other fellows speak out quite audibly protesting this chap and offering their ideas. The growing consciousness is keen to find that which is profitable for it alongside the natural loves it holds and a piety for the divine; yet with dual carriageways this must follow. 

How to temper our own needs with the callings for selfless intervention? How to be true to ourselves and not to dismiss our Christ-given selfhood with falsities which hesitate or become compromised into lying or yet further difficulty again? This is again the province of the thumb also - to usher forth the grace of divine congeniality, the generosity of the gods themselves, of the lavish and abundant nature, of the prosperity of life and the hopefulness of new life as well.

A fear of impending misfortune often follows false expectations; because it is a gift also - of forewarning - that things might not go according to the personal plan. However, in the larger picture as is known by the entire being of the individual, the spiritual worlds are both comforting and comfortable, and all becomes good fortune in time.

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