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Friday, April 8, 2011

Soul & the Higher Ego- 13th July 2002

BOTH the soul and the higher ego push to know. To know; qualifying in a more costly honesty, an honesty that is their very life's substance.

Love is truth.
Truth is Life.
Reality of the Spirit,
Is life to the Spirit.

Whether we are aware of our highest motivations or not, there will always be that determining factor which takes our inquisitive beings where the humble man might not even conceive of. 

Men in the world are humbly comprised. Very quickly from birth onwards, we are disappointed with our own failings and those of the offerings around us. We may fly in our dreams, and reminisce the luxuries of the ethereal life, whilst knowing that much of the glory of this Kingdom is as yet unrevealed.

Mute, the innate siblings laze,
Adrift on a tedious shore,
Watching the thoughts come in and return,
From the Mind whence they came from before.

Blow upon blow,
Waves prostrate on the rocks,
In a tangle of seaweed and shells,
Mermaids and mermen,
Entwine in the froth,
Anemone and conch,
A sea-sky of mirth,
And one hundred-thousand,
Luminous starfish.

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