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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dancing in the Ten Dark Worlds 9

9. Fear of losing favor (public face and affection from loved ones)

There is a thumb on the active hand which is compliant and good natured, responsible for humor and great fellowship. The exaggerated fear of losing favor amongst the community or family is elemental also to attempting to please well. 

It is no surprise for many to note the ill health you can witness in those individuals who work very hard to please others. Usually they appear as stout and rounded as the little thumb. But some just develop a head which looks like a thumb. Or perhaps the thumb itself becomes overly large and more obvious. They carry a grave fear of being alone, of losing the fellowship they seek, of being all by themselves. 

Whilst it is virtuous to inspire congeniality, it is not conducive to fellowship to seek it out for selfish reasons which require that we are much loved by it - if you get the point.

Fearing failure, being motivated to avoid rejection, is not necessarily thinking lovingly toward the company you are seeking the approval of. In point of fact you are presumptively pre-empting a war. The fear here of disapproval and of losing face comes from a false pride and an over inflated view of both yourself and of others. Expect nothing and no disappointments, and have fun!!!


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